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Heyy it's Caspiara here!! Well i'm 14 years old, kinda short, and live in Westchester, NY. I am extremely athletic and play the following sports; Soccer, lacrosse, softball, fencing, cheer leading (it is too a sport!) , horse jockeying, kickboxing, ballet, pointe, any ballroom, gymnastics, and my favorite, trapeze. Quite a list, eh? Despite being partially a jock, I am a girl who is an absolute SUCKER for a romance story. When I grow up, I plan to be a trapeze artist for a worldwide traveling circus and write romance novels in my spare time.

Much like my sports, my interest in books also vary. For anime and manga, I like Fruits Basket, Me and My Brothers, Kaliedo Star, Angelic Layer, Model, Pretear, Sailor Moon, Castlevania, Azumanga Daioh, Initial D, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VIII, and I have a passionate yet odd love with Naruto. Now see, with Naruto, I don't follow the anime or manga. I started reading fanfics on this site and fell in love with all of the characters. But now I can't ever watch or read the manga or anime for fear of a temper tantrum of not having a romantic plot.

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Name: Hatoko Sora, Daughter of the Earth Daimyo Hatoko Jiro
Age: 21
Village: Mura Kin

Personality: To put it bluntly, Sora is a rebellious pain in the ass. She refuses to listen to anybody including her superiors. Because of this, she has scared away all of her marriage suitors and left her father in fear that she will remain unmarried and childless. She absolutely hates being of nobility and is the perfect tomboy, often getting scolded by her father for wearing mens' clothing. She can be quite childish but is good at putting up the smartass mature act.
Skills: Much to the Daimyo's dismay, Sora taught herself the arts of Taijutsu and its other applications such as Koppojutsu (breaking bones), Koshijutsu (Striking nerve points, muscles, knowledge of the human body, etc), Taihenjutsu (Evasion, postures, ukemi (rolls/falling), etc), Dakentaijutsu (Striking patterns, fist formations, conditioning, etc) and Jutaijutsu (Throws, joint locks, pins, etc.) She also has another skill, but you'll have to wait until it is written in the fic :)

Food: Ramen and anything sweet
Hair: Chestnut brown, thick, and long, reaching to about her mid-back. She has a bangs on both sides of her face which hang when her hair is tied up
Eyes: A very weird shade of grey-purple. There's something unnatural about them...To all you artists out there, it would do me a great favor if you attempted to draw a picture of our little Sora. If you do, not only will you get an honorable mention, but also an appearance in the story at some point! I would draw one buuutttt...My drawings are horrendous to say the least.

Even though I have alot going on in my life, I always end up finding time to write so there's small chances of me having a long wait to update. And I will never, ever, EVER!! Abandon one of my writing pieces. Feel free to offer me advice and suggestions in a KIND AND GENTLE MANNER. Ttyl Babess..!!

UPDATE: In my opinion, my fic Unexpected Occurrences was a failure, so it has been deleted. I'm back to the drawing board now and hopefullyI'll have my long chaptered fic soon. Feel free to give me any suggestions with it. I need them...

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