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Name: Mr. Blank.

Loves the Caribbean and the women in it. Was born and raised here so I love the atmosphere and the people.

Hates people who don't finish their stories and leave their fans hanging on a string (Uzumaki Swirling Tides author I'm talking to you.)

Hobbies: Reading, Playing video games, Watching T.V., Playing Football, Hanging with Good Company and Sleeping.

Favourite T.V. shows: Arrow, Teen Wolf, Guy Code, Spongebob, Criminal Minds, Paranormal State, CSI: Miami, Monk, Adventure Time, Regular Show (Bleach, One Piece and Naruto on Adult Swim) Family Guy, Catfish (Sometimes) and more.

Favourite Books: The Gone series, The Pendragon Series, The Harry Potter Series, The Morpheus Road Series, The Rangers Apprentice Series, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, The Percy Jackson series, The Artemis Fowl Series, Sea of Trolls, Any book from R.L. Stine and others.

Age: 20

Don't drink, smoke or party much though. And by much, I mean at all. Hashtag Otaku life! The shit you see in my stories are just me venting my inner frustrations. They aren't an actual reflection of who I am.

Remember that!

I'm a part time student at University of the Southern Caribbean in Tobago, and I'm on my first year. I'm a fresh writer who loves this site and the ingenious minds behind it. The stories the people here come up with are wicked and I hope to make my stories here as close to theirs as possible while adding my unique writing style for flare.

Avatar of Discord is my baby still in the crib but I hope to make it as awesome as possible before moving on to the next. Enjoy and Review!

New Update!
Got an Acer and I'm working on the newest chapter (1/3 finished). Like the others, will be close to/if not exactly 1000 words.

Also, I have a job now guy at the bank and I go gym so things will be coming a bit slower so please be patient.