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·٠• Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ You have now reached the profile of the person known as Lilli! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ •٠·

Who am I?

I'm more known as Lilli here in FFn, as dubbed by the aweeesoooome Pasta, and nicknamed (with huggles) Lily by Maria. Pick one, and feel free to stick with it. Really, I answer to any name so long as I know it's mine.

More about me:

Well, after a couple months, I'm pretty sure I've changed a lot. And yep, so did this section.

I'm twenty-one years old, a Sagittarius (now all you gotta do is guess the exact date. Yay!), and a generally quiet person who enjoys gaming, reading books, and writing. I'm not really the most social person out there, so I guess it's pretty obvious to say that I don't have too many friends. However, it sure seems that I'm bursting with online friends. It honestly feels like that's making up for everything else that I've been missing in real life.

So what else? Argh, these parts can be tough to fill out sometimes.

Oh, right. I do try hard to be very open-minded about any topic you want to talk to me about. I try my best to understand, because honestly, I hate getting into arguments that results in grudges, or loss of friendships. Bad experience with that last one, but then it wasn't really my fault, anyway. When you jump into conclusions too easily... stuff tends to go bad. Eh.

Anyway, there isn't really much I could say about myself. Unless you count being in the house more often than normal counts. Yeah, I'm not really outdoors-y.

Well, this shall be it until I think of more stuff to put here. Fun things about profiles here, you can put whatever you want! :D

What else:

- Seriously, seriously. I don't like reading stories where the author would threaten her/his readers by not updating until s/he gets X number of reviews. I also hate those A/N that pops up like mushrooms in the middle of the story. Ruins the flow, and is a huge turn-off, no matter how "well-written" it is.

- Teh Lulz livens up my boring days, so sometimes it's fun to... poke some badly written stories and hide behind a bush snickering and waiting for the result. And that also came with the three-two-one countdown.

- Like I said, feel free to have a chat with me. I'm civil as long as you're civil. And random if you're random. You just imagined me saying the last part.

- Yes, I do flame when I have to. But as much as possible, I try to avoid it. But sometimes, you seriously have to shove hard.

- Bad grammar makes my eye twitch, though I try my best to hide my dislike for it--unless it's at the point where it's shit. I can take reading a story with a little flaw here and there, but mess the whole story up, and I'll be clicking the Back button. Or click the report button if it's not following the site's rules. OR I review first, wait for the reply, see if the author takes heed of the warning, and THEN report if s/he doesn't. BUT, on informal settings (on the grammar part), somehow I'm kinda okay with it. Since it sometimes happens to me, too, when I'm not careful. :D

- Randomness is still the name of the game, but childishness, not much anymore. While I do like the rule of fun, site rules come first.

- Getting troll reviews/flames about what I've been doing (concrit with a small hint of flame, maybe? It depends on the POV, I guess.) makes me feel that I've been doing something right. :D Means that my message got to them. Let's say they're my little trophies

- Need to talk to me? Usually I'm on the Literate Union, a cool place you should know about. I'm pretty much a regular there, as well as a member of the group itself.

There once was a Lilly,

Who was quite silly.

These are my Krispy Kremes,

Get your own, bitch.


I still want them, dammit. BK

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