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Author has written 5 stories for Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Sailor Moon, Haikyu/ハイキュー, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Well, hi. I'm in uni, and dying from it. Psychology is more intense than I thought it would be.

I basically like anything that can be read.

Um, thanks for visiting.

For profiley, stuff... I like. I like writing!

To people who like pineapple, please reflect on your favourite type of pineapple treat. For me, it's a mix between pineapple ice-cream, or not-too-heavy pineapple juice.

To people who wonder about what happens after death, wonder about what in life made you wonder about your inherent mortality. To wonder about death, you have to wonder about life. And to wonder about life, you have to wonder about your life, and how you live, stumble, fall, and survive. Be inspired that one day, when life on Earth cracks underneath your psyche and you step into the unknown, that you, at least, lived and learnt and loved. Life and death are flipsides. Living to one day die. Dying, so that new life can live. So what are you living for?

Some awesome people have drawn fan-art for A Fallen Star.

So *advertising*

http:// kigami99 .deviantart. com/#/ d30ywd3 -Wind (so cute!) By KiGaMi

http:// cursedbunny. art/ Windfarest-Sani -182327311?q =sort% 3Atimegallery% 3Acursedbunny& qo=1 - Wind--farest Sani! By Cursed Bunny (read the convo, so hilarious. Loved it, by the way )

http:// tamagoyakid. deviantart. com/#/ d32btgk - Dusky! By Tamagoyakid, who is -X-Takoyaki-X- on fanfiction. (so aweeeeesome... I like her stare too.)

http:// tamagoyakid. deviantart. com /#/ d3043z8 - Wind! By Tamagoyakid (Awesome picture, I want to draw that awesome too...)

http:// tamagoyakid. deviantart. com/#/ d2rkcbg - Wind and Dusky on Earth... with Wind stealing pineapple and Dusky yelling. By Tamagoyakid (Love this picture, shows Wind's uncaringness of everything... Uncaringness is not a word, by the way)

http:// mangapainterlol. deviantart. com/ gallery /#/ d2w0dul - Wind and KILLUA! Holding hands, with a sunset and everything. I loved it! By MangaPainterLOL (TT_TT I'm so moved that my fic actually got fan art that I'm too moved. And none of them are drawn by me either, which makes me in awe. Really, all of you, thank you!)

http:// browse. deviantart. com/? qh=ion =&global=1 &q=xXxsilver-tiaraxXx#/ d38jrgx - by xXxsilver-tiaraxXx. Cute! I really like the eyes (haha, newest fan-art. I LUB YOU!) Oh! And I also love the backgroud of this. Very pretty.

http:// /#/ d3b9n3k - By KiGaMi! It's very cute.

And this is for My Heavenly Judgement

http:// art/ Setsuna-Lineart-213357007 Setsuna! By lazymusicfreak. Simple, but I think it gets her image across really well! Awesome! (XD) Thank you!

http:// /#/ d4a1sx4 And this is the first fanart of Alice! By PoisonAndSugar. TT_TT Awesome, if I have to say so myself! I love her eyes, so strong! So many exclamation marks! I can't help it! THANK YOU!

http:// q=gallery% 3Adante-999% 2F32642990&qo=1 by Dante 96, and it's Alice AND Setsuna! XDD Too fanarts in one day, and I am literally beaming out happy beams. *beam beam beam* I like Setsuna in this one... she looks timid when she obviously isn't. So thanks for letting an artistically challenged author see what her readers see... all the while getting awesome art.

http:// dante-999. deviantart. com/gallery/ 32642991#/d4aktnp - Setsuna and Hibird! By Dante 96, she was inspired by the Chapter 19 scene where Hibird didn't want to let go of Alice's chopsticks. XD Hibird is so cute, I don't know how Amano Akira stands not drawing it everywhere on the page... Well, please click and enjoy!

http:// devoid0513.deviantart. com/art/ BrighteyeAlice2-262100683 - Alice is looking really badass there. With one of those trendy jumpers too. O_O How can I thank you, PoisonAndSugar? XD Though, with this link, I can visit it myself anytime as well. Curse my forgetfulness @_@

http:// nica-neko. deviantart. com/gallery/ #/d4g9geg - Alice, by Nica neko. XD Stoic looking, has the blank expression done really well, methinks. I like the chopsticks, PERSONALLY, (because I love the idea of her not being Asian and still being forced to eat with chopsticks) and well, I'm very moved yet again and I don't know how to thank so I'll leave it around here... THANK YOU

http:// raicharu. deviantart. com/ art/ Alice-Brighteyes- 274993516 - Alice by Raicharu! The yellow eyes are epic here, She looks really serious and Katekyo-ye in here, because she looks more macho-looking. Hehe, this gave me an idea, so THANK YOU!

http:// jasmin-liertha.deviantart. com/art/Alice-Brighteye-Orenji -297389543 - Alice with the face that I imagine every time she sees something the other family members do. Oh thank you! Jasmin Liertha. PLease check this one out. It's orange. I love orange - right after yellow. YOHOHOHOHO! (One piece reference)

http:// ice-rozes. deviantart. com /#/ d52my2q - the newest one! by ice-roses. And on the newest image thingy on! Because I really liked the proportions and well... I really like it. THANK YOU!

