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I am Master Slytherin. The shock, the horror etc etc. I am putting this here in bold so that when I eventually put The Minister's Son back on my true account, I don't get people complaining to the admins.


The Minister's Son: I don't quite know when this idea hit me - but it's certainly been bubbling just under the surface for a year or two at least. The basic premise of it is this: Fudge is struggling to keep his job and investigates every possible way of salvaging his career. So he adopts Harry. Just to quell any fears - Harry will NOT be an annoying, spoilt prince. We have Draco for that. I believe in having a clear, smooth, reasoned route from canon's characterisation to fandom characterisation. I don't believe in hiding behind the weak 'it's AU' argument. So no, Fudge won't be the father figure Harry craved, but he won't be evil either. The Malfoys will be as they are in canon, but from the perspective of a Harry who isn't as biased as canon Harry. Dumbledore will be Dumbledore, Snape will be Snape etc.

Since I don't believe in 're-do' fics that almost comically drag out Harry's House placement, I'll lay it out now: Harry will be in Slytherin. He will still be Harry. No, Ron won't be the new Malfoy.

Now, the plot. The adoption of Harry (and obviously, the discovery that the Dursleys treated him like dirt) will have significant cause-and-effect ramifications. So much so that there will only be minor, fleeting references to canon in this story. This isn't a 're-do' fic - I'm not interested in retracing Rowling's footsteps.

Finally, the romance. Simply put, it will be practically non-existent. And there won't be any slash because writing slash well would involve really exploring the issues around homosexuality and how they would apply in the context of magical Britain (not Harry shagging everyone). And, frankly, the issue of Muggle-born rights is more pertinent to this plot.


The Minister's Son: I have now consolidated this story back onto my main account, linked below. All future chapters will be posted there.

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