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Welcome! Isn't this magical?! You have stumbled across my beautiful page of wonders, and I am the wondrous Jayy! If you don't like it... well here's a cookie, it should cure your dissatisfaction . *gives cookie* Anyways, if you're still here and munching on my cookie made of POISON, then you may as well keep reading before you die. If you haven't noticed, I'm Otaku, or weaboo, or whatever you want to call me, they all mean the same thing. Also, if you didn't notice that... well then I'll wait until your slight case of mental retardation wears off.

Now, straight to the more important stuff (are you feeling that poison yet?). I am a writer, obviously, but not professionally. I mostly write yaoi, so if you don't like that, you're obviously on the wrong page (but, unfortunately you're going to die from that cookie soon, so you may as well enjoy some yaoi while you're still alive since it's because you went to my page that you're now poisoned).If you don't like the content of my fanfictions, frankly, I don't care, because I write for my own enjoyment, not the enjoyment of others. Other people enjoying my writing is just a bonus of having a diverse society.

As proved with most of my stories, I'm probably the biggest procrastinator you could ever meet. So, now that I've warned you, don't complain that I don't have a new chapter up a year after I posted the first one. I never leave things unfinished, I just take a million years to publish them, so do expect new chapters eventually. Since we're on the subject of warnings, I'm also a huge pervert, meaning everything I write is most likely going to be rated M. So minors, or people who are easily offended by this, take note.

Now, to get a little up-close and personal with me. My favorite anime is Fooly Cooly. Seriously, something's wrong with you is you don't think that anime is amazing. If you don't... want a cookie? Just kidding, just kidding... kind of. My second favorite anime is Elfen Lied. I'm also a Zelda and Pokemon nerd... so I may get a bit morbid in the future, I don't know. Oh, and sometimes, I'll take the roleplays me and Windflame7 do, and rewrite them in story form for oneshots. Oh and a Beta Reader would be nice. I would find one myself, but I'd rather have someone actually understands me before agreeing to being my Beta Reader. You don't want someone to read your stuff who doesn't understand you! D: That stuff just makes me nervous.

Pairings I Love (Y for Yaoi, U for Yuri, S for straight)


SasuIta Y

SasuNeji Y

ItaMada Y

SasuHina S

NejiHina S

MizuKaka Y

SasuKaka Y

SasuGaa Y


HikaKao Y

HuniMori Y

TamaKyo Y

HaruHikaKao Y/S

Death Note

LightL Y

MisaL S

MisaLght S


NanaHachi U


InuKago S

InuSess Y

KikInu S

MiroInu Y

FF7 Advent Chidren

KadYaz Y

KadCloud Y

TifaYuff U

YuffReno S

RenoRude Y

RenoYaz Y

RenoCloud Y

(Yaoi shows don't count because the pairings are already made .)

Pairings I Hate...

SasuNaru (No... just no)

SasuSaku (In most cases)

SasuIno (NEVER)

YazLoz (I'm extremely sick of that pairing >.>)

KadaLoz (Okay... I just don't like Loz)


I live in nothing but a fantasy world, and I'm very open minded. So I'm going to put (even though it has nothing to do with what I just said) a couple My Favorite _'s.


V for Vendetta

Donnie Darko

Harry Potter

Repo: The Genetic Opera

Sweeney Todd

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

Ninja Scroll


The Mortal Instruments series

Harry Potter series

Vampire Kisses series

The Riddles of Epsilon


Ouran High School Host Club


Death Note




(Goodness, is that foam coming from your mouth?)


Vampire Knight


Okane Ga Nai


Junjou Romantica

Crimson Spell

(Are you choking...?)


Green Day


Blood on the Dance Floor

Motley Crue

System of a Down


Alright, alright, I'm finished. So, here. *pours antidote in your mouth*. So, I hope you enjoyed the content of my page, and I hope you enjoy the content of my fanficitons. If not... well that sucks, don't it? .

Random Survey Time!

Survey 1 (I stole this survey from WindFlame7)


- Available: Not at all

- Age: I'm not disclosing that information.

- Annoyance: Ignorance. Illiteracy. Immaturity. Unintelligent people.

- Allergic: To nothing.

- Animal: Cats. And Pokemon .

- Actor: Johnny Depp XD


- Beer: Not a fan. More into straight liquor XD

- Birthday/Birthplace: October 26th. Born in Buffalo New York.

- Best Friends: My friends Matt and Kim. They're the closest people to me, yet they live so far away D:

- Body Part on opposite sex: Hands. I have NO idea why XD

- Best feeling in the world: Role-playing, reading a really cute story or manga, watching a new anime and being blown away,etc.

- Blind or Deaf: BLIND. I need new glasses bad.

- Best weather: Warm, but not hot. Not dry either, but not humid.

- Been in Love: Mmhm .

- Been bitched out?: By douchebags? They try. By friends? Only when I do something terribly wrong to them. By parents? YES.

- Been on stage?: Yes .

- Believe in yourself?: I try to... I just need more motivation.

- Believe in life on other planets: If they have it, they have it. Just don't kill us XD

- Believe in miracles: Not necessarily

- Believe in Magic: Mmhm

- Believe in God: Yes, I believe in Haruhi Suzumiya. (Kept Trisha's answer because it was badass XD)

- Believe in Satan: I'm into humanism if that counts.

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yes.

- Believe in Evolution: Yes, to an extent.


- Car: I. WANT. A. HEARSE. D:

- Candy: Dark chocolate. And Skittles :3

- Color: Hot pink! .

- Cried in school: Yes... :/

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate!!!

- Chinese/Mexican: I LOVE Chinese food. To the point where it's scary. But I love burritos too .

