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After over a year of not writing anything at all, I finally came back. It was like coming home. Except more satisfying, because I almost finished The Cat Came Back, which is clearly not something I was doing very well before.

Story Status: Chapter 10 = posted. Chapter 11 (final chapter) = in progress.


The Basics

Name: Neko (also called Caitlin once in a while)

Penname: Neko no warai = the cat's laugh/smile (because people have called me Cat since I was in elementary school, and I would rather laugh than cry)

Age: As of February, I am old enough to drink anywhere in the world (where drinking is legal, of course), except apparently parts of India where the age requirement is 25.

Why I'm here: I love to write. I would dedicate myself to non-fanfiction, but there's still so many stories I want to write for my favourite characters.

Writing Style: I don't really know yet... I like hurt/comfort, angst is great but I'm a happy-ending kind of person. My favourite characters get the brunt of the torture, because the best things come after dark days. There are often slash/shounen ai pairings (even if they're just tiny hints). It's what keeps bringing me back.

Where you'll find me: My favourite places are Digimon (Yamachi) and Beyblade (KaTy), but I also love D.Gray-man (Yullen), Kingdom Hearts (RiSo), Naruto (SasuNaru or GaaNaru), and lots of other possibly less well known fandoms. I'm also making my way into TV shows like Drake&Josh (Josh/Drake), Big Time Rush (James/Kendall), and my newest favourite, Merlin (Arthur/Merlin).

Warnings: I generally write yaoi/shonen ai even when its not canon, love AU and twisting characters (which always brings up the question of what would change if their lifestyle changed), and am not particularly good at finishing things. I was hoping being online would motivate me to finish the old ones while I work on the new. Lastly, I have no beta and though I'm usually pretty good with my grammar and whatnot, no guarantees (plus it takes me longer to post since I have to check it -_-)

Reviews: I'm a horrible procrastinator, and I do mean to review the stories I read (they're all saved on my computer, waiting), no matter how long ago they were written. I love getting reviews so much, and I'm sure other readers appreciate them just as much. Seriously. Any review, no matter how short or how critical, makes me feel giddy. But no matter what, I'm always going to write. Reviews just help!

The rest: Well, I figure I'm a writer not a list-maker, so I'll let the stories tell the rest.

///Standard Disclaimer: What I own are my stories. I wrote them and nurtured them. I do not necessarily own the characters, the worlds, etc, nor do I make any sort of profit on them whatsoever. In fact, I probably lose money since I spend so much time writing instead of working. REPEAT: I don't own NARUTO, ONE PIECE, BEYBLADE, GUNDAM WING, DIGIMON, D.GRAY-MAN, or BBC's MERLIN//

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Magic in Metal by himitsutsubasa reviews
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The Cat Came Back reviews
There's a new threat against Camelot, and Arthur is determined to find out what it is. Merlin thinks he has the perfect plan. After all, who would suspect an innocent cat? Unfortunately, Merlin needs a bit more practice with shape-shifting magic...
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 10 - Words: 27,176 - Reviews: 115 - Favs: 162 - Follows: 212 - Updated: 5/5/2016 - Published: 1/31/2012 - Merlin, Arthur
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Everyday, he walks by the park on his way home from work. Every time, that boy is there, sitting silently on the swings and staring up at the sky. It had become a routine, but everything needs to change someday. //AU. SasuNaru friendship//
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