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Hello I am WrathOfTheHeavens, I'm as old as I feel which means I'm halfway through senile and dead. I proudly languish in a constant state of Misanthropy and my dream is to become a self sufficient hermit with a tent and good fishing rod and a book. I hate people on sight, but I'm a very good actor.

I live in Scotland and wish I didn't.
I have written over a thousand plot ideas but I'm too embarrassed to post them, I need a beta to look over them.
I'm open to RP's as long as they can get turned into stories later, Currently looking for someone who wants to RP Harry Potter / Okami / Rurouni Kenshin.

I'm thinking of posting a real humdinger of a challenge but I'll write and post a story first to see if its doable.

I̢͓̙̰̪͓̞ͅ ͘ĺ̮͔͓ͅͅo͉͈͉̳̬̪ͅv̙̥e ̧b͕̣̘͔͍͉͓͢l̘a̩̜̞s̯͍͈͓̰̥̝͘t̻̞̼i͚̪n̸̤̲͓͔̝g͏̪̤̹̜̲̼̤ ̙̖̰̣̮t̗̱h̟e̤ ̵̟̞̰e̬n̢͕e͟m̥y̝͇̝̳͚ ̶̫̗͚̮̭̳t̵̳̣̻̳͙o͉̣͡ ̞̙̼͔̪͔ś͖̼̹͕̜̪̝m̹͓̖͍ḭt̩̻̳̠̖̭h̙̲̼̰͇ͅe̠̗̼̞̟ṛ͓̱̳ͅe̤̳̻̺͍̭è̝͚̺̮n̬̦̝s͙̼̬͖̝̘̟ ̨̦͓̬̝̯̥͓w̡̻̖̪̮̫̤i̪̘͖͍̤̳ͅt̙̥͖̳h͍̪̲͓ ̷͚a̙̝̹͔̳̠r̙͕̫t̲i͕͍̼̩̭̰̮l̬̞͇̤̠͙͠ͅl̸͉̭e̳͎̘̜̝̻̰r̩̥̼̳͡ͅy̼͉͈̙͖̼ ̴s̟̱̭̕a̼̬̻̥̥̤̲ḷ̜̣̺v̤͖̙o̵̱̥̗̬̣̖͚s̴ ̙͕ț̪͉͎̫ẖ̼̘̮̫̙͘a̶̘̮͚t̼͙ ̥͕̖͟t͍̱h̳͉͎̞͕͉̫un̞̯d̲̰͕̣͇͚ḙ̣̮̱͢r̨̝ ̗̟͇̬a͚c̨̰̲̲̝̹̻r͏̱̳o̻s̴̟͖̻s͇̬̜̩͔̩͝ t̳̪h̟̻̥͎e̫̰̹̣̗͎ ͇͖li̦͎͖̞̙̯ṉe̱͙s͙͎̹̻ ̨͍o̗̳f̯ ͈̹b̶̦a̷̬̻̠̮̠̩͚t́t͏̳͔̗̭͇l̡̝̹̻̠̱ͅe͍̩.̡̣̺̞̭̮

Currently seeking a snail mail pal with the following requirements:

Either gender
Must live in japan
Between 18 and 30 years old
Be a Fanfiction Writer
Be open to language exchange

I decided that I'm going to wait till everyone important to me is dead then wander the world, I'll expand the list as I go.
What you need to become a wandering hermit

Solar charger
Bike with trailer box thing(can't think of technical name)
Sleeping Bag
(What's that thing that stores power from cycling and can I hook that up to a bike?)
language books on tablet with reader
A website of my own with a donation fund for hostage situations.
Sports tape
fireproof blanket

Hints for readers regarding summaries

If it says "Please read", DON'T.
If it says "You'll like/enjoy this, YOU WON'T.
More than one "What if" means it is probably unreadable.
Three or more "what if's" means you should keep well away.
More than one typo is a bad sign.
If the summary is incoherent, the story is written worse than Finnegan's Wake.
If the spelling is incorrect in the summary, spare a tear and move on.
If the spelling is incorrect in the title, run.
If the story is purely oc in every angle, don't flame, the politically correct term is critique.
If the summary is long and fraught with misspelling and lacking punctuation, avoid it.
If you read a story that you wish you hadn't the best brain bleach is MMOPRGing.


