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Author has written 3 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto.

Sup, JTX here.


I enjoy writing as much as I do anything else and can only hope you like reading my material as much as I like creating it. Chapters are usually pretty long because I'm used to writing big chapters, but I'll try to shorten them if they become too wordy. Also, since some of you have been making requests (I'm honoured) I should just let you know that I only usually do a story on something if the big tale is over. I'll make exceptions of course but I usually like the content I cover to be open, so that in my mind it could have happened. The last thing I want is to write a backstory or explore a concept for a show that's ongoing and then ten episodes later the series itself contradicts me.

Things I don't like (My rules for criticism):

Bad spelling and grammar - Seriously, Microsoft Word and the free word processor you can download on here both come with a spellchecker so if you can't be bothered to do that then don't expect me to be bothered to read it. I don't mind a few errors in things like 'there, their and they're' for example because they're easy mistakes to make and if it's otherwise well written then everything else should compensate for it. Even when it comes to reviews this applies - and yeah, I do accept and encourage all criticism; any kind of feedback is great, just don't expect me to take your stuff on board if it's incoherent and idiotic. The same applies even if it's a positive review (Believe it or not the last thing I really want to hear is "ZOMGZ Dis is da best thing evvaarrrr!!!!!!11")

Self inclusions - yes, many of us love to see ourselves as a Dragon Ball Z character or Edward Elric's missing love interest or playing Thrashball and killing grubs alongside the Cole Train, but 9 times out of 10 it makes for horrible reading and it's just wishful fanboy/girl raving (Ever read 'My Immortal'?). And the worst part is that they're almost always Mary-Sues - face it people we can't see ourselves through an unbiased light like we see others; if I was writing about myself you're damn straight I'd be cruising around Hogwarts pulling every girl I could find with the ultimate power of my twelve inch. . . Wand. . .

Shortness - If you've read Dragon Ball AF then you'll know I'm into really long epics. Not that I don't enjoy oneshots and short stories from time to time, but what I don't like is when something goes for being a long, overarching story and has so little description/action/plot that the sum of its first chapters barely exceeds a thousand words. The shortest chapter in the Room of Spirit and Time saga is 2'500 words. The average in the first half of the story was about 3'500 and for the second half that shot up to 6'000 because of all the characters, content and bigger fights. The biggest is 10'500 words, and yeah I know that's a lot but all I'm saying is that if I can manage all that for just one chapter then you could at least make it something that it takes me longer than a minute to read - don't rush it; if there's no detail then there's no depth and especially no setting. I'd rather not just picture the characters stood in some empty void-space with blank expressions whilst they spout line after line of generic dialogue.

Character Bashing - Although my favourite stories and authors sections are pretty blank, I have read a LOT of fanfictions (they're blank because I don't use the favourite function, I only use story and author alert if I think something's good) and I've read quite a few where one character is just attacked by the author with the only reason being that they don't like them. We all have our least favourite characters and that's fine (for example I really despise the characters of Orihime and Sakura), but character bashings also often involve them being grossly out of character, which is another thing I hate. If a guy's the target then he always does drugs, beats up his girlfriend and sleeps around, regardless of whether or not they would do it in the series. I read a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic before where Yugi (you know, the shortarse, super-timid, submissive protagonist?) beat up Tea because she wouldn't have sex with him. (Hey it was labelled a tragedy! And actually they were right, it really was.)

Hiatus? - Yes, a lot of the time I myself post chapters late, but I do it within reason. The longest I took was 3 months off because my PC genuinely broke down, but what I don't like is when people start something and then just genuinely can't be bothered carrying it on, especially when that writer has great potential. There's nothing I hate more than when I'm reading an awesome fic up until like the 10th chapter only to realise that the story abruptly ends and the last update was about 2 years ago. I wouldn't go so far as to suggest writer's block doesn't exist but I do think that if you're passionate about something then you shouldn't just get bored writing it, and that if you're prepared to start something then you should see it through right to the end, otherwise you'll just end up disappointing the many readers who gave up their time to read your story and deserve a decent conclusion.

