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I believe it's time I gave the page a complete overhaul. Most of the stuff was just copypasta, which now annoys me to no end. Now let's start again, shall we?

Age: 18
Location: the Corner O' Shame
Job: Scaring the monsters under your bed

I'm very critical about my stories. Only two made the cut so far, and I really don't know how the second one made it. Don't read that one. It's bad.

Also, I'm a shipper. I support the following couples (I don't support anything that goes against the ones in bold. Just saying.)

SonAmy (Sonic and Amy): I love this couple. They're so cute together! I admit, Sonic doesn't show much interest (although he does react somewhat sadly when she thinks she confused him in Werehog form for someone else in Unleashed), but Amy refuses to give up on him. It's more than can be said for other pairs involving Amy, though. Shadow is sort of like Sonic, except he cares even less and Amy isn't helplessly in love with him. Tails... well, I can't really say much on his case. Knuckles appears to be more interested in Rouge (though he doesn't like to show it). Speaking of which...

Knuckles/Rouge: A good case of belligerent sexual tension. Deep down, though, Knuckles seems to legitimately care for Rouge, seen when he saves her life in Sonic Adventure 2. Saving someone who just stole something important to you? Seems like there's something going on.

Pokeshipping (Ash and Misty): Now with more BST than Knuckles and Rouge. You have to admit, there's something between them. Note how most of Misty's aggression is directed toward Ash. At the same time, also note how well they get along when they're not arguing. Heck, the belligerence has been called out by quite a few characters throughout their travels together. Now, what follows is pure speculation: in the last episode before Hoenn, both Ash and Misty are miserable. How is this important? Because here, Brock isn't. The animators didn't show his reaction. Heck, the last goodbyes focus mainly on the two of them. Brock is sort of... pushed to the side. Again, this is speculation. Speaking of Brock, though...

Luckshipping (Brock and Lucy): Now, in the couple of episodes at the Battle Pike, Brock was just being his usual self. What makes this a special case is that Lucy (an Ice Queen, to boot!) actually seems to like it. I kid you not. Mostly because she likes his eyes. They be squinty. Yeah, yeah, this has happened before (in two other cases), but... I'm sticking with this one.

Contestshipping (May and Drew): Again, BST. Gee, there seems to be a lot of that going around, doesn't it?

Aaand, that's it for now.

Now, you may look at my pen name and think Mike Prower the Fox? Sounds like a bad Sonic fancharacter. Well... he is. While I'm here, I may as well detail him as well as my other. Heck, I'll tell you about my other fancharacters for other fandoms! My shame knows no bounds.

First: Mike himself. You know what he looks like. He's the profile picture, for goodness sakes!
About him: First and foremost: his gloves enable him to manipulate lightning. He developed them himself and hid the blueprints away, in case something should happen to his current pair. He can control any electricity, even sometimes drawing it from thin air. The color of the electrical streams determine their properties, which are as follows:
-White: Regular. The most voltage is delivered this way.
-Yellow: Sharp. Can be used like a blade.
-Blue: Blunt. Somewhat explosive. Useful for blowing holes in walls.
Powers aside, he's a decent fellow. Kind. Likes experimenting with electrical manipulation. Normally careful, but becomes insanely reckless when defending Danielle. Put her in danger and him in a position where he can't defend her, and he cracks, reduced to a catatonic state of distress. Given the chance to save her, though, he'll jump on it immediately, savagely tearing through anything that gets in the way. Does not think about possible consequences in these situations; only getting her safe matters.

Danielle: Sandy tan fox, hazel eyes, single white-tipped tail.
About her:
Mike's love interest, and the feeling is mutual. A ninja in the works. Not a very good one, not being very acrobatic or agile. Good with stealth. Also a decent shot with thrown weapons. Never did like swords. Her serious, no-nonsense attitude comes off as cold to others. It is not as bad as Shadow, though. She is much more willing to work in groups. Does not give hugs. At all. Her attitude was originally just a facade, as she believed it is how good ninja are, but it evolved to reality.

Well, now that I'm done with Sonic... moving on to Pokemon.

Chris: 5'10''. Shaggy blonde hair, hazel eyes. Usually wears a simple t-shirt and jeans.
Team: Sceptile (Scimitar), Dragonite, Lucario, Blaziken (Starfire), Luxray, Milotic.
About him: A laid-back, fun-loving guy. A tad snarky. Likes manga and playing the ocarina. Can be found late at night stargazing. Seems fond of bodies of water. Often lost in thought. Cares deeply for Lynn. Harm a hair on her head, and he will harm your everything with a fervent rage. Does not like to be called stupid.
In A New Journey: An affiliate/member of the G-Men. Dislikes the various crime syndicates. He especially despises Giovanni, as Giovanni apparently killed someone close to him. As Lynn is unknown to the author at this time, it is unknown who this person is.

Lynn (currently in design): 5'8''. A catgirl. Hair and eyes unknown as of yet; may be reddish-pink and teal respectively. Aside from her ears and tail, she looks like any other human.
Team: Meganium, Gyarados, Gardevoir, Altaria, Magnezone, Nidoqueen
About her: Traveling companion and love interest to Chris. Originally from Cherrygrove. A motherly figure to both their teams. Soft-spoken and a bit clumsy. Sometimes a Cloud Cuckoolander. Does not have a verbal tic (nya!), which many catgirls seem to have. Curious by nature. Loves eating fish.

And now... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, I am a brony. Deal with it.

Thunderstrike: Unicorn stallion. Yellow coat, spiky gray mane and tail with a few yellow streaks. A single bolt of lightning for a Cutie Mark. Aquamarine eyes.
About him: A wanderer, traveling all over Equestria and seeing the sights. Soft-spoken and optimistic. Lightning magic is his specialty (as if that wasn't obvious). Cannot, however, control weather. Wears a tattered brown traveling cloak to keep himself warm. Stays in towns for up to a week, depending on the size of the town. Easily startled, and usually lets fly with a thunderbolt if that happens. Not a morning pony. Holds grudges a little more easily than most.

That's it. That's all there is.
Ooh! Feel free to check out my deviantART page. I'm better at drawing than I am storytelling... but that really doesn't say much.

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