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(1) (Harry potterxNaruto crossover)
Dursley/Dumbledore/Ron/Hermoine/Ginny/Sakura bashing, alive!Sirius, publicly-humiliated-Dumbledore, UNSPEAKABLE!Harry, adopts naruto and sasuke

(2) (Naruto)
timetravel, immortal!mentor!older!Naruto, smarter!younger!Naruto, Sakura!bashing, realistic NaruSasu fluff older!NaruIta younger!narusasu

(3) (Harry potterxNaruto crossover)
UNSPEAKABLE!Harry rescues Obito or Naruto or Sasuke UNSPEAKABLE!Harry and Yondiame work together to seal Kyuubi alive!Yondiame, Harry/Minato

(4) (Harry potterxNaruto crossover)
Harry is biju animagus
massive large scale demolition
filthy rich
Meets immortal Juubi 6 paths Naruto
all jutsu and spells nonverbal

(5) (Harry potter)
dinosoar animagus

(6) (Harry potterxNaruto crossover)
Unspeakable Harry while surveying hidden countrys meets shippuden Naruto while Jiraiya is away
pairings Naruto/Harry think fluffy romance/uke-Harry seme-Naruto
its 2 years into the training trip
Harry resigns from his job and joins naruto and jiraiya on the trip
they return to konoha
better trained Naruto/minor magic ability=shapeshift
because Harry taught Naruto to Occlude he can think clearly and faster and is not as needlessly loud

(7) (Harry potter)
when Ron boasts in fourth year about a broomstick going to Jupiter Harry asks Hermione if its possible leading to Harry finding a way to become the first space wizard
this time the skys not the limit
adrenaline junkie/space tecnomancer Harry
space rock experimentation expert Hermione
no crossovers
eventual magical world revealed to muggles
mostly accepting muggle world population/technomancy boom
Ron dumbledore fudge umbrige bashing
Potter vault funding/rich Harry
motivated non slacking harry
magical non enviromentaly damaging fuel researcher Neville

(8) (Naruto)
inspired by The Wrong Boy by causeiambetta
Spurred ahead by his successfull rasensurikan technique Naruto takes an interest in jutsu modifycation studying his chakra"not kyuubi's"chakra shape manipulation to the extreme ie. chakra cloak, ripoff susanoo, chakra whips, sensor
learned how to draw nature chakra through trial and error shocking the hell out of everyone and atempting to generate yin chakra

(9) (Harry potter)
Dursley/Dumbledore/Ron/Hermoine/Ginny/Sakura bashing, alive!Sirius, publicly-humiliated-Dumbledore, UNSPEAKABLE!Harry, adopts Naruto and Sasuke

(10) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Instead of Eggmans ship taking Chris home he's sent tumbling back through time given a new form. Accepting the fact he'll never get home Chris explores Mobius and sometimes helps Sonic from the shadows while learning to use chaos control, fight and learning. His alias Nack the Weasel! Rogue/sharpshooter/thief/feral/weapons dealer creator. Accepting a long term spy mission from his majestys(King Maxamillian Acorn) secret service's working for Robotnik when a bad situation marks Sonic as his target the king orders the Sonic gang plus Eggman(feeling responsible) to extract his spy from Robotnic's ranks before his cover is blown and Chris is executed. The gang is shocked to discover that the infamous Nack the Weasel is a good guy especialy as he once framed Sonic for murder and absolutely gobsmacked when his identity as Christopher Thorndike is revealed. Sonic ends up looking after a criticaly injured Chris.

Eggman and Sonic are rivals,arch enemy's and ocasionaly work together.
Robotnic and Chris hate each other to the point of wanting the other utterly destroyed both physicaly, mentaly and spiritualy at the point of self destruction scareing the Sonic gang who wonder whats happened to the kind Chris they used to know.

