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Author has written 7 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Currently in college, so updating is sporadic at best and nonexistent at worst.

Either way, thanks for the support. It's really appreciated.

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Yes, I make grammatical mistakes! Everyone does! But sometimes, if it seems too obvious, I may be doing it on purpose! Percy's not the brightest guy, remember? So please try to overlook some of the obvious ones! Thanks!

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1 - Lots of cliffhangers (especially the first chapter): cliffys get your readers wanting more, and thus they will come back to read the next chapter.

2 - Some sort of romance (i.e. Percabeth): readers seem to like romance, especially the girls. Adding a little romance will help your story become successful.

3 - Great grammar and spelling: readers can be turned away by bad grammar. Make sure to proofread your story before publishing. A few errors are okay, but more than ten per chapter will discourage readers.

4 - Great storyline: a good plot is key to any good story. Unique, never before seen storylines are always good, although hard to come up with. If you need help, read some of the stories with lots of reviews on Fanfiction. Steal some of their ideas, since they obviously know what they're doing.

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--The last paragraph in The Princess and the Peasant reads, "The right decisions are not always the easy decisions. I can tell you first hand that is a true statement. But like my father used to say, if life was full of easy decisions, everyone would win."

How would Percy know one of his father's sayings? He died when Percy was one-and-a-half. I find it interesting that none of my readers caught onto that. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself.--

--In Chapter Six of The Big Three, the parents' business is named Sound Limiter Spy, US. If you rearrange the letters of this anagram, you get Olympus Industries.--

--Also in Chapter Six of The Big Three, the room where Abby, Percy, Thalia and Nico meet their parents is on the 102nd floor. This is in reference to the Empire State building, which has 102 floors.--

--In Chapter Two of The Ten, Percy said he got distracted by a story on the Internet called The Princess and the Peasant. This is in reference to one of my very first stories by the same name.--

--In Chapter Four of The Ten, Thalia and Percy are discussing the next destination and their research and Percy said he was researching Queen Victoria. In his explanation Percy says that it has been three centuries since Queen Victoria's lifetime. However, this would mean that the story took place in the 2100s, as Queen Victoria was born in 1819.

This may be an error overlooked by the author or just a ploy to keep the story going. No one is sure whether it was intentional or on purpose.--

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The Prince, The Girl and The World Notes:

World Championships Schedule (July 11 to July 25):

Day 3 (July 13): Announcement of the participants and the group draw

Day 5 (July 15): First group duels

Day 6 (July 16): Second group duels

Day 7 (July 17): Informal Ball; break between second and third duels

Day 8 (July 18): Third group duels

Day 9 (July 19): Quarterfinal draw announced

Day 12 (July 22): Quarterfinal matches

Day 13 (July 23): Semifinal matches

Day 14 (July 24): Formal ball; break between semifinal and final

Day 15 (July 25): Third Place and Championship matches

Links for The Princess and the Peasant (debuting August 2nd, 2012):

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Bridesmaids' dresses for Rayne's wedding: (third picture down, center green dress)

Rayne's wedding dress: (the second to last picture, a lot of scrolling, I know)

Annabeth's Worlds dress:

Annabeth's wedding dress:

Here's the link to my personalized PSON website:

Totally check it out! Included on there is the map of the Districts of the UK, how I separated them. Before you get confused, look at it. It might settle some of your problems. Also, make sure you check out the 'Contact' section and read what's written there. The website envelops every single one of my stories based on publish date along with some of my other ideas for stories that I hope to put into writing. At the bottom I have included a little longer blurb about myself. Definitely check it out if you have the chance.

Recommended Stories:

Different Coasts: by Avatard1234 Link:

Artificial Engagement: by Akatsuki Child Link:

Iphoned: by LunarScorpion Link:

Suggested YouTube Videos: (official page of Percy Jackson movies)

Here's District-by-District (capital city):

1 - London, England

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