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Author has written 18 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of the Abyss, Silent Hill, World Ends With You, and Twilight.

Here are my other accounts on different websites. I'm generally a lot more active on these than I am here.

Deviantart Tumblr (Beat RP blog) Tumblr (Rhyme RP blog)

I am Nix-the-Neko, but you guys just go ahead and call me Nix. Seriously.

I'm basically just your average, run-of-the-mill fanfiction author. I'm always free to talk, so if you wanna get to know me, feel free to PM me.

I started this account years ago so that I could favorite stories. That is literally the only reason. However, after a while I started getting more interested in writing fanfiction. I was mainly into Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII. Those were the dark days in my creative life. You don't really see any of my fanfiction from that time as my shitty writing could not even be described in words. My first really serious fanfiction was for Kingdom Hearts, but I'm thankful to say that I'm over that time in my life.

Really, it's all thanks to a game called The World Ends With You, a game that I wouldn't have ever gotten into if my best friend hadn't found it in a bargain bin at a local GameStop. After playing that game, I abandoned Kingdom Hearts for months. I also took my best friend (we roleplay religiously, so whatever we do something like this, it's together) with me. We abandoned our Kingdom Hearts roleplay, we abandoned all our OCs, all our strained plot lines. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to us.

But, I'm still glad that we had our crappy old Roleplay, because we got better. I sometimes look back at our writings from years ago and want to tear out my eyes every single time, it was worth it in the end.

Another one of my friends, one who edits most of my fanfictions these days, has helped me leaps and bounds with grammar. I swear, she taught me more about it than school did.

To quote Neku: "[She] made me pick up on things that I probably would've just gone on ignoring."

Well, that's enough about me.

Now, for my fandoms.

Tales of the Abyss is a beautiful role-play game that stars the son of a duke whose name is Luke fon Fabre, a young man who has been confined to his castle for as long as he can remember after being kidnapped by the enemy nation of Malkuth, the shock of this had caused him to lose all of his memories. One day, while training with his master, Van, a mysterious girl named Tear attacks Van and accidentally causes her and Luke to teleport to the other side of the world, into the center of Malkuth. Tear feels bad about getting Luke involved in her battle and offers to take him back, which he accepts. Seems pretty straight-forward, right? Well, it isn't. There's a reason that Tales of the Abyss's characteristic genre name is To Know the Meaning of One's Birth RPG. There is also an animated OVA that I would completely recommend if you don't have the means to get the game.

Characters (Characters that I don't care about will not be mentioned):

Favorite Characters: Luke, Tear, Sync, and Jade

Charactes I like: Mieu, Anise, Guy, Ashe, Ion, Emperor Peony, Dist, Arietta, Natalia

Characters I Dislike: Grand Maestro Mohs, Original!Fon Master Ion

Luke fon Fabre started out as my least favorite character. He's rude, arrogant, nasty, immature, completely full of himself, and unable to make his own decisions. He constantly abuses Mieu and, along with not understanding the world, doesn't even try. All he wants to do is go back to his castle. He does get a few points from the fact that he has been confined from the entire world for as long as he can remember. He also states that the only person who ever scolded him or treated him normally was Van. However, I absolutely hated him in the Akzeriuth-arc. It seemed like every negative characterized was magnified during that. However, after Akzeriuth, Luke learned why it's not okay to just blindly follow others without making your own decisions. During the scene where he promised Tear that he would change, and that she would have to watch him and make sure that he was doing it right, I completely re-evaluated my opinion. And, Luke did change. He truly regretted his previous actions and spent the rest of the game trying to make himself a better person. He succeeded. All of his character-development make him into a wonderful person that I grew to adore.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of Tear Grants at first. She was a little cold, but earnest. She was doing what she thought was right and was the first person that was willing to give Luke a second chance. Tear wasn't a complainer and tolerated Luke while he was still immature. She was stoic, but wasn't overly quiet. She wasn't afraid to state her opinions on something, but also knew when it was the best to shut up. She took time to explain things to Luke and showed that beneath her cold exterior, was a kind person. She thought about the benefit of the group over that of the individual for the most part, and worried about everyone in her own way. Tear cares deeply for Luke, although neither of them realize it. She was one of the first to suspect that something was amiss in Auldrant and decided to take it into her own hands. It was only after re-watching the OVA for the second time that I realized how wonderful Tear is.

I started liking Sync by mistake. I actually watched the OVA before playing the game (which I still haven't beaten, orz). It was on my second time watching that I actually noticed him. He's terribly tragic. Sync has had such a bad life that he's basically given up on humanity. He doesn't give a shit about other people. He blames the Score for his birth and thinks that he is a waste of flesh and trash to be "thrown away". Sync is sardonic and sadistic, without a single care for those around him. The worst part? He's only two years old. I have to wonder what happened to him in his two years of life to make him think this way. At his core, Sync is trying to make himself useful to someone while thinking that there's no way that he could be worth anything. He's angry and hurting doesn't even care that he's being used because all he wants is for the hurting to stop because he's a two-year old in a fourteen-year old's body.

Jade, Jade, what to say about Jade Curtiss? He's probably one of the deeper characters from the series. He actually reminds me a little of Joshua from The World Ends With You, but I digress. Jade is cheerful and teasing initially, but also one of the more level-headed of the group. He rarely lets on with what he's really thinking, but when he does, expect everyone to listen to him. Jade is cool, calculating, intelligent, and sarcastic. But, he hasn't completely perfected his mask because it does slip at times, usually when a certain element from his past is brought up. And, even though he is one of the more lively characters he is, at heart, a soldier and would rather kill an unconscious enemy than let said enemy live to come an attack again. However, deep down, he is burdened with extreme guilt over all the people that he killed in his past, deciding that he would life the rest of his life carrying that guilt to repent. Jade is the best at telling when people have something to hide, because he himself is very adept at hiding things. He knows all the signs. But, Jade won't reveal any secrets that he's discovered to the rest of the group until he thinks the time is right. Also, even if he has figured out something important, he is more likely to drop hints to guide the rest of the group along, wanting the rest of them to make the discoveries themselves.