(11) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Christopher Thorndike is thrown through time by accident when Eggmans ship to Earth malfunctions.
He winds up in the archieverse Moebius bereft of memory 12 years old still and captured by Scourge the Hedgehog.
He is rescued by Doctor Kintobor who recognises Chris as not of his world.
He contacts the Sonic on Mobius Prime after taking Chris as his apprentice Chris ends up helping Buns Rabbot fight the The Suppression Squad.
Eventualy ending up in Mobius alone he meets Sonic the Hedgehog who recognises him as Kintobors aprentice and invites him to join the freedom fighters.

Meanwhile back in SonicXverse a disturbing message is sent through the Master Emerald from Earth to Sonic asking where Chris is.
Horifyed that Chris is missing Dark Sonic nearly kills Eggman infront of his terrified friends demanding to know where Chris is when the message clearly states Chris never made it back to Earth.
The search then begins Sonic and Eggman(out of guilt) working together scouring the multiverse for there missing friend eventualy they run into Scourge the hedgehog defeating him together and hear him rant about transdimensional humans and hedgehogs always ruining his plans.
They then find a wanted poster of their lost friend amnesiac now 15 years of age and prominent freedom fighter of both Moebius and Mobius Prime former aprentice of Doctor Kintobor current aprentice of Sonic the hedgehog now a master of various skills.
The SonicX gang eventualy meet Chris training with his mentor Sonic the hero of Mobius and brother figure Geoffrey St. John now they are left wondering how to make the boy remember them and even then how to convince Chris to come home when they find Chris refuses to leave saying Mobius is his home now citing close friends (Julie-Su,Rotor,Antoine D'Coolette,Aerial and Athena of the Wolf Pack),family(adopted by the Wolf Pack), responsibilites(King Acorn's Secret Service,G.U.N. liason) and a growing romance with Hope Kintobor.

(12) (Sonic the HedgehogxOkami crossover)
When exploreing the celestial Plain Ammy is sent into another dimension when she finds a strange demon gate now in anthro form she meets Sonic together they search for a way home a romance is formed between the two so strong sonics friends worrie that when Ammy leaves Sonic will follow everyone is shocked when Sonic refuses run or fight against Ammy when Eggman controls her, nearly dying citing her as the only person worth living for no longer wishing to run alone anymore wishing to spend the rest of his life with her by his side ammy breaks free of eggmans control--plot bunnie to be cont...

(13) (Sonic the HedgehogxHarry Potter crossover)
The Xorda attack on Earth nearly wiped out humanity but what about wizards?
Master Unspeakeable Harry Potter awakes in a changed world when the Quantum Dial is stopped by Sonic
he finds a way to bring magic back both human-wizards, overlander-magiteck and mobian-chaos-super abilites
magic will no longer be hidden

(14) (NarutoxHarry Potter crossover)
when Itachi seals Orochimaru with The Sword of Totsuka Orochimaru finds himself reincarnated into one year old harry potter and bargains with the horcrux shard to merge knowlege and skills

(15) (NarutoxHarry Potter crossover)
Rokudaime Hokage Naruto finds himself adopting his orphaned one year old relative Harry Potter after Petunia calls him for help how will Harry turn out with Naruto as his father the konona 12 as his extended family
Naruto is the juubi junchiriki, sage, sensor, wind master Naruto over protective manipulate my son and die Sasukes boyfriend
Redeemed Anbu Commander Sasuke, lightning master harrys overstressed bodyguard narutos boyfriend
Tsunade Retired hokage refered to as Great-grandma by Harry
Harry the hyper mini-Naruto prankster from hell Sensor-nin Barrier-nin lightning-rasengan seals fan-of-sharp-pointy-things trap specialist likes to poke fun at magical worlds folibles

(16) (Sonic the HedgehogxKingdom Hearts crossover)
Chris is Sora after Sonic leaves for home Chris goes on extended vacation in the Destiny Islands and makes new friends called Riku and Kairi, Sora is his alias to have a normal holiday eventualy the jorney takes him to Mobius where Eggman is experimenting with darkness

