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Hello, I'm Energy Wiz.

Most of the stories (if not all) that I post will be crossovers, which will basically just be me adding in new characters and plot devices to the plot-line of other franchises and movies. As such, the plots belong to their rightful owners, and I DON'T take any credit for their work. I simply want to entertain you by having these new characters and story elements from other franchises added into those plots.

Also, in most of the stories, I will usually have my own custom made characters.

Note: If you want to use any of my characters in your stories then you must ask me for permission.

Discontinued Stories.

The Four Heroes and the Xmen (2009-X): This story takes place during the X-men movie, "The Last Stand!" Having being sent to the X-men universe by Clockwork, Danny Fenton/Phantom, Ben Tennyson, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Joshua/Laserstorm, must stop the class five Mutant, Jean Grey from destroying the multi-universe. However, can their combined might contend with the power of the Phoenix Force? Luckily, they're not the only heroes that have come from another dimension.

Reason: I've lost the chapters and I don't really feel motivated to continue it. In addition, the grammar is poor.

The Universal Blade and the seven Soliders of Light (2009-X): In this story Maleficent teams up with multiple villains to try and find ten pieces to a powerful artifact that can rib the very fabric of time and space itself: The Universal Blade. Meanwhile, King Mickey, sensing something wrong, summons Sora, Kairi, and Riku, to his castle to alert them to Maleficent's gang of villains. However, he informs them that he has no idea what they are looking for. As a means to counteract Maleficent's forces, he sends Sora and Kairi to go and gather up as many individuals as possible from the worlds to combat the dark witch. Meanwhile, Mickey, himself, along with Donald, Goofy, and Riku, must prepare to defend Disney Castle from a massive heartless army that threatens to lay siege to it in a few short weeks. (There will be multiple plots in this story which are NOT mine. I claim no ownership of those plots, or any of the Characters (besides my OC's). They all belong to their respective companies.)

Reason: I also lost some of the chapters to this story, and I do not want to retype them. I also plan on making another story, which will take some plot ideas from this one.

Completed Stories.

When Time and Space Collide (2009): In this story multiple heroes from many different universes all arrive in Alamos Town in different ways just a day before the town is enveloped in Dialga and Palkiah climatic battle. The story's plot resolves around Joshua/Laserstorm, Danny Phantom, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Timmy Turner, his fairies, Ash's gang, Antonio, and Allis' attempts stop the two legendary pokemon of space and time from fighting with each other before they completely obliterate the town in their wrath. Like with all superhero stories, this story ends in a climatic battle with the heroes vs. The legendary pokemon of Space and Time. Can these bold heroes defeat Palkiah and Dialga? You'll just have to read to find out.

The Diemensional Guardians (2009-2010): Sequel to When Time and Space Collide!. When the balance of the Reverse World, which is ruled by Giratina, and the real world is threaten by a mad scientist named Zero, heroes from other worlds will be sent to the Pokemon world by fate itself to help put an end to this madman's plans. However, why is Giratina attacking both Joshua and Danny so relentlessly? Will the heroes finally meet Ash's gang? And who are these two hedgehogs? Why is one of them so cocky and the other just plain grumpy? Find out in this exciting story.

Transcending Time and Space (2010-2015):Sequel to The Diemensional Guardians. The heroes are called back to the Pokemon World once more as a new Legendary Pokemon reveals itself. Join heroes both old and new as they attempt to uncover the mystery of Arceus and sooth it's wrath before it destroys everything they hold dear. However, in order to solve the mystery they must travel to the distant past and thwart Damos from betraying Arceus in order to sate its anger. Meanwhile, the heroes back in the present must team up with the Legendary Dragon Trio and hold their ground against the might of Arceus of their time period. Can they compete with a Legendary Pokemon that's even stronger than the Dragon Trio themselves? Will the heroes in the past be able to rectify the mistakes made there in time? Will they fail? And is Damos actually innocent? But if so, who's the real mastermind behind the betrayal? Read the story to find out!

Possible Future Stories

The Origin of Team Dynamo (Unknown): Join Joshua, Nathan, Monteff, Tommy, and Christopher, in their own original story. Explore their origins of when they first acquired their powers and how they started off as a team. Read as they meet all new characters, both hero and villain. Watch as they take part in their very first climatic battle. This story will explain many things about Joshua and his friends that we're previously unexplained in other stories. This is their story...

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As our heroes return to the world of Pokemon, they arrive in time to withness the wrath of the Alpha Pokemon. While Ash and his friends travel back in time to try and stop this from happening, our heroes must make a bold fight against this mighty foe. Can they do it, or will Arceus prevail? Rated K plus for safety.
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When Clockwork discovers that a woman by the name of Jean Gray will destroy the entire universe he summons Danny Phantom,Sonic,Ben,and my own custom made character Laserstorm to stop her. go to my profile to understand the story better. RatedK for safe
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