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Bah! Screw writing for right now, it's getting on my nerves... Well, I guess I could let you people in on some stuff about me!

Why do I write?: Well, to answer that, my friend got me into it. One day she started to write this story, and I stupidly said 'Hey, I'm attempting to write something too, why not write a story at the same time?' thus I wrote my longest story ever, at 26 pages. Then, she still wasn't nearly as far as I was, so I started a new one... Then a new one... Until I am where I am today, at well over 60 stories...

What are my favorite types of stories: Oi... Well, I love fantasy, nothing to ordinary, something with a little romance kicked in for the fun of it. I love to watch a feuding pair fall in love. Ehehe... I don't write much romance, and if I do, it's horrible!

Favorite book?: Er... That's a hard one... I love The Sight, even though I'm only like fifty pages into it. Oh! The Blood Jaguar! That's good too! Yeah... I have an over following book shelf, that's hard to answer.

The book I was hooked on, and at the end of it wanted to trash because it was stupid?: Song in the Silence, that was a good book at the beginning. Girl fell in love with dragon, dragon felt the same, then he nearly dies, they have some emotional times, by the end, it just was stupid so I hated it! Sorry to those who liked the ending.

Favorite Author: AH! Nooo... I don't like this question! In grade seven, I would have said K.A. Applegate, I loved Animorphs, and then I fell in love with Everworld, I'm still faintly interested in her writing, just not as much now. One of my friends told me that I should like Terry Goodking, he's a good writter and all, it's just that I haven't been hooked into any of his books but the first one I read.

Where do you find ideas?: Uh... Anything, and everything. I'll use books for bigger words, movies for hints on how to do things, and games for monsters and even some scenes to give me some ideas as to how to set up my own scene.

Why does some of your writing seem good, and others terrible?: Blame it on my fingers! I don't actually know what the hell I'm writing 'till it's done! My stories usually just write themselves, what I add are names and some dialogue but not to much else. If a story doesn't write itself, it is crappy and just wasting space on the computer screen.

Do you have a favorite animal?: Yes! I do have a favorite animal! My room would tell you the same answer, I LOVE wolves! 'Why do you like wolves so much and not the same for like, dogs?' Well... Uh... wolves are more strange, and have some many different tales that you can't tell if they're good or bad. I mean, they're just so cute, and they're so loyal!

What's your favorite mythical creature?: You want a real mythical creature, don't you? Hmm... I'd have to say dragons, they're just so cool! I have nothing against were-creatures though. Dragons just have more of a bad-ass look to them!

Favorite movie?: Oi... A movie eh? (Wait! Noo... The evil stereotype is back! Er... Yeah, I'm from Canada, and I don't tend to like to use the stereotype to much... Unless I'm talking like an idiot.) I'd have to say my favorite movie would be... 'X', just 'cause it's the only anime movie I own...

Favorite game: 0.o uh-oh... I have a new one every other week. In October, it would have been Kingdom Hearts, in December it was Dual Hearts(I still love that game! To bad I finished it...) I guess this month can be Grandia II(I finished that one too... It didn't have a very good ending... Left me to answer questions on my own...).

Well, there you go! You now have a bit of a look at my crazy life. I'm a fifteen-year-old anime-freak, gamer-girl of my house! Who always gets the same question asked from her father, 'When do you turn ten agian?'... *sigh* It isn't my fault anime is so tempting!