And finally: Fics that say 'no flames' in the notes or description - Wow. I really never thought I'd hate this as much as I do, but if you're going to accept only positive reviews and reject any kind of criticism then what the hell is the point of a review in the first place? If everyone was blind to their flaws then we'd be in a society full of senseless idiots where any kind of progression and improvement is completely nonexistant. Reviews are supposed to review - that is their purpose; if you can't handle the obvious truth or can't respect another person's subjective opinion then you shouldn't publish material in the first place - you should be thankful they took the time out to read your story. These people fill me with rage of the Brooklyn variety.

Anyway, onto me:

I'm just your average guy really - 20 years old, student, average looking yadayada. You probably wouldn't figure how massive a nerd I am if you saw me in the street. I'm into a lot of series, all of which I could all write a fanfiction about sometime or another. I'm into action films both western and eastern and decent comedy films. As for stuff from TV I really enjoy shows like Lost, House, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who etc. I'm a huge gamer too; got a DS and an X-Box 360, so if anyone ever fancies a chat over live just ask and I can give you my Gamertag. If anyone wants to know what I look like then there's a picture of me on my Imageshack profile where I upload drawings down below, I'm the guy in grey with the black hair.

As I hope you can tell, I read a lot of a lot of books. Admittedly I really just stick to my comfort zone of fantasy and science fiction, but in being an English Literature student I'm sadly not just limited to that - all of the stuff I've had to read lately is waaay past the year I was born (1992) but that doesn't make it bad stuff - I actually quite like stuff like Dickens and Joseph Conrad. Stephen King or George R.R Martin are probably my favourite authors though.

And of course like most of you reading this I'm a huge fan of manga/anime. I tend to stick to titles that I'm in the target audience for (Shonen action shows) but honestly I'm open to anything - I enjoyed Haruhi and BECK is probably up there as one of my favourites. And of course I'm sure I'm not the only one who occasionally revisits shows that they saw as a kid; after all the Dragon Ball series is what got me and many other people into anime in the first place, so there's a handful of lighthearted shows that I can really enjoy after a hard day or on a hangover, like Digimon for example (seriously, the anime puts Pokemon to shame.) I'm hardly a massive otaku but I generally know what I'm talking about when it comes to my favourite series like Bleach, Dragon Ball, BECK, Soul Eater, Death Note, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, One Piece and Naruto.

This is usually the part where writers go over their projects, so here we go I guess:

Dragon Ball AF: The Room of Spirit and Time Saga originally started out as a Trunks/Vegeta short story, but then as the idea evolved I thought 'eh, screw it, I'll just make it a full series', and since then all the main cast were reintroduced one at a time and the thing grew to 35 chapters and 175'000 words covering a huge story about the latest threat called the 'Vices' and their mysterious Lord. The beginning seems kind of aimless since I didn't really know where I was going with it and there's a few errors, and I guess it kinda starts to drag in the middle. The last third and particularly the ending though I hold in very high regard as some of the best pieces I've ever written (Finished 24/12/2010)

Naruto: Legacies is my attempt at both a Naruto story and a 100% original fic. It's set 200 years after the current events in the manga and centres around a boy named Shoryu Aizawa, an aspiring, freespirited outcast from his clan. Together with his experienced sensei, an honour-bound samurai and an ambitious girl he quickly finds himself way over his head in events of war, love and loss. This series also comes with its own chart of the techniques I made up, complete with their rank from D to S and their type. It's got a timeskip now too!

Dragon Ball AF: The Alpha Tour Saga is the sequel to the Room of Spirit and Time saga. The plot revolves around the namekian Dragon Balls overloading in a similar manner to the events on Earth to bring a sadistic new enemy to life. Meanwhile Vegeta, Raditz, Bardock and Novus race towards the Gates of Life to try and get back to the world of the living in order to join the fight against this new threat.

As for other projects, other potential series I'd want to do a fanfiction on in the future are: Bleach, Soul Eater, Final Fantasies I-X, Marvel Comics, James Bond, Star Wars, Digimon, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter, the reason being that I think they all have great potential for fics and I think I know enough about each of them to write one.

DRAWINGS: (*Note - those with a 'Chapter' suffixed to the names are naturally drawings of the characters how they appear in that chapter, so if you haven't read that far and want to look at them just be warned that you might be exposed to an inherent spoiler.)

