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A little bit about me: Well, I'm sortof quirky, shy, and I wouldn't say that I'm not a little impulsive. O_O Example: "Oohh... that's a shiny quarter..." *darts out into street* "cue tire screeching" ... Yeah, messed up huh? Another thing is that one day, no matter what, I will go to Japan. ;) Since I was 13 years old, I've had a dream of learning the language and traveling to the fascinating country to visit or even live for a length of time. Sure, like basically any Japan-lover, it began with Anime. *hangs head* But no, I no longer hold any interest in such a thing, and am not an Otaku. (a.k.a. = Anime Nerd) Thirdly, I love to write. No, I am not perfect. (Hell, FAR from it) But really, it's just the fun of escaping to your own little world that counts. ^_^

New Stories: Bittersweet Mistakes is doneThat's it my amazingly faithful readers. :)

What to Expect from Dalila: With a month's worth of time under my belt since wrapping up Bittersweet Mistakes, I've made up my mind to do second CA series, Will/Tessa based fanfic. I'm hoping to flesh out a nice one-shot for you, so be watching!

How much will Dalila be updating: When I'm into a story, am receiving a steady flow of comments and critiques and am dead-set on finishing something, I'll most likely be posting a couple chapters a week.

A/N for ALL stories: I usually say this in my summaries, but once again, for all lacking reading and understanding skills! :D One. Two. THREE. I own nothing!!! :D No characters, no stories, and no plots (Other than the ones I make up). Nadda. I do not. ^^ Just had to clear that all up.

The most AMAZING pieces of ART that I've EVER read:

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