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Well, if you took your time to come here, guess I should be polite.

Welcome to my profile. Although don't expect to find too much about me here.

Back from my slumber just to say I'm still alive, though no one probably knows who I am anyway. I honestly thought they had deleted my account since it probably has been a coulple of years that I didn't accessed it. I don't have plans to keep uploading stuff, though I might post something if I feel it isn't too bad.

As for my stories, they tend to be one-shots based on games, written mostly on third-person. I also rarely make couples on it, unless the game make them. And even so, I don't go too much into the romance, mainly because most of the time the scene ends up being corny or just plain ridiculous. Anyway, here's a little about them:

Birth of Wander: A third-person, Shadow of the Colossus one-shot. I based this one on a plot analyzes FAQ. It's a little tale about why Wander, the protagonist, wants to save Mono regardless of what happens to him.

The Inner Demon: A third-person, Shadow Hearts one-shot. It follows Yuri, the protagonist of Shadow Hearts 1 and 2, from the awakening of his power to the beginning of the first game. I kept in mind only the first game since I hadn't played the second one when I wrote that story. I would change one or two lines if I had played the second game before writing that story, so there's no loss in there. And before you start yelling at me, the second game just adds a little more information about Jinpachiro, Yuri's dad. Ben is a localization.

Clouded Day: A first-person, Persona 3 one-shot. Contains spoilers, but I think the date is enough warning. On 01/30/2010, the MC goes to the graveyard to do something that I thought it was strange that he didn't do it on the game. Sure, maybe they weren't buried there, but the game could've mentioned something. He makes a summary of his life from the Moonlight Bridge incident to this day.

The Journey's Last Step: A third-person, Persona 3 two-shot. Basically, it's my version of the last battle and the ending. Not that different from the game, only with a few additions.

Hazy Sky: A third-person, Persona 3/ Persona 4 multi-chapter story. An AU where the P4 Team get screwed up on the last battle and end up awakening Izanami's true strength. I'm quite impressive that I was able to write a story that long. Sure, it doesn't have even half of chapters and words compared to some stories around here, but that's a lot coming from someone that rarely write more than one-shots. And considering how it started, I'm quite happy on how it ended. It's also somewhat easy to notice the changes of writting style during the course of the story.

Changes: A third-person, Digital Devil Saga story. I'm surprised that I was able to write this one. I always wanted to write one story for this game, but nothing came to my mind. Hope I didn't screwed up, since it has been a while that I've played this game. And since I've forgot to put this on the story, here is it. Disclaimer: I do not own Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.

Silver Pride: A third-person, Final Fantasy VIII one-shot. My thoughts on a few moments on Squall's life and the origin of his pendant. Found this stored away on some corner I've forgotten about. Caught my interest and I've decided to finish it. It's been some years I haven't played the game, but the story was mostly finished, so I don't think it's too far away from the original source.

Cold Crimson: A third-person, Devil May Cry short story divided into three chapters. I came up with this idea after reading a comic (or it was a single page?) that someone made. It's set on a Alternate Universe in which things get out of hand for Dante in the final battle against Nelo Angelo.

What does D stand for?: Something different for a change... Poetry about the Endless, embodiments of concepts on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. In case you never heard about The Sandman, I highly recommend it if you enjoy graphic novel, or anything with high quality and deeply thought out.

Carved Regret: Third-person, Mass Effect oneshot. Something that came up on one of my playthrough. Ellie Shepard survived a lot, but that doesn't mean she's the strong leader everyone think she is. First time trying something angst, so I have mixed feelings about how it turned out. Also, another forgotten disclaimer. Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect Triology.Kinda obvious, but you never know. People these days...

Who's the Cruelest of them?: Poetry, once more about the seven embodiments of concept. Curiously, the inspiration came while listening "Dream of Goodbye" by Miracle of Sound, a song about Bioshock Infinite's DLC, Burial at the Sea (which I don't own neither the DLC nor the game, by the way). Free verse 'cause it's hard enough to write in poetry, let alone in a formal way.

Dark flame, Red sparkle: Third-person, Legend of Dragoon one-shot. My version of Claire's last battle. 14 years after I finish the game (only once, because damn disk 2 broke after), I managed to play it again. After the nostalgia washed a little, of course I was was going to want to write something about it, and I thought it didn't suck much (thought I don't even know if people still read something for a game almost 15 years old that isn't that well know). There's a few details that I would also like write about, but sadly, it probably won't go very far (I still have plans for a RE O novelization that I began in... 2009, I guess?)

Burden and Feelings: Third-person, Tales of Xillia 2 short story. After finishing ch. 11, I wanted to make Ludger snap a little. Seeing Vera hesitant on the next couple of character episode, I knew I had to take the rant out of my mind. Then the story sort of mutated into something completely different, with romantic subtext between Ludger and Alt!Milla. I'd say it's more the whole tsundere with an accidental grab than implications from the game itself that made me feel like they could be a couple, but to each his own. Seeing how this turned out was... interesting, for the lack of a better word. And weird.

Also, you won't see an image associated with the story 'cause I rather not deal with copyright (some might think this is stupid, but I think is a pain in the ass, so I rather pass).

Well, that's all for now. For everyone that gave me some sort review, you have my gratitude. If you read this far, then give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. Well, hopefuly I'll add something in a few weeks... or some months. Perhaps a year or two. Anyway, till then, take care.

By the way, the drawing above was made by a friend of mine out of boredom in a chemistry class a few years ago. I was told that it's a perfect portrait of me. Thanks for it!

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