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Hello, I'm Energy Wiz.

Most of my stories (if not all) will be crossover and, unfortunately, I stink at orginal plots so I am basically adding new characters and stuff to other movies. So the plots belong to their rightful owners and I DON'T take any credit for their work. I simply want to entertain you with new stuff added into those plots. A remix if you please.

Also in most of the stories, I will usually have my own custom made characters.

Note: If you want to use any of my Characters in your stories than you have my permission but please try and keep their personalities the same.

Here are two custom made Characters I most often use.

Name: Joshua

Superhero Name: Laserstorm

Species: Half Human, Half Elaman. (The Elaman species is my own custom made species)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance (1) (Human Form): Joshua's skin color is a very light white and his body is very skinny. He has no chest hair. He also has faint brown mustache that's starting to come in with his age. Joshua has brown eyebrows, eyes, and short brown hair. He also has double jointed thumbs.

Appearance (2) (Elaman Form): Joshua is covered with organic metal in various places. Two large metal pad protects his chest and back. He has metal on his ankles, top of feet, the top of his lower arms, shoulders, and the top of the upper legs. Metal also surrounds his eyes, creating a sort of steely mask for him. He also has two metal antennas on each side of his head. The antennas begin at the top of his ears and end just a few inches above Joshua's head. The sharp tips of Joshua's antennas usually displays an electrical current between the two that increases and decreases in intensity and frequency depending on Joshua's emotions. The metal that covers his scalp can be retractable into the metal at the very back of his head.

Personality: Joshua can be very smart in certain situations, though he does not show it often, and he has an unique personality. He often tries to make jokes and puns or tries to be just plain funny but he often fails miserably. He never stops trying thought. In dire times he can be very serious and focused on whatever incident is happening or he can be cowardly and completely unfoucused on the situation. Like I said, he has a very unique personality. He's usually very serious when his friends are in danger or are hurt either from action or words. Joshua always watches his langugage, and rarely ever cusses or use foul language. Also, for some reason, he can't stand telling a lie. So he often tries to get out of answering the question by working his way around it or by saying parts of the truth to get by. He is also very cheerful, but he does have a short temper (Like most teenagers do). Like all Heroes, he usually can't pass by someone in trouble. He also takes anything seriously when someone jokes or kids about him, and he even knows he does.

Abilities/Powers: Joshua possesses the ability to change into his Elaman Form (Name: Laserstorm) by a whirlwind of whitish-pink energy. It starts at his feet and travels up his body, enveloping him for a brief second before a flash causes the energy to dissapate to reveal him in his Elaman form. He has the ability to fire super charged energy beams of raw energy, known as lasers, at his enemies. He is able to charge them up before launching them for an increase in power and damage. Joshua has the ability to manipulate pure energy, like using it to grab someone and throw him about. He can also make shields from his powers as well. Not only that, but he can generate the elements of Fire, Ice, Electric (Note he learns Electric later on in the series title Heroes Vs. Pokemon), and (Still on debate) Water and use them in battle. He is capable of manipulating the elements in a certain shape or way before he forms them in his hand and fires it off. In addition to all this, his muscles are energized as well, giving him the ability to run faster then the average human. His enhanced strength is also a bit greater then that of an average man even though he appears to be a wimp. Joshua has several transformations that he can go through. His energy form is a form that enhances all of Joshua's powers (and adds a few new ones), but it can only be triggered in battle when Joshua concentrates on his energy. He can also change into a more powerful version of himself known as Ultima Joshua when he uses the power of the the Elemental Orb or from the Element Plane.

Ultimate Weapons: Joshua possess two powerful attacks. The first one is his "Electrical Annihilation Beam" or EAB. The attack would start with Joshua's eyes glowing yellow and hands glowing a mixture of yellow and pink with sparks flying all around him. Joshua would then puts his hands together in front of him and summon a huge electric infused laser beam that annihlates everything in its path. The second and most powerful attack Joshua can used will be named and explain in a future story.