(17) (S.O.N.I.C.X xSonic Archie Verse)
Eggman invents the Roboticizer and Roboticizes Sonic on live TV on Earth, Sonic becomes Mecha-Sonic but he isnt about to obey anyone. damaged and driven half-insane Sonic is no longer the good guy he wishes to stop Eggman permanantly and rule the world anyone or anything who gets in his way is merely colateral damage teaming up with Metal Sonic.
Vicious Murdereus Twisted Ruthless Warmonger leader Sonic
Emotionless second in command Metal Sonic
Shadow Android Army
Metal Knuckles Enforcer
Eggman and Tails team up to stop The Mecha-Sonic Empire
No bashing of Human Characters

(18) (NarutoxHarry Potter crossover)
Uchiha Madara is reincarnated as Harry Potter upon his defeat
seeking redemption Madara is now a good guy but can he keep up the guise of Boy-Who-Lived when Naruto and the gang enter hogwarts
Madara is firstly a ninja and taking a leaf out of Naruto's book will atempt to be underestimated
due to time manipulation Naruto and Harry/Madara are 16 years old
Uses magic to create a new Sharingan called Shōkan or Redemption Eye with Izunami type Illusions as its only ability using Magic
Resigned Changed-By-Naruto's-Legendary-Therapy-Jutsu Ninja Wizard!Madara
Legendary Ninja-Hero of The Elementals Toad Sage Neo-Toad-Sannin Flirty!Naruto

(19) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Female!SonicxElias Acorn
Best friend Sally
Secret fan Tails
Little sister Amy

(20) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Sonic has a different answer for Sally that night on the stage infront of everyone
stunned!everyone else
Sonic choses to marry Sally and rule by her side as king
a Sonic that uses his head
Substitute Freedom Fighters seriously trained by Sonic
Council of Acorns unneeded

(21) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Trapped in the world of Camelot Sonic takes on the mantle of King Arthur and falls in love with Nimue but what will he decide when his friends from his original world come to find him will he stay or leave? and what will the others say when they meet their counterparts?

(22) (Sonic the HedgehogxHarry Potter)
Sonic is Harry
When Aleena went into hiding Sonic grew up in a small village with Ray and Mighty
Transported to Earth in S.O.N.I.C.X Sonic is later discovered as the Crown Prince of Mobius after Eggmans systems are hacked by G.U.N and leaked to the press.
Sonic is attacked by dementors looking for Harry Potter and barely escapes.
learns to shapeshift to a human form
second identity as Adopted magical heir to House Potter blown
Kidnapped by Voldemort
Protective Voice-Magic weilding Manic and Sonia
Pairings SonicxLuna AleenaxRemus ManicxAmy SoniaxKnuckles ChrisxGinny
no Bashings

(23) (S.O.N.I.C X Archie Sonic Comics)
Sonic the hedgehog was created by Doctor Ivan Kintobor at the turn of the 21st century alongside Professor Christopher Thorndyke. Ordered by G.U.N to make Sonic into a weapon Doctor Ivan kidnaps a alien ambassador from a species called the Xorda in the hope of using alien DNA like Black Doom and shadow. Chris horrified at the Doctors actions takes Sonic and uses his malfunctioning portal to land on Mobius several years in the past with Helen and both no longer human but Mobian taking the name Jules and Bernadette adopting another hedgehog as Chris’s brother. Sonic is put in suspended animation. Realising that he created his friend and that Mobius was a future earth. He eventually joins the Acorn Army fighting the Overlanders falling in love with a Bernadette/Helen. Sonic is taken out of suspended animation and raised by them as family no one any the wiser. When Jules and Bernadette Roboticized they never have the chance to tell Sonic or Chuck of his origins the events of S.O.N.I.C.X happen including the Meterex Saga with Shadow surviving. Jules and Bernadette are Deroboticized by the energy drain. Jules is startled when Shadow reveals his chaos signature matches a certain human and the truth comes out about Sonic The Second Ultimate Life Form!

