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Hi guys, I decided to start a bulletin board where I can answer some question that I read in your reviews. This will be something I'll try to update with each new chapter, though I won't promise that I'll always be able to do it. But i promise to try. I really love your reviews because they make me happy and proud of my work. I'll do my best to answer all the questions that won't give away the future plot of my story.

Bulletin Board

Question: Didn't Sookie hear Sonja thinking about Appius at the auction? or Sookie's vamp mind reading in general.

Answer: Sookie's vampire mind reading is only effective if the vampire is thinking in English. Since most vampires are from Europe and speak some European language or one that isn't spoken anymore, Sookie has trouble to read most of them. Also if the vampire's mind is in some kind of turmoil, the same rule applies like with humans, Sookie can't read them because the mind is in a mess of emotions.

Q: Do you have any pics of the pledging rings?

A: Link to the ring that inspired Sookie's and Eric's pledging rings:

Q: Is there ever going to be a sookie/eric/pam threesome ?

A: Maybe... :o)

Q: I wonder if this story is gonna catch up to the events in book 9?

A: I'll re-imagine Book 9 up to a certain point and then the story will be all mine

Q: The Emperors name Corvus Corax? Like the Band?

A: Yes, I went to see them and liked the name, but the Emperor will be going by Corax from now on, to avoid any lawsuits :o)

Entry from 26 of February 2010:

Hi guys, here a few more answers. But before I get to them, I'd like to let you know that I'm going to move on Sunday and because of that I will be without internet (at home) for about two weeks or so. I will try to update chapter 29 before that, but chapter 30 might take a while. So sorry, trust me I really hate moving but we have to. Maybe I will be able to update at my mothers house or at work but I won't promise anything (it's better that way). BUT I will be very happy to see all of you then and read your amazing reviews. Now on to the questions:

Q: I bet Amelia is pissed at Eric for beating up Tray too! Since she wasn't mentioned again, did she stay at the house or leave with Pam?

A: Amelia is pissed and she left with Pam, Bill and the two Weres. No one was at the house except for Sookie and Eric.

Q: This prophecy is getting on my nerves! What the heck is it?

A: Please be patient. I'll do my best to make it worthwhile

Q: You are tease, aren't you?

A: You bet your sweet ass I am ;O)

Q: So is she going to be kidnapped and tortured like in D&G? / Will she get captured & tortured by Neave & Lochlan?

A: Just trust me :o)

Q: I am very interested to see how she is going to handle Eric becoming King, because that is happening right?

A: Eric was made for it! But the question isn't really if, the question is when it's going to happen. And for that, you'll have to stick around and keep reading ;o)

Q: He's (Eric) doing good so far, but he'll lose it for real one day, won't he?

A: Ohh yes, he will. Sookie is just too fucking stubborn for him not to

Update 03/05/2010

Hi everyone,

thank you, thank you thank you, for your support and well wishes. I’m sorry I haven’t answered your PM mails yet. I still don’t have internet at home so I’m only able to write you when I’m at work. I hope my internet get’s installed by next week (hopefully). But right now I’m at work and I’m able to update my profile.

FIRST OF ALL: FF hasn’t threatened me YET to erase my story, so please remain calm. Like I said, I will keep posting my story here and I hope they never take me down. But there is a possibility that they might, since my story is quite raunchy. Let us hope Destined To Be never comes under their radar (fingers crossed).


I will spend today going through the sites you guys suggested. And then I will let you know which ones I’ve chosen for Destined To Be. Once I find the right one I will start posting new Chapters there and on FF too, so on both sites. That way you won’t miss a chapter in case Destined To Be gets axed from FF. Please contact me should you need further information.

So again, the status right now is: I don’t have a new site yet, but I will let you know when I pick one. And even after I pick one I’m still gonna update my chapter on FF as well, for as long as FF doesn’t kick me out that is. If I’m lucky that will never happen (again fingers crossed).

Thanks a million for your overwhelming support and suggestions. I really appreciate all the love you have shown me. Thank you so, so much.



Update 03/07/2010

Hey Guys,

hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spend it unpacking, so mine wasn't fun at all. To make things worse my honeys brothers came over to “help” us, but all they did was set up the Tv them play Playstation for most of the time (grrrrr). Anyway here are the sites suggested by you guys that I liked most so far:

www (dot) myvampfiction (dot) com)

www. (dot) livejournal (dot) com

www (dot) twcslibrary (dot) com

Please tell me if you like my picks so far. I'm still trying to familiarise myself with the systems of those sites and then I'm going to pick the easiest one. BUT like I said, I'm still going to update on FF too.



