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My favorite story Quotes:

“Aren’t you going to ask me what’s wrong with you?” asked Daxter

“Daxter, I was orphaned by my family because of a manipulative headmaster with greater good syndrome, my brother took credit for defeating one of the most evil dark lords ever when it was really me who defeated him, I lived in a orphanage for six years before being found by MERLIN, I am an elemental and one of the most powerful wizards in history and I am only ELEVEN, not to mention my BEST friend is a two feet tall, orange, talking FERRET.” - Harry Potter Explorer Chronicles

“Yeah no kidding, makes me glad it’s asleep.” said Harry, who looked at the large, 60 foot long basilisk from across the large room “Are you sure it isn’t dead? Do basilisks snore?” asked Daxter

“Hmm, I don’t know Daxter, why don’t you go wake it up and ask?” said Harry sarcastically- Harry Potter Explorer Chronicles

“TRAINING? You consider TRAINING a vacation? I got a newsflash for you, a vacation is when you go to the beach and watch all the hot American babes run around in their skimpy bikinis.” said Daxter, practically drooling- Harry Potter Explorer Chronicles

Flashback- language is FRENCH

Why don’t you wish to Marry me?” asked Gabrielle, close to tears

Do you want me to be honest?” asked Harry, who had a feeling this was the first time anyone ever said ‘no’ to this girl

Yes” said Gabrielle, everyone in the crowd listened closely

You are spoiled rotten, you talk too much, you tried to use veela charms to get my attention, not to mention your family is a bunch of hypocrites and are only doing this for appearance and fame, also I don’t believe in arranged marriages and don’t wish to be engaged at eleven.” said Harry, honestly

Flashback Ended

“She asked me to be honest.” said Harry, not understanding what he did wrong- Harry Potter Explorer Chronicles

Flashback- one day ago

Daxter, why don’t we just use the map?” asked Harry, as he was walking down one of the alleys in the Gaza strip

Men don’t use maps, we have a natural sense of direction.” said Daxter, they turned a corner and found a team of masked man setting up a rocket, the men saw them, grabbed their guns and starting shooting

Flashback ended

“Some ‘natural’ sense of direction you have!” said Harry - Harry Potter Explorer Chronicles

...after some yelling, crying, and fireballs, he ended up teleporting out of there - Harry Potter Explorer Chronicles

Congratulations on your acceptance of Apprenticeship. Hogwarts expects great things of you. I hope you do not let us down.” Which to Harry meant ‘I have several things planned for you and I will manipulate you into fulfilling it’, Insert diabolical laughter here. - The Prodigy's Ascension

Favorite Story:

The Prodigy's Ascension by Crystal Phoenix Mage

-Great story, very detailed, very interesting. Only one complaint, Harry is CREEPY smart, i mean it is CREEPY and Scary, Read and you will find out!!

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