(24) (S.O.N.I.C X SEGA Sonic)
Sealing the Twilight Cage has catastrophic consequences when the Nocturnes home world merges with Earth. Humans and Echidna reach a stable peace agreement and Co-exist. Doctor Finitevus creates a army and try’s to take over the world.
Shade the Echidna and Christopher Thorndyke work together against Doctor Finitevus. Chris vs. Doctor Finitevus Magitek Techno-mage vs. Chaos Force Techno-mage

(25) (NarutoxHarry potter)
In third year Harry accidentialy breaks Hermiones timeturner resulting in Harry meeting his older selves and gaining the Rinnegan with knowledge of magic beyond his years and Six magical cores how will his years play out

(26) (Sonic The Hedgehog)
A Chaotic Imbalance
Disasters are striking around the world with no rhythm nor reason.
Sonic and Dr. Eggman are missing.
Tikal warns that Chaos Energy around the world is being drained and separated into two beings,
The Eradiating Light and The Devouring Darkness.
They have no choice but to go to the origin of the disaster South Island and the abandoned Kintobor Laboratory and the R.O.C.C.
A dark past between Sonic and Eggman is revealed.
A story of a father, son duo.
A Human and a Hedgehog.
The kindly Doctor Kintobor and the shy lab assistant Maurice Hedgehog.
And a terrible accident…

(27) (Naruto)
Lets say the teams are a little different, Shikamaru shows his true intellect in the gennin test and is apprenticed in intelligence department.
Say Kabuto’s team-mates suffered a grizzly death by pure happenstance Sandaime thinks he got one over Danzo by putting Kabuto on team 7 instead of Sai
Team 7 Kabuto, Naruto and Sasuke under Kakashi
Will Kabuto manage to turn Sasuke and Naruto traitor or will Naruto turn Kabuto good.

(28) (Rurouni KenshinxNaruto)
A year into his training trip and realising he has to get stronger Naruto accepts assassination missions behind Jiraiya's back gaining the nickname Hitokiri Arashi, He gains a scar from a bodyguard he slays(Kiyosato Akira).
Later after a few more missions Naruto meets a woman called Toshiro Kushinada(Yukishiro Tomoe) who he rescues and falls in love with...
Its the same general plot as in the Remembrance arc and Jinchu arc in the RuroKen manga with no Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu
How would Naruto fare upon his return to Konoha more mature, not interested in romance and fundamentally broken. Basically Naruto with Kenshin's mind set, combat experience and analytic thinking skills.
Not forgetting everyone is trying to figure what happened to Naruto so they can change him back to normal, including Jiraiya.
Jiraiya lives! I think Naruto already learnt his lesson that vengeance wasn't the key thanks to Kushinada, so Naruto can still speak passionately about forgiveness without being a hypocrite.

Story plot bunnies for adoption.

(Frilled To Meet You HP)

Little Harry Potter became a animagus, we’ve seen this song and dance before, but this time Harry became something that causes more problems than you can believe

Frilled Shark Animagus

In which wizards wishing to retrieve their saviour are forced to innovate and advance on their own merit.
Mix in the usual wizard half-assedness, sloppiness and laziness with the dangerous and not for idiots world of deep sea exploration.
Forcing idiots to think with hilarious accidents and encounters.

(International Traitor HP)

Or alternatively A Treatise on Modern Magical Terrorism

Harry wants to leave Britain and its Wizarding World, How does he do that? By secretly leaving for a country without an extradition treaty, taking all the Potter Fortune with him, sinking the British WW economy and a whole load of stolen classified information as a bargaining chip.

Harry leaves after being attacked by Dementors, Harry severely misjudges his friends thinking they’re in Dumbledore’s pocket.

Dumbledore isn’t evil he cares too much and hadn’t realised how his actions might have been taken and Harry’s metaphorically ripping the blinders off and beating him with them serve as a huge wakeup call.

Ginny has no idea how to react. (Harry only ever thought of her as Ron’s little sister.)

