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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, and Death Note.

After over two years of being on Hiatus, Alky Uchiha is back!

Having lost my writing mojo, i decided not to force it and to take my time. Now after publishing a few original scripts, producing some plays and tv spots, reigniting my Naruto passion with Boruto NG, and nearly finishing up my first Original Full Length Novel, I've decided to come back and at least finish what i started.

Sorry for the delay everyone, but it was necessary for any of this to continue in even the slightest way.

Name: Alky Uchiha

General info: Live in Sydney, Stuff n things n shit.

Things i plan to write about: Pretty much only the Narutoverse, because it's the easiest to mess with and i like the series.

ummm...Yep that's about it.

Oh! one more thing, Most of the stories i will write about will be based of a tiny change in the past...or a random crossover just so we can read about an OP character. :)

someone else came up with this, i think it's brilliant!

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the stories in my head that i find important:

Complete Stories:

-A Different Jutsu: Part One. What if Naruto chose a different jutsu from the Forbidden Scroll? Ninja Art: Soul Drain.

-A Different Jutsu: Part Two. Ninja Art: Soul Drain, the power of hundreds. Given to One.

Current stories:

-Naruto x Death Note: The Ultimate Ninja Tool: Ryuk's boredom got to him again and this time, Naruto picked up the Death Note on his training mission with Jiraiya.

- The Demonic Medic: After Naruto was brutalised one too many times, losing an eye in the process, his savior and ANBU who was running, ended up leaving him in the care of Tsunade Senju. Watch as Naruto returns to konoha to become a medic ninja; Naruto Senju, user of Shisui Uchiha's Sharingan.

-Naruto x Wolverine: The Iron Fox: By learning a different jutsu from the forbidden scroll, Naruto is given the special traits of the Number one Mutant, Wolverine.

If there are any of my ideas that you think i should start writing soon, please PM me so that i know which ones are wanted the most!

Also, don't expect updates often since i barely get time to read let alone write.

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