http:// DUVB - this is by koisora! Alice is teasing Tsuna here by picking him up, and looks very manly-like. I like! It's really cute, haha. Thank you!

http:// cii-cii. deviantart .com/ gallery/ #/ d56ah9o - cii-cii did this one and this is lovely! Alice looks like a western person, which she is, and so this one stands out! Very softly shaded, I think pencil and gold eyes by gel pen. XD It's lovely, and very pretty. This is beautiful. Thank you!

http:// i46. tinypic. com/ m8gsqg. png - The newest addition to our collection! This is by someone who's name is too awesome to fit onto this profile (she wants to remain anonymous - but give support guys! XD) It's very bold and has Alice evil-smirking. Or cool-smirking. Or the fight-smirk. And basically, it's really cool. I really like it. Thank you!!!

http:// biianchy. deviantart. com/ art/ anime-manga-type-of-eyes -317309770 - this is an interpretation of Alice's eyes from biianchy! Really vivid colour, and it's in the old manga type style - so very nostalgic! It's cool - thank you!

http:// GJgQ4. jpg - this is just really really beautiful - by himasama! And no matter how doodlish she says it is, she has one of the most beautiful manga styles I've seen! GOOD JOB! I LUB THIS TO DEATH! THANKS! (especially for the chibi constipated smile in the corner.)

http:// /art/ Alice-Brighteye-355512832 - This is by MOWSIES on fanfiction, and aundi in deviantart! Alice looks really cool in this one, because she's wearing sunglasses! Kehehe... what can I say? Hibari does call her Sunglasses for a reason... I love it! Thank you!!

http:// lethera. deviantart. com/ art/ The-Core-Four-381640334 - the Core Four by Sethera! It was inspired by the extra in chapter 62 and it's really funny - Alice's eyes GLOW YELLOW! XD I love it! Thank you so much!

http:// redbeaneater.deviantart. com/ art/ Alice-Brighteye-386925388 - by redbeanleaver! Alice in a very very cool pose, (with chopsticks and everything! She looks like one of those yakuza women, haha - in a school uniform!) and it is very beautiful, because it's grey with her yellow eyes standing out from the rest... She's holding a bullet in her chopsticks! It's so badass! Thank you very much!

http:// aruki-soruyo. deviantart. com/ art/ Alice-Brighteye -370468735 - by aruki-soruyo. Thank you very much! Alice is holding her chopsticks here with a smile - she looks very cool and collected. In a suit! Did I ever mention I love suits? They look so nice. Gaah! Thank you!

http:// kitsunevixenboom. deviantart .com/ art/Alice-Brighteye-fanart-316662643 - by kitsunevixenboom! Alice... is SOO CUTE! OH GOSH, she's like, chibified and yawning in bed. Reminds me of something like a five year old Alice going like 'gaah, another training session with Jack. Damn' type of feeling. Thank you so much! Kehehe...

http:// i-aintgiving-up. tumblr. com/ image/ 56964787791 - Alice when she's eleven and fourteen years old! Hehe, thank you very much, InfinitePetals. XD Her smile looks a little evil, haha, but maybe that's why everyone was scared of her? :D

http:// prideviola. deviantart. com/art/Alice-Brighteye-389692607 - by Pride Viola! This is very good - and in colour and everything! It reminds me of those old shoujo manga, you know, those ones with really cool regal princesses. XD Thank you very much! I love it.

http:// pelicantalk. deviantart. com/art/ Girly-Girl-Alice-410307048 - by laffup (pelicantalk on Deviantart) and Alice does look very Girly girl! I like it very much though, because she has Hibird on her head, and that gives a lot of AWESOME points, but also because she looks so calm and happy here. Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you!

http:// raicharu. art/Alice-2-404174750 - by Riacharu (again, so there's double the thanks! Muahahahaha) Anyway, this is an Alice pic with her just smiling naturally. It's nice, and it's rather peaceful. And therefore, it's awesome! I love your art, Raicharu, and thank you for this fanart!

https:// www.facebook. com/ photo.php?fbid=518688868228402&set=a. 518688891561733.1073741826.518688464895109&type=1&theater - Alice posing (looking all cool with a pen in her hand) by InfinitePetals again! Thank you so much! I think she changed her name to Authormobile though, so look her up that way. (thank you again)

http:// lucedidio.deviantart. com/ art/ Alice-Brighteye-438183955 - by LucediDio! Thank you for drawing Alice! She has a ball of Star Flames in her hands this time, and that looks, of course XD, really cool! She's staring at them soulfully. Thank you very much!

http:// maoissleepy. deviantart. com/art/ Alice-Brighteye-486268052 - by MaoIsSleepy! This is a drawing of Alice looking cool and poised with one eye (and her hair in these cool chopsticks. :DD) Awesome drawing, thank you so much! Ehehe, dat hair. So beautiful.