Hermione is on the fence. (Harry thought she was reporting for Dumbledore)

Ron is confused. (Emotional casualty of Harry seeking freedom)

The international community is swept up into a political perfect storm with Britain at the eye of it, While they play the hungry sharks scenting blood.

(WWII while being a load of bloody nastiness advanced humanities understanding of the human body and technology by a great degree, the idea here is the same, modern day magical countries, magical weapons, magic shock troops, trained attack creatures)
And when I say weapons I mean like the Shatterstar in Harry's Madness by SilverLocke980.

The story takes place in the aftermath 6 months after Harry Potter defected to the arms of the Magical-Peoples-Liberation-Army in China.(or any other place that isn’t friendly with The UK or America, basically anyone looking to even the score with blood purist Britain)

When Harry left he took defence plans, spells copied from the Hogwarts and unspeakable libraries, data and all sorts of things.

Voldemort and Death Eaters realise that they are very small fish in a very large pond, full of piranhas.

Other dark lords and ladies and witches and wizards from around the world with different agendas, goals and powers.

Why are only purebloods evil dark wizards?

above challenges are to be as accurate as possible

(Jutsu ideas)

I can see Naruto in my head recreating the Buster Beam Slice in my head as a jutsu so clearly, it scares me! check the link below


Complaints about fanfiction stagnation.
Seriously? I can come up with a working plotline in seconds from just learning about a characters hair colour and make it sound good in the span of a minute, yet every fic I come across is about how best to flog the cannon toting horse into undeadness, seriously?

I want a fanfiction where Harry Potter is an original badass good guy without the gothic emo moments?
Solution: Cross him with LFG / As a baby send him to a third world country under a totalitarian regime to become a real world freedom fighter / Send him back in time to ...-universe /OR/ Wizards can transform into animals, send one into Sonic-verse or OKAMI

I want a BAMF!Kenshin fanfiction where reflections never happened.

Timetravel / Go the anime route / dimensional travel / learn a new Hiten Mitsurugi move / Kenshin knows more than he's letting on.

Add to this list and post it to your profile with your name underneath if you agree

Current News

The stories I'll write will be updated eventually but probably erraticaly or whenever the fancy strikes me so don't bug me.

If any alerts have popped up saying I've updated then removed my story then my computer is on the outs with me and it was a honest mistake.

Review my stories and get logic hole poking!

I'm putting Chaos Reality Runner on hiatus/Adoption and I'm going to attempt a rewrite it was my first attempt at fanfiction but I've got half it written down and no plot so message me if you want to continue it!

If you find any long Japanese Harry Potter Fanfiction please inform me, it doesn't have to even originate on this site. But I want a harry potter raised and living purely Japanese with minimal crossover influence.

I once wrote a bunny about Harry ending up in japan and but stopped when I realised that I couldn't complete it to the extent that I wanted because my knowledge base was insufficient, I cried.
It had Harry raised by modern day shinobi attending school in japan and finding a honking great big scroll written by Himura Kenshin containing all the Mitsurugi techniques, entrusted to the Oniwaban care and forgotten about.