The Room of Spirit and Time Saga

GOKU (Chapter 28) - FULL:

GOKU (Chapter 28) – MAIN:

VEGETA (Chapter 29):

CHRONUS (Chapter 30):


SHORYU AIZAWA (13 years old)

SHORYU AIZAWA (17 years old)

SHORYU (Chapter 34)

KAZUYA TAKASHI (13 years old)

KAZUYA TAKASHI (17 years old)

AYAKO TSUJI (13 years old)

AYAKO TSUJI (17 years old)

REIZO YUKIZAWA (24 years old)

Justu Chart (Volume I)

Jutsu Chart (Volume II - In progress)

Senmatsu Tree (Chapter 29)

The Alpha Tour Saga

GOTENKS (Chapter 9):

RADITZ (Chapter 18):

V*K (his name is kind of a spoiler (Chapter 23)):

Random Obligatory Quiz things here

I like...: Drinking, hanging out, going in town, films, drawing, boxing and gaming
I love...: Writing, reading, TV, guitar, snowboarding, anime, getting reviews and being with friends
I dislike...: Annoying people who never shut up, ignorant people, loud noises in the morning and after work, not having any money and the retards that give fanfiction.net a bad name (see the above criteria xD)
I hate...: People who think their opinion is a fact, hypocrites, Twilight and wasted potential


Food: Chicken


Movie: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

Song: One song? That's pretty tight. There's Fear of the Dark, Here I Go Again, Freebird, I was made for Loving You and Wind of Change. Yeah I'm big on classic rock.

Band: Iron Maiden

Anime: Ehh probably Fullmetal Alchemist, or maybe Dragon Ball Z Kai

Game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Nostalgic Series: Grew up in a working class town in England in the 90s, so Harry Potter without a doubt, although Dragon Ball and Digimon are close contenders.

Frequently Asked Questions (This really just saves me going over the questions a few people seem to ask, general or random - thought I'd post them here just for your reading pleasure)

Will there be a third Dragon Ball AF? - Nope, I've mentioned this a few times but it was never meant to be a trilogy. I'd like the Alpha Tour Saga to nicely wrap it up not just for AF, but for the Dragon Ball series in general, since there wasn't much closure.

Will you ever write anything else on Dragon Ball? - It's possible. I do have a few really cool ideas to do another story, probably around the GT-epilogue timeline or even after that. I've started trying to get material published now though, so if my career does miraculously take off I won't have enough time to devote to another giant fanfiction story. I'll never leave the site though.

Who is your favourite character in the Dragon Ball series? - Vegeta

What's your favourite saga in the Dragon Ball series? - The Frieza/Namek Saga

Who's the hardest character to write in Dragon Ball AF? - Gohan probably; adult Gohan was always a little plain and he's a massive character so he needs plenty of time.

Who is your favourite character in Naruto? - Shikamaru

What's your favourite arc in Naruto? - The Sasuke Retrieval Arc. Isn't that everyone's favourite?

Who's the hardest character to write in Legacies? - Honestly none of them are difficult because they're all OCs - I know them pretty well at this point. If I had to pick one though I'd say Reizo. He frequently plays jump-rope with the line between confidence and smugness. I don't have to worry about it with Shoryu because he's young and can get away with being a dick.

How long do chapters normally take? - Ten to fifteen hours normally - it varies

How long do drawings normally take? - Anywhere between ten and twenty. I'm a pretty lousy drawer actually, most of what I do is just trial and error. If you look close enough you can probably see the rubbing out marks everywhere.

What's your hardest thing to write? - Dragon Ball's beam struggles can be a real nightmare, but in general things like awkward silences and tense moments throw me for a loop.

What's your hardest thing to draw? - Hands. Oh god, without a doubt hands. Why are they so difficult? It's literally gotten to the point where I've start writing some characters wearing gloves so it makes them a little easier to sketch out.

Review my fic? - Sure, just send me the link. Expect honesty though.

Include my OC? - For Legacies sure. Just give me all the details and give me some homework, I'd hate to bastardise your character. It might just be a cameo though, Legacies is planned from start to finish so I can't afford to diverge too much.

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