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January 06, 2005

Hey FF.Net. Well, I have to give an apology LONG over due. I've been looking over my Review History and I have to say I am most ashamed and embarrass about my behavior toward other authors. I was a damn frinkin bitch. I deeply apologize. About over a year ago around that time, things in my life just weren't going anywhere and I was taking my anger out in the wrong places by bring you guys down and I want to say IM SO SORRY. I'm not a bitch anymore, stories that suck I leave them alone! I'm so sorry and I'm asking for your forgiveness because I've had several authors come and talk to me about my inexcusable behavior, though I had good intention it didn't shine through. I've always told my brother that and now I have to apply that to my life. My intentions were to help out people but it came out a bitch that has no life but to read other people stories and just totally trash them. I deeply apologize once again. You can trash my stories, no hard feelings here, I deserve it.

Anyway I have an announcement. I am currently working on a Seiftis fic on the undercover. There will be about 26 chapters. I am vigorously working on it, I want to PERFECT it. I am even willing to play FF8 game again just to hit the characters just right (that's tiring considering how many times I've played that game). I am dead serious about this. I don't know how long it will take before I will be done and then edit it and re write it and, etc., right now I'm looking at about six months to a year but I've only gotten two chapters betad. I want to be satisfied with this fic and I want all of you to enjoy quality writing since that's all I was bitching about a little over a year ago. So NO I'm not dead but working on a Seiftis story, shit I've even tried to branch out then just romance in this fic the way it's going!

Now about my Inu Yash fic I do FULLY intend to finish that story. Right now, I have to start watching the show again. I have COMPLETELY stopped watching the show and so lost every knowledge about the characters. So I have a VCR player so I will record Inu Yasha and get in tune back with the character and the whole FEEL of the show, you know. So I PROMISE you won't be disappointed and if I'm hit with a wave of writers luck I would like to start another fic but write now, working on Seiftis fic, I'm write now, trying to borrow the game FF8 to get retouch with the characters and write now I'm on winter break so I stay up to watch Inu yasha without worrying about school, next week I will have my VCR set and ready.

What I plan to do after my two fics and is probably edit my already posted fic such as 'Abducted Love,' I absolutely DREAD that story. Gosh, the plot, everything. Event hough it won Seiftis Award for 'Best What-if'. I hate it. I mean RAPE, I made a mockery of it and I DEEPLY apologize for the people I offended it with it. I hate even reading it and I see such carelessness in it and it just seem so unreal and rushed. Ick! I thought I was good. That story is disgusting but I hold on to it because that was the first time I was really bitten by the writing bug. I mean I did it before just cuz it was fun and a good pastime that 'Abducted Love' was my beginning! So bear with it, and thanx

Thanx for wasting your time reading this, feel like somebody cares!

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