FANFICTION- UNITED NATIONS! Has anyone else noticed how a lot of us get along and make friends on here and we can be from completely different countries? We're here making world peace on the INTERNET and we have all those ambassadors and senators and whatever struggling with it! If you realize this (or read this and agreed) copy and paste this and add your name and country (country is optional) to the list. SPREAD THE PEACE!: Naruto-fan-Okami-chan (USA), DGMSilverAirHead03(USA), Crystal Amethyst (Armenia), InoueR0xO (Pakistan), poohxebony (USA), DreamingInThePast (Spain), loves2readandwrite (USA), SeaDevil (Sweden), Vampgal212 (U.K.), Verdigurl ( New Zealand), Animerockchic (Republic of Ireland), Momoka64 (USA), Ve Kuraresa Bleach (USA), AFleetingPhantom (U.K.), EpicHeroLaugh(USA), Fruity-Dragonfly (USA), 9foxgrl (USA), Wrath Of The Heavens (U.K.)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Potter Attraction by Pax Humana reviews
He was a runaway child who knew no one wanted him. They set out to prove he was wrong. Harry meets a pair of visitors from far away and together they change the world. AU, Harry/Harem.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 81 - Words: 712,046 - Reviews: 1184 - Favs: 1,866 - Follows: 1,821 - Updated: 2h - Published: 9/20/2013 - Harry P., Hermione G., Naruto U.
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Desperado by Lilynxis reviews
I know that you're strong, you're the strongest person I know. But sometimes you have to understand that you can be weak and that it doesn't make you any less stronger than you are when you rely on me, just a little. You have a heart that's been stabbed, scarred and broken but remains golden. I on the other hand do not have such a heart and am still selfish.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,093 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 9 - Published: 8h - Harry P.
Further Adventures of the Lone Traveler by dunuelos reviews
Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, has accepted his role as the Multiverse's fix-it man. A figure of legend in many universes, he makes his way as directed by Creation to worlds where they could use a nudge here and there. Maybe he can prevent the multiverse from destroying itself in apocalyptic fire. Sequel to Stories of the Lone Traveler.
Crossover - X-overs & Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 33 - Words: 136,233 - Reviews: 1252 - Favs: 922 - Follows: 1,002 - Updated: 9h - Published: 7/14 - Complete
Sehnsucht by OpalescentGold reviews
In an unidentifiable location of Japan, a woman named Cynthia, the founder of the Cervello and the former Vongola Adviser, dies. Some few hundred years later, in a location of Japan now known as Namimori, a baby named Noriko is born.
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 47 - Words: 47,000 - Reviews: 223 - Favs: 408 - Follows: 457 - Updated: 16h - Published: 10/9/2015 - Vongola 1st generation, Vongola 10th Generation, OC
Short Story Drabbles by sakurademonalchemist reviews
A series of one-shots or random ideas I'm not sure how will go over with the fans. Any idea that randomly pops in my head will likely be posted unless I have more than four chapters. This will mostly be for Harry Potter and HP crossovers. Will also include older works.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 159 - Words: 428,239 - Reviews: 5444 - Favs: 1,262 - Follows: 1,121 - Updated: 17h - Published: 7/15/2013
Oh, Bugger Me Sideways by PsyckoSama reviews
In all those SIs where people are dumped into Westeros, they always lament about how bad they've got it. Well, they don't got shit. It could be much worse. They could have been dumped into the body of Lyanna Stark. Broken, bloodied, genderbent, with a new born bastard, and enough emotional baggage to fill a airport...
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 29,868 - Reviews: 79 - Favs: 385 - Follows: 471 - Updated: 8/29 - Published: 8/14 - [Naruto U., Gaara] [Shikamaru N., Temari]
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 38 - Words: 91,173 - Reviews: 556 - Favs: 1,250 - Follows: 1,288 - Updated: 8/29 - Published: 6/10/2011 - Naruto U., Sasuke U.
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What if the Goblet of Fire had a requirement to protect its champions from harm/death outside of the tournament until it was completed? How would that have changed the course of Harry's life if the goblet had altered the killing curse that had been aimed at Cedric to something else instead? Slash. Harry/Cedric initially but then Harry/Charlie. Character Death/Incapacitation.
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Blue Bloods - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 40,530 - Reviews: 132 - Favs: 398 - Follows: 525 - Updated: 7/1 - Published: 11/13/2015 - Harry P., Jamie R.
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Game of Thrones - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,328 - Reviews: 142 - Favs: 905 - Follows: 1,313 - Updated: 6/22 - Published: 5/13 - Harry P., Daenerys T., Dragons
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 33 - Words: 135,189 - Reviews: 2854 - Favs: 4,519 - Follows: 6,022 - Updated: 4/30 - Published: 7/16/2012 - Harry P., Ron W., Hermione G.
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Rated: T - English - Family/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,915 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 82 - Follows: 132 - Updated: 4/10 - Published: 3/25 - Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S., Adult Reborn, Vongola 10th Generation
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 279 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 319 - Follows: 389 - Published: 4/8 - Nana S., Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S., OC
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