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Yeah I got nothing to put here about myself.

My Stories

As Above, So Below: (Current focus and being updated whenever) A shortish story that I'm aiming to be between 10-12 chapters long. Got the idea in early 2022, wrote a couple of chapters in private, shelved it due to circumstances, and then picked it back up over a year later. Written as an experiment to test literary devices I haven't attempted before and to see how much of my writing changed after breaking things off with ScytheRider and then going on to date MadderJacker. We are always influenced by the people we associate ourselves with whether we know it or not, and I'm curious to see what influences present themselves in this story. Cover Art by Adamarts.

Shattered Selves (Hiatus): A multi-perspective Pokémon story. A pseudo-sequel to Broken Ideals, though it doesn't become obvious right away. You also don't have to read Broken Ideals to enjoy this story; just a lot of things are really obvious in hindsight if you've read Broken Ideals. It follows many characters and their reactions to finding out that they're nothing but pieces of a whole and that they all need to merge back together.

There's going to be a few characters in the story that belong to other people since I requested them. So for the sake of organization and so people know which character belongs to what person, here's a list of all the borrowed characters. Thanks again you guys for giving me your characters!

- Patience and Abel submitted by ScytheRider

- Jera submitted by Rotshout

- Dimia submitted by 1Noir

- Caran submitted by TheTacticianAlchemist

The cover art done was done by JA-Punkster on DeviantArt.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Shiver Me Timbers (Hiatus): A Totodile is ready to live his new life as a human-turned-Totodile in typical PMD fashion: guild life, expeditions, rescue missions, saving the world, all the like. At least, that's what he's expecting. Too bad he's abducted by pirates before he and his partner can even get to the guild. Started off as a stupid idea, then stupid scenarios started shaping in my head and the next thing I know, I have a whole stupid story all figured out. Cover Art by MKnight.

Liminal: (Complete) A short story about a Zangoose has just begun her career as a dungeon scouter. An experimental kind of story written in 2nd person. Very much horror-centric, even more so than my other stories.

Eon Fable: Ice: Complete) The Glaceon chapter of Eon Fable, ScytheRider's story. I wrote the Glaceon chapter a few years ago and tweaked over time. Eventually I was given permission to post the chapter on my profile since ScytheRider was having a difficult time with the chapters before the Glaceon's. Was honestly one of the most difficult things I had to write, just because of how the story plays out. Cover Art By mudkip-chan on Deviantart.

Whispers of the Abyss: (Complete). A short story about Mystery Dungeons if they had time dilation within them. Basically, more time passes outside the dungeon than in, meaning you can be gone for literal months while in a dungeon. This is the story about a Corvisquire who decides to take on the worst dungeon there is, with the greatest time dilation. It's rumored that if you dare venture inside, you'll remerge in a world a hundred years into the future. Started off wanting to write about just the Corvisquire, then I realized I wanted to write about his teammates too. Never underestimate how much you might fall in love with the characters you make; you would be surprised how quickly and tightly they can cling to you. Cover Art by bograbbit.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Broken Ideals: (Complete). My second attempt at a PMD fanfic. My first attempt has been long deleted away due to realizing that I couldn't do a mutli-perspective story at the time. So I tried again with a more linear style, featuring a Cubone and a Zorua partner.

As the story's description suggests, it can get really, really dark when it wants to be. I did my best to make tasteful, but if you can't handle things like suicide, abysmal despair, and demonic creatures, I'm not too sure you'd like my story. Just a fair warning since I've had people over the years wishing I had warned them about the contents.

Also, because it was considered my first real fanfic, my opinions on the story are more lukewarm now. I get a lot of people still like the story and I find some fondness looking back on it, but for the most part, I consider it more a stepping stone to my time as an author on this sight than a magnum opus. So if I sound indifferent when talking about it and say to read other stories of mine instead of that one, that's why.

Cover Art on FanFiction by Donffy from DeviantArt.

RESET: (Three-shot. Complete) My first attempt at an Undertale story, which ended up becoming a one-shot that grew so long that I had to cut it into three pieces. It served as a very nice, refreshing change from my other story and let me test out ideas that fascinate me. It follows Sans's perspective as human children keep appearing in the underground world with him and the other monsters, one right after another. At first he finds it to be nothing more than strange, but then things start taking an ominous turn when he figures out each of the children look exactly like the one before them. Was written as a part of NaNoWriMonth 2015.

Gungeon Master: (One-Shot. Complete) This started off as a sassy review of Enter the Gungeon after it began taunting me for my incompetence at the game by saying things like I died because my reflexes were too slow. In some ways, I wanted to write a review in that way instead of how I normally do out of some sort of petty revenge for mocking me. It was supposed to be a review written like a story where I'd mock certain aspects about the game. However, just as I began to write the review, it suddenly changed, and the next thing I knew, it was about a certain gungeoneer discussing his thoughts about all the past gungeoneers and their futile efforts to get to the bottom of the Gungeon. I still don't know how this went from a review to a one-shot, but sometimes there are things that don't make a lot of sense.

Common Staples of My Works

- Pokémon having a lot of animal-like behaviors that are similar to whatever real life animal species the character looks like.

- Horror of every imaginable type. Body, psychological, existential, you name it, it's probably somewhere in one of my stories. Even if the story is meant to be comical.

- Eldritch Abominations.

- A character named Gallows in borderline every story (Post-Broken Ideal's completion) who serves as a major character.

- A focus on character interactions rather than plot or worldbuilding. To me, characters is one of the most important parts of a story. It's not to say I don't care about anything else, but I put a lot of my efforts into making good characters and their relationships to others.

- Every single ship being cursed. I seem to be unable to write wholesome ships without them being completely creepy or weird.

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As Above, So Below reviews
Vulnerable Pokémon are pulled into comas by otherworldly forces and are unable to reawaken. Once thought to be a death sentence, Pokémon have now learned how to enter the minds of the comatose and face the malevolent forces from within. With power bestowed to these Pokémon from the legends themselves, they now have a fighting chance. For now. Cover by Joannazelle.
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"Find the others. Become one." Those were her instructions. She had to find her other selves in the other dimensions if she wanted to prevent the entire multiverse from collapsing. It seemed simple. All her other selves would surely understand what's at stake and come with her. Why wouldn't they? Rated T in the beginning, becomes M later. Cover by JA-Punkster.
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Mystery Dungeons are not only spatial anomalies, but also temporal anomalies. An hour in a dungeon could be a week on the outside. Ones who enter dungeons must accept this risk. They must accept that they won't lose their lives: they will lose everything else. One Corvisquire knows this more than anyone else. Cover by bograbbit.
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