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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Kingdom Hearts.

Songs that you must look up:

Airplane and Only exception by Paramore

Any Skillet Songs

And any Escape the Fate Songs

Blackviel brides- Knives and Pens

I want ot say thank you to the positive and critacal views by your authors. i will retun the favor just as easily. have a great time on here.


hey how is stuff going, im possiably starting a vampire knight story, cool right and to my fans out there i recomand my favorate author Sora tyuya, im mean she is the bomb. and i hope you all like my new pictures. Sorry that i haven't been able to get on for a while i hope you all can forgive me. so i will keep you posted. BYE!!

i wrote a new story, "All a dream ago." it seems many people like the story. i think that there will be much more to this one because of the people likeing it.

HI! whoever is reading this. I"M th newbie of the place, yeah! I'm writing a story about a girl named Mizumi (Moon) and Zoro from one piece. this is an adventure / love story/an fnding family between the two. Mizumi the orphan barely knows the show and her aunt dies. with the mysteryous highjacked death of her only family member, her aunt only leaves a necklace shaped like a moon to Mizumi. The dying wish in her Aunt's last words were her to wear it at midnight. and drip a sliver of blood on it and then she sees' a whole new world. I hope ypu like the story and chaper two is soon to come. and write good or bad reviews, (more good though) he he! I'll have more stiff up tomarrow, i promise.

Anime I watch- I'm cirrently on episode 17 of pandora of heaats. I"m also starting Naruto shippuden over. (It's still in progress.) I'm one eps. 364 in bleach and still watching and waiting. I'm on episode 334 in one piece. (i'm a little behind). Now for my all time, absolute favorate anime sieries; VAMPIRE KNIGHT! this is the best, I've seen both seasons and repeted them to myself.

Books and storied I'm writting- I'm a 14 year old author. I have two of my poems published, (Coast Guard and garden Dream). I"m writting currently eight books and stories combined. I'll tell you the names in a moment. Writting is't for everyone. It's hard to come up with names. sceanery, personelity's and plots. but everyone can try...right?

Books- There are five out of th eigh that are books. their names are: "Ice Fire," "Freedom slaves," "Griffen diaries," "a Line in The Sand," and "Deserter,"

Stories- The three that aren't books are "Please speak t me," "Mizumi x Zoro" (whitch is previewing onthis site.) And "Tri-force " (Also soon tocome to fanfiction.)

Freedom slaves- This is about a girl namd Mattie, who parents died of the yellow fever. This story takes place in 1796. She also has no idea if her parents accually died. she is jst going off peoples word. here is an exserpt,

Madeline! Wake up now, you to Haley.” Mrs. B hollered. I opened my eyes to a dark and dusty cluttered room. As I started to sit up, “bang” I hit my head on the sloping ceiling. Haley was still in her bed; Haley was a nice, medium height girl. She had reddish, brown hair and big brown eyes. She was my closest friend I’ve ever had. Her hair was just past her chest and she had rosy cheeks and knew how get a gentleman. “Haley wake up!” I Said. I grabbed my pillow and threw it at her.

“Hey!” She said. “You don’t won’t to scrub the soup pots again do you?” I asked. She just smiled. I pulled off my night shift and put on my nice yellow day shift."

As yo can see girl named Haley is mentioned and sheis Mattie's best friend. Later on Nathan (Lover boy) and polly come in. here is when thy come in: Polly:The first one to stop by was the neighbor’s house worker. She had long brown hair just past her breast, with wave in it. Her hazel eyes were happy and her face was welcoming. She was just as tall as I was, tan and freckles across her nose. She was dressed in a velvet color dress. She removed her white sun bonnet, and shawl. “Hello Polly. What can I do for you”

As ypu can see,this is were Nathan pops in: hand and there was dear Nathan. His shaggy brown hair, winning smile, and blue eyes; He was built and very handsome. “Nathan, what are you doing?” I said looking in my basket so he wouldn’t see me blushing. “You young ladies need the money for your freedom one day. Mr. Clark I’ll pay for it.” He said. “Thank you Nathan.”

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)
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so if you like anything, or need anything just e-mail me and i can show you how to do stuff if you are a newbie.

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