Weakness: An Elaman's body core temperature can drop quicker then an average human and it doesn't heat up very quickly either. Oddly enough, the core tempature is actually lower then that of an average human and they can survive for longer periods of time when the body temperature drops too low or too high. Nonetheless, they are still susceptible to ice, though their body could gain a resistance to the cold with moderate exposure of it daily. Fire is also a weakness since their organic plates act as heat conductors. Joshua's energy powers are connected with his genetic structure and life force. If his body were to ever be drained of energy it would severly affect him and render him unconscious.

Fears: Joshua has a fear of bugs, rats, and gross things. He also has a terrible fear of and is creeped out by cyborgs, robots, and other beings with robotic parts.

History and/or Background: Joshua has a painful past, most of which he does not remember. Nevertheless, Joshua is a teen that lives in the city of Hugesville and goes to school daily. His parents were really famous; his dad was the mayor of the city, and his mother was the police chief of the city. They loved Joshua, but, with their busy schedules, they rarely had time for him so they hired a maid to take care of him while they we're away. Joshua didn't mind this much after the first few years, but he still wished they had more time for him. Joshua, however, is no average teen, thanks to an incident where he and friends went to the ruins of Zalkor. There they found a pinkish-white orb sitting on a random pedestal in the center of a huge, ancient, and circular pillar. After a bit of an arguement with Monteff, Joshua finally decided to pick it up. The moment he did, a huge purple beam shot down from the sky, through the hole in the ceiling, and crashed down upon the five friends. They screamed as their bodies we're forever changed. Not too long after that, the five discovered that the beam had somehow given them these incredible powers and abilites. Since then, the five had decided to fight crime and defend their city of Hugesville as Laserstorm, Muscleman, Duplicon, Mindshocker, and Copy. Later on, as they were fighting against a villian, Joshua somehow transformed into his trademark Elaman Form, shocking those present. Curious as to what Joshua he had transformed into, Monteff did some research, which led him to searching site after site for hours on end before he finally found what he was looking for. As it turns out, the form Joshua had turned into, was actually a rare species called Elaman. The site Monteff found this on was pretty ancient, and was only able to find out four things about them.

1: That Elaman grew organic plates from their bodies that was stronger then that of dragon scales.

2: They we're highly resistant to toxic.

3: Their metal emanated bizzare soundwaves that interfered with mind-reading powers and irritated those with psychic powers. While it still couldn't completely stop someone from reading their creator's mind, the metal did make it difficult to do such. Unfourtunately, that meant bad news for psychic Monteff.

4: That Elaman were capable of generating and using different types of elements in combat.

After telling this to the others, Monteff deduced that Joshua must be some sort of cross between a human and this Elaman species, explaining why Joshua was able to transform into that form and out of it at will. Since then, this new form became Joshua's trademark superhero costume as he and his friends continued to fight crime. Then one day, a mysterious figure came to him in his dreams by the name of Yon. Yon explained to Joshua that he had been choser to be the guardian of the orbs, orbs that contained near unlimited amounts of elemental energy. Yon explained that the orb he had found in that chamber was one of the ten Elemental Orbs of power. The mysterious figure had also said that his friends were given their powers to protect him. Through the course of defending villian attacks on the city, Joshua eventally came to find all ten Orbs and proceeded to placed them in a container down in his underground lab. Little did Joshua and his friend know of the immortality they now had thanks to the Orbs.

Weapons: Can form energy swords with his powers.

Elemental Joshua:

Apperance: You'll find out later on in the stories.

Powers: You'll find out later on in the stories

Name: Nathan

Superhero Name: Muscleman

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 16.

Appearance (1) (Without costume): Nathan is white but he is definitely on the tan side of it. He also has short brown hair and eyes. He is tall (Though not as tall as Joshua) and he can bench press over 100 pounds. So he does have muscle as well.

Appearance (2) (With Costume): To be announced (Though thoughts on what his costume should look like would be appreciated)

Personality: Nathan's personality doesn't differ far from Joshua's. Except when he pulls a funny joke or pun he often says it at the right time. This makes Joshua a tad bit jealous of Nathan. Nathan is also very brave and will choose fighting over running most of the time. However he is not stupid. He will run if the odds of him winning are very slim. Though he will fight if the odds of him losing are slim to moderate. But he will never leave a friend in battle. No matter what the odds are.

