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(All right, I finally decided to do this.)

Name: You may call me King Demon or Your Majesty, your choice. (I'm kidding for those of you who took that seriously.)

Age: 22

Work: Receptionist at a hotel.

Dream: To be a fantasy/science fiction writer and artist...and I don't even care if I'm famous. I just want to be a published novelist. :D I am working on getting my current book series finished and published.

Fanfiction: I used to write a lot of FMA fanfiction and think up a lot of ideas for LOTR, but never wrote any of those. I am currently only going to write HP as it is the series I am most familiar with. I write fanfiction as an emotional punching bag for while I am writing my own series as it helps loosen my feelings and let the creative juices flow and keep me from getting too stressed. I don't take my fanfiction too seriously and will often make a lot of grammar/spelling errors as it isn't my main focus. I write fanfiction stories also on what I would like to see done. I don't write fanfiction for the approval of others, though it's always nice to hear some.

Character Flaws: I figured I'd point this out as it affects my reaction to comments made my direction. I am a no-bull, easily pissed off and irked kind of person and will flair into rage if someone is being rude or inconsiderate. On the other side of the spectrum, I am an overly cheerful and bubbly personality and will likely ramble excitedly at the smallest bone thrown my way. I take everything personally, meaning I will get mad at insults and tell you I am mad and I will become absolutely elated and verbally grateful for any compliments. I am also a complete geek and I prefer for all stories to be logically possible within the realm of the story they are in and will only write something that is possible within that story's boundaries. I don't like stories without boundaries or stories that ignore the boundaries already in place. That annoys me as it is illogical and is an insult to the original writing and writing in general. I believe everything should have an explanation, even if the explanation is: "It's magic, of course." Furthermore, I usually stick to the ideas I have formulated in my head on certain characters' personalities and will not budge no matter what other people say. For example: I will never write a Dark Harry story nor will I ever write an abusive Snape nor an overly physically abusive Dursley family as my beliefs will not permit me. Finally, I am an emotional person and really do take people's comments to heart, whether it be raging about them, crying over them, or laughing my dear a* off, so be aware of how badly you could be hurting me. I know many of you won't care, but that doesn't mean you have to be Draco Malfoy and intentionally hurt me.

Cussing: Forgive me.

(The next bit you may find annoying and want to send me loads of rants about it. Remember: everyone is different. I wouldn't rant about you if you were the complete opposite of me.)

Beliefs: I am a very odd person, believe in a single god (no idea who), don't believe in evolution (but I adore science), claim to be agnostic, wish magic was real and hope it really is, adore Buddhism and meditation, burn incense daily and pray, contemplate aliens, research unanswered phenomenons, don't think ghosts exist, am scared of demons (at the same time finding them fascinating), am grateful to angels, think cryptids are awesome, have the best homosexual dad a person can have and am very defensive of homosexuality, think governments are stupid and need me to help them (heh, like I could), prays more people will read history books and learn from past mistakes, enjoys every type of music that is out there, only reads fantasy and history books, is addicted to Guild Wars 2 and fanfiction and DeviantArt and all sorts of anime, is a Marvel fan and DC-hater, doesn't like Twilight (with a ferocious passion, but I try to let Twilight fans have their space), and I think I'm a decent artist if my profile pic is anything to go by, and am absolutely madly in love with my boyfriend, even if I pick the f* out of him. :D

Favorites: purple, black, orange, dubstep, epic soundtracks, spaghetti, Chinese food, Mexican food, Malibu rum, Pineapple Breeze Drink, caramel, toffee, Dress-up Games, Solitaire, Zuma, Oblivion, Skyrim, NFS, GW2, LOTR, TCON, HP, HTTYD, FMA, SAO, abbreviations (:P), Robotic;Notes, Bleach, Toradora!, Avatar, dragons (Western and Eastern), the White Stag, pigs, wolves, dogs, cats, deer, reptiles, Expecto Patronum, Expelliarmus, werewolves, Sylvari, Snape, Aragorn, Edmund, Roy Mustang, Toothless, Subaru Hidaka, Renji, Gin, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, Genghis Khan, King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Canada, Hades/Dionysus (hate Persephone), Ariadne, Poseidon, Hayoe Miyazaki films, Millennium Actress, Junjo Romantica, Loveless, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, Togainu no Chi, Demon Diary, FLCL, DearS, FAKE, Sex/Love Pistols, geeks/nerds, guys with glasses, tall/dark/handsome/brunette guys, leather jackets, motorcycles, trucks, expensive fast sports cars, Lamborghini Diablo, demons, katana, D&D, Forgotten Realms, rangers, wizards, special classes, Drizzt Do' Urden, Gromph Baenre, and this list is getting really long...I think I'll stop :D

Music (I realized I need to clarify this): I cannot live without music. I am always listening to music unless I am watching a movie, which of course has it's own music. I know I listed above that my favorites are dubstep and epic soundtracks. Let me clarify. I mostly like Skrillex in the dubstep area and then remixes of cool songs on the radio. I like stuff like Adele, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Eminem, Infected Mushroom, Taylor Swift, Brooks and Dun, and Beethoven. I am a huge Oldies fan, especially the Beatles, the Turtles, Yes, the Who, and the Eagles, but these are certainly not the only people I like. To be honest, I really do like most music, but the stuff that really gets me is a full on epic score with a full choir and orchestra backing it up. I'm talking LOTR, TCON, HP, Titanic, and AVATAR music. I want it as loud and epic and heart-soaring-searing-weeping as possible. I want to feel as if my mind is being blown every time I hear it. In this category of artists who are guaranteed to almost always do just that there is 'Les Friction' (instrumental), E.S. Posthumus, Two Steps From Hell, and (OMFG! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!) City of the Fallen. Of everything you've learned about me, my music has to be the most important part. :D

I'd like to add that I am on Pottermore and was placed into Slytherin House. I assume this is because of my desire to prove myself. My wand is Hawthorn, slightly springy with a dragon heartstring core and a length of 12 3/4 inches. If you want, you may find me there. My name is DragonOwl2623. As I am busy with writing fanfiction, I haven't been much of a help to my fellow Housemates and I haven't won very many points. My apologies to them.

Finally: I have decided there should be a game of Harry Potter created in a similar manner to Skyrim in which players can create their own characters, answer questions to create a "background", and begin their teaching at Hogwarts. There would be multiple storylines much like Skyrim and endless possibilities. Attending classes increases knowledge in that field and options like becoming an Animagus, being able to create Polyjuice Potion, assist Harry in his endeavors, find and use the Marauder's Map, tryout for a position on the Quidditch team, and enter into the Tri-Wizard Tournament would be made available depending on these skills. Players can earn or lose House points and their interactions with certain characters increases or decreases their like of them. It could even be possible to become a Death Eater, though I can understand if others think this shouldn't be an option. Anyways, I thought this was a cool idea and thought I'd throw it out there for everyone else to think about...I should really sent out a letter to someone asking for this to be made. Fans would play, right? I would, but I'm a fairly avid fan.

That all said, I don't think there's anymore to add. :P Hope you enjoyed.

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