- Cake or pie: The cake is a lie!

- Countries to visit: England... and Japan . you knew that was coming XD Oh, and Germany


- Day or Night: Night. I'm naturally nocturnal.

- Dream vehicle: See car

- Danced: I know the Hare Hare Yukai!:3 By heart and everything .

- Dance in the rain?: Only when I'm being silly :D

- Dance in the middle of the street?: See above

- Do the splits: 0.o *looks down* No, I quite enjoy my crotch intact, thank you.


- Eggs: Not often lol

- Eyes: Dark brown.

- Ever failed a class?: YES. I'm the laziest person in the world. Or I just didn't go to school.


- First crush: Justin Timberlake. Trufax.

- Full name: I don't disclose that kind of information.

- First thoughts waking up: Oh, well look at that. I'm awake. *goes back to sleep*

- Food: Nomnomnom.


- Greatest Fear: Fuckin' spiders, man! Those things are terrible.

- Giver or taker: Giver. I'm too nice…. Dammit.

- Goals: Be in a band, write a novel, draw a doujinshi, become a professional haircutter, become a Machinima Director

- Gum: Spearmint is the best .

- Get along with your parents?: My mom.

- Good luck charms?: My devil ring. I've been wearing it forever.


- Hair Color: Naturally? Dark brown almost black.

- Height: ... 5 feet... and less than one inch. The doctors say I'm done growing... :'(

- Happy: Usually .

- Holidays: Halloween!

- How do you want to die: I don't 0.o

- Health freak?: Not even CLOSE to close.

- Hate: See annoyances
(In guys/girls)

- Eye color: Preferably blue or green, but I don't really care.

- Hair Color: My dream mate has it black, but again, I don't care.

- Height: Taller than me. It's really awkward when someone's shorter and I can't even wear heels D:

- Clothing Style: My favorite style is punk. Or goth. Or emo. Or whateverthefuck: I don't like labels. But really don't care, as long as I like the person.

- Characteristics: Nice, mature, intelligent, NERDY

- Ice Cream: Cherry Panda paws .

- Instrument: I play guitar, I sing, I play keys, and simple drums

- Jewelry: Spiked bracelets, spiked chokers, silver, chains, leather fingerless gloves

- Job: I want to be a professional Haircutter. But any income would suffice.


- Kids: Never

- Kickboxing or karate: I would love to learn karate . But kickboxing is cool too :3

- Keep a journal?: I try, It hardly ever works XD


- Longest car ride?: I'm sure the ride from Tennesse to New York was long. But I was 3 so I don't remember XD

- Love: Some of my family, my really good friends, anime, yaoi, music, writing, etc.

- Letter: Q is the meaning of life

- Laughed so hard you cried: Yesterday while watching Naruto abridged by LittleKuriboh

- Love at first sight: Is the same thing as attraction.


- Milk flavor: Chocolate!!!

- Movie: V for Vendetta, but my movies are in my about me thing.

- Mooned anyone?: Yeah, my aunt. lol.

- Marriage: I don't believe in it.

- Motion sickness?: Not usually.

- McD's or BK: Mcdonald's Fo Sho.


- Number of Siblings: I'm an only child

- Number of Piercings: I have gauges and a lip ring.

- Number: 23

- (My) Overused Phrases: "I know what I am" "LOLwut" "Lolyeah" "LOLno"

- One wish: To just go into my fantasy world and never come back .

- One phobia: Aracna XD


- Place you'd like to live: France.

- Pepsi/Coke: pepsi. Pepsi be my favorite


- Quail: I dunno.

- Questionnaires: I like .


- Reason to cry: ...

- Reality T.V: Is garbage. Turn on some Naruto and see some real fake action XD

- Radio Station: I have some anime stations on my iPod. But 103.3 the Edg (rock radio, Buffalo) has got to be the best.

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: I used to do that constantly lol


- Song: I could never! D:

- Shoe size: 7 and a half

- Sushi: Blech.

- Skipped school: All the time.

- Slept outside: Once or twice I slept on my porch.

- Seen a dead body?: Nope.

- Smoked?: I do.

- Skinny dipped?: LOLwut?

- Shower daily?: I try XD

- Sing well?: I hope I do XD

- In the shower?: Lol, no.

- Swear?: All the time, but not excessively or obnoxiously.

- Stuffed Animals?: I have tons .

- Single/Group dates: I never go on dates 0.o

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Blueberries .

- Scientists need to invent: An invisible game console that plays any game, and his handheld, texts, and no one can see it but you. I made this up when I was probably 7 XD

- Time for bed: Whenever XD

- Thunderstorms: Scary D:

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Nuuu


- Unpredictable: Nah. I'm pretty predictable XD

- Under the influence?: Not at the present moment XD

- Understanding?: I try to be

- Vegetable you hate: Brussel Spouts

- Vegetable you love: Almost everything else that's popular XD

- Vacation spot: I never leave my house! XD


- Weakness: I'm not disclosing that information

- When you grow up: What about it?

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: My friend Matt and my friend Kim combined .

- Who makes you laugh the most: My friends .

- Worst feeling: Being made fun of all your life. It takes a toll after awhile.

- Wanted to be a model?: Kind of. But they wanted me to pay too much.

- Where do we go when we die: How am I supposed to know?!

- Worst weather: excessive heat or excessive cold.

- Walk with a book on your head?: 0.o my balance is terrible!


- X-Rays: When I go to the dentist.

-Year it is now: 2013

-Yellow: Flowers from Minecraft .

- Zoo animal: Anything cat-like .

- Zodiac sign: Scorpio. In the ORIGINAL Zodiac.

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