Abilities/Powers: He has Super strength and very good durability (like Joshua's Durability thought he does not have Xamontine Atoms fused into him like Joshua). He can also gather his energy into his fist so when he throws a punch the energy around his fist will shoot off in the form of a fist and will continue off in the direction of Nathan's punch until it hits something. That attack is called: Energy Fist. However it does weaken over how much time it is in the air. Nathan can also gather all his energy into a beam of his own aura and it anything he pleases. This attack is called: Fighter's Aura Beam.

Weakness: Fire. Nathan's Muscles make Nathan more susceptible to Fire.

Fears: Horses but he is life threateningly allergic to them so you can't blame him for that.

History and/or Background: Not much is known about his past only that he has been friends with Joshua for a long time. So little is know about his history and Background. But most likely he has lived the life of a normal teenager.

Here are the other three characters that are custom made by me. (I don't use them often)

Name: Tommy

Superhero Name: Duplicon

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance (1) (Without Costume): Tommy has brown hair/eyes/eyebrows and mustache. He is also has white skin and is tall and he has the wideness of an average male human being.

Appearance (2) (with Costume): (Taking request on what his costume should look like

Personality: Tommy's personality just like Nathan's doesn't differ far from Joshua. Tommy also likes to make funny jokes, puns etc. His skill with jokes and timing then exceeds Nathan's. He also VERY rarely gets mad. (Which frankly i don't get) But he is very cheerful for the average teenager.

Abilites/Powers: Tommy possesses the ability to duplicate his body into many copies of himself. He can choose whether they are just images or real duplicates of himself. Not only that but his energy and power dosen't divide into the copies. He actually duplicates his powers as well. meaning his powers and strength will not weaken even if he had multiple copies of himself at one time. Also he can gather his energy into ball of pure energy in his fists and launch it at his foes. This attack is known as: Energy Ball.

Weakness: Tommy doesn't have real powerful combat moves and so he is more of a distraction then a threat. So anyone with a good arsenal of powers should be able to take him out. But it will take a long to do so. Because of his duplicating powers.

Fears: TBA (To Be Announced)

History and/or Background: Tommy like Nathan is a good friend of Joshua and basically before he aquired his powers he lived the life of an normal teenager like Nathan.

Name: Monteff (Not His real name but he likes to be called by this name)

Superhero Name: Mindshocker

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Apperance (1) (without Costume): He has black skin and black hair. He also has brown eyes. Monteff is nearly as tall as Joshua is. Though not as skinny. Monteff wears glasses as well. Monteff also has the average wideness of his body like an average man has. So he is not fat.

Apperance (2) (with Costume): (request on what his costume should look like would be appreciated)

Personality: Monteff is cheerful and very smart. He also can be very wise and Very serious. Off all the charcters i created Monteff is most likely the serious one of them all. He also is good out telling jokes at the right times. though he is not as skilled as Tommy is though.

Abilities/Powers: Monteff has strong telekinetic powers. He is also skilled in breaking in and reading other people's minds. He is still stuggling with the telekentic talking to someone. He also can sense beings that are a good distance away from him. Monteff can also gather the energy in the air around him with his physic powers and fire it off in a blue beam. this attack is called "Physic Ray!"

Weakness: Monteff has a slight delay to all his attacks.

Fears: TBA

History and/or Background: Same as Nathan and Tommy.

Name: Christopher

Superhero Name: Copy (If you don't like it then you can give me request on what his name should be and i'll change it)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Apperance (1) (without Costume): He is white and he wears glasses. He also has brown eyes/eyebrows/hair/ and Mustache.

Apperance (2) (with Costume): (request on what his costume should look like would be much appreciated)

Personality: Same as Nathan and Tommy.

Abilities/Powers: He only has one power and that power is that when he touches anyone he copies that individual's power/s for his own use. He can keep it for as long as he wants until he either discards it or touches someone else and copy their power/s instead.

Weakness: Depends on what power/s he's copied.

Fears: Unknown

History and/or Background: Same as Nathan,Tommy, Monteff.

