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Hmm... Not much to say about myself. I tend to keep my fictional world and my RL personal world separated.

I love to read, I love to write. I am more than a little bit Obsessive Compulsive and, therefore, it makes sense that if come across a good story, the plot-lines and characters get stuck in my head and start running all over the place.

Used to write fan-fic for the Btvs and a little Ats (Spuffy pairing) some years ago. Now I'm stuck in Twilight. I guess I have a thing for vampire stories, and since I'm fully on board with Team Jacob I guess that means I have a thing for the under-dog (eghem) as well. ;-)

I see a lot of interesting comments between the Team Edwards and the Team Jacobs on here, regarding they 'why' and the 'how' so and so is for their particular team and so, for fun's sake, I'd like to ad my two-cents.

Why am I Team Jacob?

When I first started reading Twilight I fell in love with Edward's character. I thought that SM put a lot of love and creativity into him, and his charm, combined with his not-so-occasional moodiness gave him a very believable, albeit classically charming feel. And, where a lot of people weren't so fond of Bella, I really liked her. Her clumsiness, combined with her full-on belief of how plain she was, made her believable to me as well. But, with each passing book, Edward got just a little more whiny and a little more broody and didn't seem to have a whole lot of back-bone at all.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good romance. But, by the end of Eclipse, I was mad. And getting through BD was torture. Edward became so perfectly cliche that I just couldn't stomach him, anymore. I can't think of a single teenage girl that would love for her man to call her 'darling' and 'my love' on a regular basis. She created a love-able character, developed him into a complete mess and then stopped... I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. I think SM should have found a way to wrap up the story in Eclipse.

Jacob was flawed. That's what I loved about him. He was flawed, and he was believable because he was flawed. He was a fun read, and I felt that his character development continued throughout the entire series. Plus, as I mentioned before, I'm a sucker for the under-dog.

Like a few other authors on FF.Net that I have found, I'm far too old for this, but love it anyway. My only hang-up is that, being a mother of a teenage girl, the whole under-age teen sex thing gives me the willies. THEREFORE, if there are to be any lemons in my upcoming fics, the characters are NOT going to be under the age of 18.


There is now a discussion thread for 'Turn Of Events' in the "Post Eclipse" category in the Fan Fiction forums at Twilighted . net

Have any questions, suggestions, comments? Feel free to stop on by at via the link below.

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