Update 04/02/2010

Hey Everybody,

I'm so fucking sorry but the next update will take a while. I have some personal stuff that I need to take care off. I'm really sorry, but this is quite important. Please don't hate me. I'll do my very best to update by next week. I'm really missing you guys and your amazing feedback. I will keep you posted okay.

Much Love,


Update 10/20/2010

Hi Guys,

I thought it was time to update my Profile and answer a few of your questions. Again, thank you so much for reviewing my Story and giving me great feedback. You guys are the best and I'm grateful that I have you in my life. So, here we GO:

Q: You have a bit of a problem with subject/verb tense, don't you?

A: Ah..yeah I do. I'm German and my English is kinda school english. sorry it sucks so much but I just wanted to write in a language were my story would reach a bigger Audience on Fanfic. Thanks for understanding. I have a Beta and she has corrected almost all my chapters I just didn't have the time to put them up. Trust me, I'm lucky I have time at all to write ;o)

Q: Are you planning on finishing this story?

A: You bet! No one can stop me, even if it takes 10 years to do it and even if it's not on this site ;o)

Q: Just want to enquire if you have changed this story to another place due to FF?

A: Not yet. I'll let you know when I do, promise!

Q: And just a small request..can you let Sookie kick Clancy's ass?

A: I will, don't worry. But I still need him, okay so be patient.

Q: Questions concerning Bill..

A: Sorry, can't answer those yet. It would spoil what's going to happen to him. Again, please be patient.

Q: Sooo, what's the scoop on Sookie being important in a save the Fae kind of way?

A: Keep reading and you'll see ;o)

Q: Does Sookie mind that Eric calls her "pet"?

A: No. I allready explained that Eric doesn't say it in a demeaning way. She's his sexy kitten that's all ;o)

Q: Now, how long of a break will they get before this Nosferatu comes for her?

A: Not much, I'm trying to make my story as action packed as possible. Sookie and Eric will have eternity to rest. Now it's time for action, haha.

Q: Imthought idmgive a piece of constructive criticism, Dawn is when the sun comes up. Dusk is when it goes down.

A: That wasn't a question but rather a constructive comment that I really appreciated. Thanks for that, I must have been at work when I wrote that. My focus is a little off at work because I'm too worried to get caught (hihi) ;o)

Q: Just curious what is your primary language?

A: German. Danke schön! :o)

Q: WTF? THAT was really Pam's excuse for not coming to Sookie's aid-she thought Sookie was questioning/gaining info? She couldn't hear? Bullshit, vamp hearing & oh, what about when he ripped Sookies panties off? How come it really took Pam so long to go to Sookie's aid? I find it hard to buy her story. Is this really Pam? Is she under the influence of another?

A: Okay I put all questions concerning Pam in Chapter 38 together. Pam was not under the influence of anyone. Please remember, she is a vampire! I was just trying to make her reaction as true to the books as possible. Remember in the Book Dead as a Doornail, when Sookie got shot and she called Fangtasia? Pam wasn't that impressed by her almost getting killed than either. Again she is a vampire, she doesn't react to things the way a human would have. Sookie is Eric's mate, sure, and due to that Pam wouldn't have allowed Mickey to really hurt her. But to Pam she is also an asset. To Pam, seeing Sookie talking to the dealer was advantageous as Sookie was able to gain Information and also distracting the vamp so that Pam could catch him (which was the plan before they ended up killing him). Hope that explains her reaction a little. In my story Pam is a 100% loyal to both Eric and Sookie!!

Q: Comments concerning the Sex...

A: I ask anyone who doesn't like the sex scenes to skip over those parts. I'll have as much plot as I'll have sex in my story, I promise. But please consider one thing before you ask me again to tune it down with the sex. In Dead to the World, when Eric had lost his memory and stayed with Sookie, they fucked like bunnies. Sookie herself said that they fucked in every room of the house and in every position. To me that was just a preview of what a real relationship with Eric would be like. Eric did her all day every day while he was cursed, now do you really think a sane Eric would be less sexual? Cause I don't. He's a vampire who is highly sexual and I wanted to explore that side of him in connection with the love he feels for Sookie. Please read between the lines,because I'm not just writing smut here. Trust me!

Thanks for reading Destines To Be.