There is also one other charcter that i made.

Name: Philip

Superhero Name: Unknown for now.

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 38-48

Appearance (1) (without costume): He is tall (though almost as tall as Joshua) and he is also very skinny like Joshua. He has brown eyes/hair/eyebrows/and mustache.

Appearance (2) (with Costume): He wears a Samurai suit, mask and helmet. (Details on what they should look like would be much appreciated)

Personality: Philip is without a doubt the most unserious character of the characters. He very rarely take anything seriously even in dire times. But he is very cheerful and very rarely gets an attitude. The only two ways he will become serious is if his family and friends are About to be hurt/threaten/hurt/dead/sick because someone did it to them and if the situation is very bad like Life threateningly bad.

Abilities/Powers: Philip possesses incredible insane skills with the samurai swords. Philip can jump higher than most humans. He also has very mysterious samurai energy inside him that allows him to shoot off: Samurai Orbs (Balls of samurai energy) Samurai Bomb (Shoots a beam from his hands or at the tips of his sword that explodes on contact with a solid object) and Samurai Rain (Sends orbs of energy raining down on the battlefield).

Weakness: Philip doesn't have much long-range fire power. So he can't really defend himself as much from long-range attacks as he can at close range attacks.

Fears: None so far.

History and/or Background: Philip's past is very mysterious. But it seems that he trained with samurai's back in the past but left them later on. No other information is provided from this point until he and Joshua met for the first time. Now Philip watches over him and his friends from afar and he rarely appears in battle. But he will appear in any battle that Joshua and his friends can't handle alone.

Weapons: Has two long samurai swords.

Now mine own custom made villians

Name: Dark Joshua

Species: Supposedly Human but could be a dark being instead.

Gender: Male (If he has a Gender)

Age: 0 (Since he was created). However he has the body of a 16 year old as well as the mind of one too.

Appearance: Dark Joshua has the same but separate body as Joshua. Though his body is mostly black and hard to see. He also has dark eyes that turn into yellow glowing eyes when he is mad. He also has a dark mist that surrounds him at all times.

Personality: Dark Joshua is far from nice. He will often challenge Joshua to battle many times. He is self-caring and mean thought he does show a bit of a light side which is why he has a bit more mercy than other villains have. But he is mostly bitter and he is the self proclaim arch-enemy of Joshua. The only time when he will team up with Joshua is if there is a greater foe that will destroy them both if they don't fight together.

Abilities/Powers: Dark Joshua has access to many dark powers. He has can fire off evil versions of Joshua's lasers and manipulate his own laser energy as well. So basically he has the evil version of Joshua's laser powers. He also can use the dark versions of fire as well and manipulate it with great skill. He also can fire off dark whirlwinds from his hands that annihilate anything in their path. Dark Joshua can also fire meteors of darkness (The meteor's color is black with a purple flame around in it and with a hint of fire, yellow, and orange in there as well) at his enemies. Also Dark Joshua can fire off his most powerful attck called: Orbs of Death (Dark Joshua creates multiple huge balls of darkness up in the air far above him and then slam them into a single or mutiple targets).

Weakness: Dark Joshua does not have as much good defense like Joshua does. He also often underestimates his enemies as well.

Fears: What will happen if he loses a battle with someone. But he tries to deny it.

History and/or Background: Dark Joshua is a manifestation of the darkness in Joshua's heart even though Joshua had very little in his heart. His creation happened when his light counterpart Joshua and Joshua's friends were zapped by that huge purple light. As it turns out while Joshua was receiving his powers; the energy orbs also alter Joshua's darkness which made his darkness take form as Dark Joshua. Dark Joshua to this day continues to try and eliminate Joshua so that he will be the only Joshua in the world.

Name: Silencer

Species: Elaman (But can change his appearance to a human, so he's sort of a half human/half Elaman hybrid like Joshua)

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Appearance: He is white and he always wears a white coat with a white hood. He also has blue hair that is shaped like a cone on top of his head. He also has white eyebrows and red eyes. Along with the same metal organic armor that Joshua has in his Elaman form.

