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Hey guys my name is XxMiaZeBookwormxX, Mia being Short for Amelia and besides that i will tell you no more. Why? Because I'd rather be judged for my writing skills rather than how old I am or where I live.

Okay since obviously my name is XxMiaZeBookwormxX I am a bookworm duh =D

All Time Top 5 Fav Books/Series

1. The Twilight series --Stephanie Meyer
2. The Otherword series -- Kelley Armstrong
3. The Immortal series -- Alyson Noel
4. Blue Bloods --Melissa De La Cruz
5. Vampire Academy -- Richelle Mead

Yah Okaaay if any of you have ever read any/and or/ all of these books you'd know they all have Vampires or some kind of dark power behind it. You can thank author number one on my list for that one. Ever since Twilight I've been unable to read anthing without Vamps in it, I find that they usually have a more "me" twist to it than reading about a bunch of girls who both love the same guy and cause drama over it. If i wanted female drama I could go and watch for free at my school :. At least with vamps its more exciting. Well for me anyway =D

I am also a big anime/manga geek :D AND DAMN FRICKIN PROUD OF IT (soooooooooooooo)

All Time Top 5 Fav Manga's

1. The Gentleman's Alliance Cross
2. Gakuen Alice
3. Skip Beat
4. Fruits Basket
5. Ouran High School Host Club


Okay so im going to talk a little bit about my Likes/Things i enjoy in my spare time because im an epic dork like that. x). SOOOOOOOOOOOO Its Time Fooooooooooooor Theeeeeee...

1. Reading (Duh)
2. Writing (Double Duh)
3. Listening to music (Im no music ray-cist i listen tah awl kinds)
4. Eating (Yaaaah I know -_-)
5. Sleeping all day and Playing all night ;)
6. Debating with friends about the quality of certain books
7. Debating with friends about the epic-ness that IS Jacob Black (Dont Diss Thaa Fur Coat BEEOTCHES ;D)
8. Chocolate(It makes the world...a happier place)
9. Making up swear words by combining them with sugary baked goods (eg. AssCookie and Bitch Biscuit)
10. Using said swear words on my friends (No worries its all in good fun and they laugh)
11. Introducing new books to my friends(I give feedback to my friends on the books i read and i TEAR through those suckers like there's no tomorrow and they love my choices sooo...;D)
12. Lime flavored candy
13. Astronomy...(Thats Stars right?... or is it Astrology I always get those confused -_-)
14. Ancient Greece, Egypt, Italy & Rome (basically anything old :D...Ewwwww! Get your mind outta the gutter you sick bastards NOT like that!)
16. Laughing at the people who didn't realize i just skipped number 15 (:P)
17. Laughing even harder at the majority of people who JUST looked back up to check and are now currently smiling (:P :P)
18. My new LAPTOP (Tis' my world dear children...NAY Tis' ze UNIVERSE)
19. Texting my friends when im supposed to be working (hehe im such a rebel and my phone is of course THYE SHITES)
20. Fireworks (pretty liiiiiights go...BOOM)
22. Being a total epic dork :)
23. Watching classic Disney & Pixar Movies with my mummah (Its our bonding time xD)
24. The word Confuzzeled (that is like my word...along with Epic xD)
25. My Reviewers :D (I have an EPIC smile for you guys cause your feedback makes my heart SING and my self-esteem as a writer SKY ROCKET Ilyg's Tear drops)

Okay Guys that was just a little bit about me and my preferences hope you enjoyed and i'll shut up now :D

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