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"Someday...beside the word 'love' will be labeled TezukaFuji" - taken from ZukaFujiZone (LJ: Chibikaoruchan).

Welcome to TezukaFuji Authors' Profile. As what it says, this is a union of NINE Known ZukaFuji Authors (read: fangirls).

We'll introduce ourselves...(Don't be surprise by our numbers :) )

Hey there...this is "AniManGa19930"...oh well...you guys won't know me since I'm new to the Prince of Tennis series... But I'm a dedicated and determined ZukaFuji-SanaYuki Lover.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

I don't know how the hell our fangirl-ing mind came to this conclusion and create a base here.

Oh, anyway...I major in crack...along with "Sosise"-san who will introduced herself later.

I'm lack of narrating and describing things...so sorry for my fellow teammates if I do bother you in later...rubs head nervously

I'll try to make this union fic's humor somewhat good...(if there's a humor).

(I won't write too much detailed profile of mine since this is a union profile-if you want to know...visit my own account)

Okay, now...scroll down...and see others' profiles, ne?

Oops before that...My Mind Set on Three Major Pairings: ZukaFuji, SanaYuki, and YanaKiri.

That's it. I'm finished.

Thanks for visiting our Profile...The SEVEN fangirls...XD

I'm NoirLachrymoxaXIII (a.k.a. Lachrymosa13blue)...! You guys have probably saw me lurking around here on the Prince of Tennis archive...the crazy author devouted to TezukaFuji...heh heh.

So...basically, AniManga19930 and I came up with this crazy idea about this collaboration thing...when we were on Facebook...that's what I remember...XD

So I tend to write...majority are angst...and my first fluff multi-chap went good...so I like fluff writing now...:D

I'm so happy to be part of this joined account with all these lovely TeFu fangirls authors here...! I hope our goals to convert more to the greatness of TeFu and show them how...perfect our pair is to each other...would be satisfied~(domination~! heh heh, I'll stop...a war could occur...XD)

Just visit my profile to know more about me! XD Enjoy our fics, dear readers~

And bear with our tefu-ness (since we seven can't get enough of them so much~)

heya guys!

Thanks for visiting out profile.. _

I'm tinjhi10 and i'm glad to be part of this collaboration with the other talented writers.. lol

We are totally devoted to TeFu love and hope to crash all... (hmmmpf... better stop here.. hahaha)

Anyways.., I tend to write drama since i want to share TeFu feelings with everyone! (I especially like to make my readers cry coz it means that they could grasp the TeFu love)

All hail TeFu..!!

~waaahhh... sorry for my randomness.., hahaha..

If you want to know more about me you could also visit my profile., _

Perfect pair Forever..!!

Ya-Ho! Nya~

I'm Tokyo Girl 05! I'm also part of this collaboration!! I've only wrote three fics for the ZukaFuji fandom so you might not know me well :D Unless you've read my other work, but that's on my own profile heh heh.

I got asked to be part of this by Lachry and Animanga! I'm really good when it goes for showing emotion and such in my writing, and apparently I'm also good at humor?! Really!? Well heck, you learn something new every day nya! The things I write tend to go from romcom to drama...I love to torture characters and give them a happy ending eh heh... also have an annoying thing for noticing typo's XD

Major Pairings for me: TeFu (waves banner), Golden and occasionaly I rope Atobe in on it...

That all nya~ Perfect Pair FTW!

Hi, I'm x.lithium. I never quite know what to write in these things .. So, let's list my favourite Prince of Tennis characters! Yaaay;

1) Tezuka! Cause he's hot like that. Kay, so I could talk about how adorable Tezuka is and why I love him, but that could take a while.
2) And after that, I just have a bunch of characters I love. Listed in no particular order; Atobe, Fuji, Jiroh, Eiji, and Yukimura. (: Atobe, cause he makes me laugh. Fuji, well. I love TezukaFuji so .. yeah. Jiroh's cute and sleepy and adorable and Eiji's just .. well, adorable. And Yukimura, he's the Child of God; what's not to love? Oh, and Oshitari's kinda awesome, too. (:

Now let's talk about the characters I don't like!
ECHIZENECHIZENECHIZEN. I also kinda think Inui's weird/scary, but he's useful in fanfictions, what with his random data blurbs. ;).

Oh and basically, Tezuka and/or Fuji must not be paired with anyone other than each other, kay? Kay.


I am kuro_wolf from LJ but here i am known as KuroNeko114.

Hmmm, honestly i dunno what to say hehehe

Just know that i am a fan of PoT and of course my most fav pairing and my solid OTP is Zuka/Fuji (in this order!) hehehe

I am basically the newbie here since most of you know each other demo daijoubu! I love meeting new friends! Especially those who share the same interest as me!

I hope i can be a help and contribute to this team! Everyone, i will try my best!

(V-) hee hee

kuro ~

Among all the nine authors here, I am honored to be here as well. Hey guys~!

Who the hell am 'I', you ask? Well, I am ZukaFujiZone (Yes, that retarded username you keep seeing on FF.net, NO comment!) or Chibikaoruchan (over at LJ. Yes, I have a way with retarded usernames. Don't blame me.)

So... why am I here? Oh come on, if you get it wrong, I'll send you four tickets to Hawaii as a 'YOU ARE EITHER BLIND OR... BLIND' prize. I'm here because basically I love Tezuka and Fuji to the core, and as I've said in my other profile page numerous times, I love ZukaFuji, dream ZukaFuji, eat ZukaFuji, Glomp ZukaFuji, Sneeze ZukaFuji, Love ZukaFuji, Dream about ZukaFuji, Love ZukaFuji, Love ZukaFuji... etc. (Nop, I haven't changed at all... ah, good times. XD)

I guess with everything I've said, you probably have a good idea of my writing style. Yes, I love crack and romance, and I definitely love ZukaFuji above all. (All hail The Greatest OTP of them all!)

But you guys already know the drill so here, I'll admit one thing I have yet not told about myself: I BLOODY HELL HATE PILLAR PAIR!! DIEEE!! GO ROT IN HELL AND NEVER COME BACK!! Which is basically the second reason why I am here. Good thing I am not the only one who despise that pairing even more than I can hate Konomi-sensei if he doesn't marry Tezuka and Fuji by the end of the series. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against Echizen, (except for the fact that he wins all the time, and the fact that he is too arrogant, and the fact that he is always the best in everything he does, and the fact...), but talk about Pillair pair to me and I'll make mass destruction.

I am married to ZukaFuji, yes, I am. (And I am SO proud of it you have no idea. .:Shows engagement ring to everyone on earth, trying to mimick Atobe's haughtyness:.) If Echizen tears them apart, then I will do the same to him. I am also (self-proclaimed) their fairy Godmother, so any damage Echizen does to them, I will do the same to him.

Ahem, now I want my new profile page to be one that is as normal as it can get, so I'll stop with the threatening and the apocalypse thing...

But do remember that Tezuka and Fuji are so much love? Please? .:trying to hide a large shotgun behind my back:.

Three cheers for Perfect Pair!

Hurray Hurray Hurray!

ZukaFujiZone~, Aka Chibikaoruchan~