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A bit About Me:

I love slash, though it doesn't mean that I can't tolerate straight couples on FF.net since there are times when they are what I can only read, depending on what genre I am reading (like I can't see Frollo from The Hunchback of Norte Dame being homosexual).


Favorite Non-Crossover Couples:

Harry Potter: Voldemort/Harry and Lucius/Harry

Naruto: Itachi/Naruto, Sasuke/Naruto (needs to have a great plot), Kakashi/Naruto, Neji/Naruto, Minato/Naruto, Sai/Naruto, Iruka/Naruto, Konohamaru/Naruto

Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko/Aang


Harry Potter:

Harry/Ginny Come on. Sometimes I wonder if this couple was the result of the coot's own meddling. She does not deserve him. He needs someone that cares for him. Also, how is it that he suddenly noticed her and realize that he loves, or at least, likes her. Maybe it has to do with the fact that she kinda looks like Lily Potter? Oedipus Complex, much?

Draco/Ginny How someone came up with this couple, I will never know.Draco does not go with Blood Traitors

Dumbledore with anyone

Sirius/Remus I just see them as friends. It might also have to do with the grudge I have with Remus for not visiting Harry all those yrs. when he was with his 'lovely' friend. Even after the 3rd yr., he was never in a huge part in Harry's life. Sometimes I woonder if deep inside him, he blames Harry for his friend's death

Ginny with anyone I imagine u got the hint already that I don't like Ginny...need I say more?


Sasuke/Naruto He does not deserve Naruto. Period. Itachi does! Sorry, got carried away. But it IS true :)! Also, what's up with the whole manga being more about him than Naruto?! It is called Naruto for a reason. I also hate that Sasuke gets a whole new look when Naruto does not change that much in the timeskip while Sasuke and others do. I mean, Naruto should be looking more like his dad about this time and not like his twelve yr. old self!

Sakura/Naruto Again, she doesn't deserve him. Yeah, she improved in the timeskip, but I think that have more of a mother-daughter [though, imagine HER as a mother :(] or a sister-brother relationship. But, think about it. If Sasuke was there, she might not be as imvolved in Naruto's life as she is now. The same can be said of Kakashi. DON'T even get me started on Kakashi!

Hinata/Naruto I used to like Hinata with Naruto, but now I do not. Actually, u will find it hard to believe but I used to love this couple. It was actually my first favorite couple in 'Naruto'. But, I have realized that her personality is not compatible with Naruto. In my mind, he need someone to protect him and always be there for him...like Itachi ;). She is too timid to take on the responsibility and love

Sasuke with anyone Don't like him. I don't think that he should be allowed to be with anyone since he is volatile, will kill his other half if it benefits him...then again, hmm...maybe he should be with Sakura then, huh ;) -smirks evilly-

Sakura with anyone No, she is too high maintainance. No guys will want to deal with that. She needs to be alone. She is so focused on Sasuke, that she does not see other [better] guys out there. But, maybe it's for the guy's best, huh?

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko/Mai and Aang/Katara Like I said above, I think Zuko makes a better couple with Aang. Mai's personality and Katara's don't suit Zuko and Aang. Katara is too bossy, demanding and in my opinion, holds Aang back. She is jealous of him when he does better than her...I mean, duh and also, she should be happy that he is good to, I don't know, maybe end the war? Seriously, she has no brains. Mai is just not compatible with Zuko's fire-y personality and sometimes hotheadedness. She's just like a doll...except with some exceptions...but considering how and who she is, they r not compatible. Also, she is too weak and lacks brains in my opinion. She does not know the harsh realities of life like Zuko and Aang do as she has lived a sheltered life.

I love slash and as such, most my fics will involve slash! Long live slash! (Insert yaoi cookie!)

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