I only really have one pairing for this, which is Luke/Tear. I just love the chemistry behind these two and how they reflect each other. Luke is a hothead while Tear is analytical and can come off as a rather cold person. They have such history together as well! Tolerating each other at the beginning, to not getting along at all, then to becoming friends, and then getting crushes, and finally falling in love. Tear is really one of the few people who understood that Luke was frustrated with his nativity about the world and actually listened to him. She explained things to him when he needed it and did her best to not let her temper get to her. Luke, on the other hand, always seemed the most comfortable around her and Guy. He opens up to her more than the others. Plus, during that one scene before the final battle, Luke is working up the courage to tell Tear that he loves her, but doesn't. He doesn't tell her because he believes that he is going to die in the final battle and doesn't want to cause her pain by telling her. And that scene with Luke asking Tear to watch him become a better person just showed how much he trusts her.

The World Ends With You is probably my favorite thing ever right now. I should probably put this above Tales of the Abyss, but I'm too lazy and I do what I want. This game, while it isn't flawless, comes pretty close to it for me. The characters, the plot line, the setting, just EVERYTHING about this game is filled with magic for me. I loved Neku learning to accept other people's views and healing from the trauma of his best friend's death, I loved Shiki learning that her best friend didn't hate her and being resolved to get back to life to meet her again, I loved Joshua learning that humanity isn't lame and that there is always hope for people, I loved Beat learning that he can help himself and struggling to save Rhyme, and I loved Rhyme for being there for Beat at the beginning of the week and doing her best to support him. I think I might have loved everyone, except for Konishi.

Konishi's a bitch.

Moving on from that (I don't like to talk about characters that I don't like), I've read a lot of people's profiles and I seriously don't think that I could add anything new what they put for Neku, Shiki, Mr. H, or Joshua. I'd just be agreeing with everything that you guys (i.e. Inita, Infamousplot, and Cherished Tenshi) say.

Favorite Characters: Neku Sakuraba, Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito, Raimu "Rhyme" Bito, Shiki, Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu

Characters I Like: Coco Atarashi, Koki Kariya, Uzuki Yashiro, Megumi Kitaniji, Yodai Higgashizawa, Futoshi, Tenho, Mr. H

Characters I Dislike: Mitsuki Konishi, Sho Minamimoto

Just like with a lot of people, I didn't like Beat when I first started playing the game. He was every single "stupid jock" to me and it just irritated me. But, I tried to keep an open mind because I remembered that my friend had told me that she sympathized with him near the end of the game. So, I did my best to and lo and behold, Beat became three dimensional. However, even then, I didn't really think about him very much. I was a complete Joshyme supporter at the time and didn't really care for much. Nope, it wasn't until very recently that I started just loving the hell out of him. I, like a lot of the fandom, completely over looked him in favor of "more intelligent" characters who are easier to understand and ship. But, Beat is very easy to understand! He's simple, and that works for him. He's kind of stupid sometimes, but God, he tries. He tries and tries and tries until it hurts. He doesn't give up and is willing to sacrifice so much for those around him. Do I think that Beat is unintelligent? In a way, yes. I believe that he's intuitive to those around him, even if he doesn't actively think about it. He can sort of sense things about people, and acts on them without really thinking about it. Beat doesn't really believe in himself, though he has an incredible amount of bravado that he uses to hide this fact. The way that his parents raised him, with him never being enough for them is what caused this kind of belief. He is straightforward and doesn't like it when people beat around the bush. He gets caught up in his own world very often and can also get so caught up in something that he completely misses the point. One of the things that he wants the most is to just be enough for someone. He hates feeling useless above all else and doesn't like it when people talk down to him (who does?). Beat himself is okay with being the joke of the conversation, as long as he can see his friends smile. He'd do almost anything to keep them safe.

Rhyme used to be my favorite character from the game before I discovered the awesomesauce that is her older brother. She always seemed so earnest to me, and I'd try to think about what she'd be going through now that she's lost her dreams. People say that she's a very undeveloped character, and that is kind of true, I'll admit. But, when you really think about it, there's more there than you know. Rhyme's Entry Fee was her dreams. Her dreams of her future, that was the most important thing to her, one of the cores of her very character. That makes me think that she was someone who probably had her head in the clouds a lot, but also someone who was a very hard worker. I always imagined that she'd be an overachiever, and that she'd work to the point of almost making herself sick. She didn't really notice guys or anything, because she didn't have time, she had to live in the future because that was where her dreams were. But, now that she's lost her dreams, Rhyme's become a lot more laid-back, kind of like how Beat used to be. She has no reason to work so hard anymore, and she starts to question if the future is as big of a deal as she thought it was. That was the lesson that she learned from the Reaper's Game. However, Rhyme also needs to figure out how to balance her new-found liking to living in the present and preparing for the future, balancing things being something that she's always had trouble with. This is why she was rarely able to give her brother the support that he needed, something that she will always regret. Secretly, Rhyme seems to have a little bit of a troll-ish streak, with how she teases Beat. But, people are so caught up in her rather moe-esque appearance that they don't notice. All they see is how cute she looks, or how smart she is. She gets annoyed when people call her adorable and move on, this being one of her biggest pet peeves. Unfortunately, as we don't really get to see a lot of Rhyme in the main-game, most of this is just headcanon stuff.

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