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I'm a normal student in middle school who fails all her English classes and doesn't give a single care about it but because I want to get out of my parents house without their moeny, I need a full scholarship to some snotty good school so I have to suck up to the teachers I hate. Of course I would never actully tell them that I actully like to write and actually do it in my free time, I mean that would make me look like some nerd! I have a samurai girl image to keep!

BTW, If you're all wondering what happened to my gothic vampire intro, I already posted the horrid story so you can look it up if you're despert, not that I woud be, I mean, I wrote that in the begging of sixth grade! Of course that was fifteen pages gone to waste after I stopped writing the series after ISATs started, maybe I'll write more on it later.

I never really do much stuff on my real profile page now that I think about it, maybe I fix some grammer or add an anime I liked, but nothing reall pops out that needs to be fixed!

Random drabble from a delirious broncitis patient.

One day, a girl and a guy were sitting next to each other in the computer lab during class, the were the only two left because they had to keep fixing their computer graded essays. In reality, the girl and the guy were thought to hate each other but stayed around because another girl was the best friend of the girl and the crush of the guy, right now though, because neither were able to talk to their friends, they went crazy and started talking to each other without yelling for the first time.

"What was you're latest grade for this thing?" The guy asked the girl. She started hard at the computer screen frowning.

"3/6 stars, what about you?" the guy sighed.

"Same, it keeps saying my grammer and spellings wrong. I fixed every single thing I found!" The girl looked at the guy's paper.

"Why not add, 'I like potatos!'?" The guy looked at her bizzarly and then remembered her fun fact in class.

"I like anything with potatos except potato salad." He shrugged.

"Got nothing to lose anyways." He typed in the first sentence in big bold letters, I LIKE POTATOS! He pressed the grade generating button, the score came up. 5/6.

"WHAT? Are you serious?" The guy nearly felt like jumping up and hugging the girl, now he could go to the baseball game today! But the fact that she had kicked over his head as a threat tis morning in advisory wasn't really making him want to be closer than he was now. He immeadiatly asked her though, "How'd you know it'd work?" She wasn't a rocket scientist, he knew that much.

She shrugged. "Potatoes solve everything." With that she shut the computer off.

"Hey wait, you stil need a 4/6 or greater to pass." The guy wanted her to a get a good grade because she had helped him get one. The girl only grinned.

"I did." She pulled a sheet out from underneath her keyboard and showed him the score, along with the first line of the paper.



The guy only started at her in disbelief. She walked away before he could get in another word.

Next morning in front of Advisory.

"Yeah, you only kick like a girl!" guy jeered at the girl, he was with his friends while the girl was with her's.

"Well apparently you can't kick at all." The girl had made him try to kick above his shoulder but he couldn't but she could kick over her head.

"You wouldn't last a minute in a fight against me." the guy and the girl were back to normal.


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