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We are TheWritingSociety.

About Us-

We're simply a group of young writers who write fan-fiction.





Annie Beth








Mia V.






Who started it all?

Hmm... -shrugs- They call me: TWS, Angel, EvilAngel, TheNonAngel, FreakishlyMysterious, Mr. TWS and ThatArrogantDude.


I'm mea, aka WriterInTraining713. Mea's not my real name, but that's another story altogether. So just stick to mea for now and there will be no problems. Thank you very much. I am what you could call completely and utterly computer obsessed. The sad thing is that that's a real condition. ~shudders~ One that I have probably caught. Hopefully, until they put me in a mental asylum, for that or something else (please do not ask what), I roam this place freely, writing stories that are the cause of me not sleeping until four am. I also have a mental world clock in my head, along with a Cali-People Sarcasm Radar that fails me every once in a while. :P I'm pretty much obsessed with writing and smiley faces as well, and I joined this Society. (Duh...) I wonder way too much for my own good, or at least that's what people tell me. And it's probably true. So, I'll keep wondering and writing, and you keep reading. =)


Hey there. I'm Mic, one of the two crazy teenage girls who make SilenceTheRoses. I love writing, playing soccer, music, running, photography, and my friends. I mainly write fiction but sometimes I'll take a break and switch to FanFiction. Above all, I read Twilight, Harry Potter, and Maximum Ride. I'm very defensive (this gets me into a lot of arguements), sarcastic (at least I tell the truth), negative (well, sorry if I don't always look on the bright side) and addicted to good quotes (didn't see that coming, did you?). I express my opinions, wether people like it or not. But don't label me as a rude teenager, because I'm not one (er, most of the time). Although it might take you awhile to understand that. I hope you stick around to see what this society is all about. Later.


Hey:) So, yeah, I'm Cheyenne, or, as a lot of people call me, Chey or Sparkles. You can call me whatever you like, though. Okay, so let me think... Three words can describe me: Optimistic, imaginative, and perceptive. I'm optimistic because I try to have a good attitude, but it can be hard sometimes. Scratch that, most of the time. Imaginative because of my favorite writing genre: fiction. Yup, haha:) I'm perceptive mainly because I'm not stupid. I can tell if someone is lying or doesn't like me or whatever. But it doesn't matter because most likely no one on here will ever be around me in person for me to notice if they're lying, and I doubt you would... So yeah. I'm also your average short-tempered teenager. And obviously I love to write. I guess there's no need to elaborate on that. So bye:)


Hi, I'm Kelly. Um, I'm not good at writing bio's, but hey, look, I'm doing it. SO, I live in New York, and I have AMAZING friends. Sure, I've barely heard any of their voices ('cept Haley's, Anya's and Madz,) but I love them anyway! Uh, yeaaah... xD I love Harry Potter but I also like Twilight (team Jasper :)... I have brown/blonde/redish hair thats uber-curly, and hard to control, green blue eyes, and dorky glasses. I don't get along with real life girls too much, so um... Yeahhh... xD I love every sport, and I play guitar and piano. I love to sing and write as well... Um, thats pretty much it, so yeah... Bye!
Gosh, I'm so weird!


ALOHA! I'm xEclipseOfTheHeart, but you can call me ML1. I joined sometime in October after a lot of BSG peoples (-cough-meakellychey-cough-) pestered me into getting a fanfic, so, here I am. As you can see, I have no life, otherwise I would have half this page filled by now. I play volleyball and my favorite pastime (when I'm not here) is reading. Right now I am most likely listening to SiriusXM Hits1 at the moment.

Luna Lovegood's Magic-- The first person to actually talk to me without any hesitation.

+ Challenges +

Challenge #1- Write our first FanFic.

Challenge #2- Click_here_to_find_out.


12.9.09- Myka quit two days ago. She said she'll come back under a condition...But that condition happens to be impossible.

12.14.09- (please ignore until this is taken down)

Thanks for checking out our page.

Angel, Michelle, Mea, Anya, Rachel, Haley, Sarah, Kristen, MG, Nate, Madeline, Mia, ML1, AJ, Cheyenne Piano, and India.

Countdown to Christmas: TheWritingSociety reviews
Our members have gotten together to write a one-shot every day starting December 1, 2009. Eventually, this will lead up to our special Christmas one-shot. Various categories and genres will be used. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
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