http:// the-cheesy-panda. deviantart. com/art/My-Heavenly-Judgement-Characters-colbub-494257183 - by Cheesy Panda! This features Emily, Jack, Bill and Grey because they deserve more love. :D This was actually more hilarious then I thought, ehehehe, because Jack was confronting Hibari about liking Alice. Thank you so very much for your art! I always appreciate comedy. ;)

http:// goddessofinfernal. deviantart. com/art/Alice-Brighteye-504315534? ga_submit_new=10%253A1420192966 - by Fullmetal Assassin! This picture has Alice holding a gun pointed straight at you - I personally think its very whimsical, ehehe. And it has a short skirt which when I saw I was like hehe, *waggles eyebrows*. Thank you very much for making this art!

http:// toumeitsubasa. deviantart. com/art/ Alice-Bright-My-Heavenly-Judgement-516180719?q=gallery%3Atoumeitsubasa&qu=0 - by toumeitsubasa! She says this is Dangan Rompa style, and I think this looks exactly like how I imagine Alice spacing out in front of the classroom looks like. Thank you very much!

http:// akiyemi. deviantart. com/art/ Image-526852638 - by Lucidel (akiyemi in deviantart) - It's Alice standing in a white dress and smiling! She looks really cute, thank you so much! hehehehe :DDDDD

http:// maoissleepy. deviantart. com/art/ Alice-Brighteye-Ten-Days-531082910 - by Maoissleepy! This is Alice falling, and a dramatic depiction of what happens in the last 10 day countdown, with Alice falling into a black hole. Thank you so much again, Mao! This is awesome. :33

http:// imgur. com/ G5KTtNn, http: //imgur. com/c7BuGYm, http: //imgur. com/Gwbdyat - all three by the wonderful himasama! Absolutely beautiful art, by the way. The first is a profile of preteen/baby Alice (looking beautiful :3), the second scary, glary Alice with shadows and a malignant evil glare (and beautiful hair. Look at that beautiful hair), and the third, a wonderful sketch of a chill Alice looking exasperated but smiling. A very honest depiction of Alice, thank you very much, himasama! Your art is great as always! XDD

http:// ton--ki.tumblr. com/image/ 121251944148 - a classy, in thought Alice by Idealism! She seems deep in thought here, with closed eyes and her head on her chin and everything. Also, dat school uniform. Very well cut. Looking suave there, bro! Thank you again! This is so awesome. :DDD

http:// xxnilaxx.deviantart. com/art/ Alice-Brighteye-My-Heavenly-Judgement-536125107 - by xKala-chanx! Thank you very much! Here's a picture of Alice's profile, looking very blunt and with a very unimpressed expression on her face (daw, cheer up Alice). Thank you very much, again!

- by singerxdsong. I actually found this from being lazy once and googling my own fic to update it (there was no PM), but I hope the artist doesn't mind me promoting this art here anyway! A beautiful cosmic background, with Alice cradling Star Flames in her hands with a smile. It's really pretty, so thank you, singerxdsong. You're super appreciated! :D

- the 3rd part of a 3 part series showing snippets of the 1st three chapters. The characters are very cute, and have wonderful expressions. Also the first art to depict Liza, so now Liza has brown hair. Thank you, Animemeg27!

- a series of scenes from Alice's daily life. Being chased by Hibari, Alice blanking as she looks out the window, and Alice's nonchalant glare. Super cute art too (Alice is so pretty :33). This was amazing - you really nailed Alice's overall vibe of just being really, really out of it, ahaha. Thank you so much, KamiKaze!

- oh my gosh this has been missing from my life that I needed it. Depicts a cute scene from Alice's childhood arc with Tsuna, with her dusting Tsuna off), and then a series of shots of Gender-bended Tsuna and Guy-Alice. This was hilarious, haha. You're amazing KamiKaze, thanks again!

And if I have missed any, please give a review and PM and I shall put it on straight away! XD

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Kageyama reincarnated alone, convinced he's slowly going mad. Sugawara lost his country, Daichi fails his duty as knight, Nishinoya wanders with a mission, and the Tanaka siblings abandon their past to yolo as adventurers. Hinata had everything the others didn't, but felt empty until one day he saw a magic mirror with a lonely boy inside. Then he straps on his bag and looks up.
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All she had to do was find this old blonde guy to save her mother and right the balance. Easy. Marlon should have known better though. Interdimensional traveller or not, she was not looking forward to the price it took for one person to become great enough to challenge the world. Some prices are physical. Others are not.
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Alice was normal. Unremarkable, smart-ish and... normal. So when she died, she was shocked. But it was even MORE shocking when part of her Judgment for her to go to Heaven consisted of... protecting Tsuna?
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After defeating the darkness that engulfed Earth, Neo-Queen Serenity emerged as world saviour, striving to make an utopia. Yet, a ninety-two old woman only finds herself losing more and more from a Queen who promised would save everything.
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When Wind ate the yellow blob, which she thought was pineapple, in her salad, she never thought it was an interdimensional portal key that would transfer her to a world she wished to be in on a WHIM. So what would happen if she meets the crew?
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