Personality: Silencer is quite and dangerous. He is very calm during action times unless he is being defeated. He is basically like Vlad from Danny Phantom.

Abilites/Powers: Silencer since he is elaman has access to four different elements. He can control Fire, Ice, Electric , and Water at will. He can also manipulate it much better than Joshua can seeing as how he has had many years to train. For some reason Silencer also possess the ability to fly as well.

Weakness: His only known slight weakness is that he is not as skilled in physical combat as he is in elemental powers.

Fears: None so far.

History and/or Background: Silencer is a mysterious being that came out of nowhere with no recorded past. But he is one of the only few Elaman left on earth. But ever since he figured out Joshua was half Elaman he has been continuing to either destroy him or try to get Joshua to join him.

The Discontinued Stories.

The Four Heroes and the Xmen (2009): This story takes place during "the X-men movie: The Last Stand!" with the addition of Danny Fenton/Phantom, Ben Tennyson, Sonic the Hedgehog, along with my own custom made character Joshua/Laserstorm. With two more surprise crossovers in the mix. This story ends in a series of climatic battles with Jean Gray, Dan Phantom (Danny's evil older self) and Dark Joshua (The dark side of Joshua).

Completed Stories.

When Time and Space Collide (2009): In this story multiple heroes from many different worlds and/or Universes (Whatever you want to call it). all arrive in Alamos Town in diffrent ways right before Dialga and Palkiah show up to have their brawl in Alamos Town. Anyway the story's plot is about how Laserstorm, Danny Phantom, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Timmy Turner with his faeries, Ash's gang, Antonio, Allis, and Alberto stop the two legendary pokemon of space and time from fighting with each other and destroying the town. And like with all superhero stories this story ends in a climatic battle with the heroes vs. The legendary pokemon of Space and Time. Can these bold heroes defeat Palkiah and Dialga? You'll just have to read to find out. (Plot belongs to the people who made Pokemon: The rise of Darkrai. I'm just adding other characters and new stuff into it)

In Progress Stories.

The Universal Blade and the seven Soliders of Light (2009): In this story Maleficent teams up with multiple villains to try and find ten pieces to a powerful artifact that can rib the very fabric of time and space itself: The Universal Blade. Meanwhile King Mickey, sensing something wrong, summons Sora, Kairi, and Riku to his castle to alert them to Maleficent's gang of villains. But he claims that he has no idea what they are looking for. He also tells of a massive heartless army that's marching this way to his castle. So, Mickey tells Sora and Kairi, to go against the rules of world order and gather up as many individuals from as many worlds as possible while he, Riku, Donald and Goofy prep for battle with the heartless army. If you want to know more, read the story. (They are multiple plots in this story which are completely NOT mine. I claim no ownership of those plots, or any of the Characters (besides my OC's). They all belong to their respective companies.)

Possible Future stories.

Joshua's finest hours (2010): After an incident that occurred in a villain's hideout Joshua is teleported to another city in another world. Which is none other then Jump City, home of the Teen Titans. And when Joshua secretly starts helping these superheroes they start to get curious about this mysterious hero. But when Slade returns and is determined to give Raven a 'birth message' the Teen Titans will need the aid of this mysterious hero to help stop Slade once and for all. (Confirmed crossovers: Laserstorm, Teen Titans, (And possibly others))

Confirmed Future stories.

The Diemensional Guardians (2009-2010): Sequel to When Time and Space Collide!. When the reverse world, which is ruled by Girantinia, is threaten heroes from other worlds will be sent to the Pokemon world by fate itself to help stop this threat. But why is Girantinia attacking both Joshua and Danny? Will the heroes finally meet Ash's gang? And who are these two furry guys with one who loves to fight while the other is just plain grumpy? Find out in this exciting story.

The Orgin of Team Dyanmio (2009 and/or 2010): Join Joshua, Nathan, Monteff, Tommy, and Christopher in their own original story. Back to when they first acquired their powers and how they started off with them. Read as they meet all new Characters, both hero and villain. Watch as they take part in their very first climatic battle. This story will explain many things about Joshua and his friends that we're previously unexplained at the beginning of the other stories. This is their story...

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