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Okay still working on those stories, but got a lot of distractions in my life at the moment. Some of those distractions are a mess of story plots swimming through my head. I don't have time for these right now, and my reviewers keep saying I have original ideas. So I'm going to put up a couple challenges here, enjoy.

Challenge #1: It Takes A Village Challenge (Naruto) - On account in real life the clan leaders would have been idiots not to have known Naruto's parentage, and I doubt they'd have doubted Minato's ability. In this challenge the Clan Leaders repay their debts to Minato and Kushina by watching over their son. With both direct and indirect means they protect and guide Naruto on his path towards being a shinobi his parents would be proud of. Guidelines: Naruto doesn't learn any clan specific abilities, they merely help him. The Uchiha Massacre may or may not happen, up to you. Uchiha are helping with Naruto or at least did up to the massacre. Naruto isn't overly powerful, just on par with his classmates who came from clans. One clan leader stands out more as a parental figure, at the same time Naruto influences the clan leaders and their children in various ways (i.e. resolve family issues). Other than that let your imaginations guide you.

Challenge #2: A Brave New World Challenge (Marvel/X-Men/Avengers/X-overs or stand alones) - Movie and or Comic verse challenge. Following X-Men: First Class events happen differently. Instead of threatening the X-Men the military overrides the CIA and takes command. X-Men become a government bureau and the Institute is government funded. Tell the tale of this new world where mutants are seen as heroes like the Avengers. Guidelines: Enjoy!

Challenge #3: Not My Future Challenge (Young Justice X New 52 X-over) - Following the events of Batman Inc. and the First Season of Young Justice. Young Justice (Earth 16) Robin is somehow transported to the DCnU following the loss of their most recent Robin. Robin and Nightwing meet, compare life stories. Robin returns to his Earth and has to decide how to use what he's learned from Nightwing. Guidelines: Must include Robin's whole trip to the DCnU, and his reaction to that world. I leave it up to you how he gets there and back.

Well those are the challenges for now, I'll take them down in a month if now one accepts them, so PM me if you accept a challenge. Please don't PM me unless you're serious, that means ready to post your first chapter. Well enjoy, back to writing for me.


Yeah it’s been quite some time since I last updated, and actually I doubted whether or not I ever would. If you checked my profile in the last ten months you’d know I’ve began work on a publishable project. While talking with my co-writer on that project we agreed FanFiction while useful for polishing skills and experiment with character relationships and building (Note how often I use original characters), it is also a major distraction. I did also state on my profile I would not just abandon my stories, and due to my co-writer’s religious observances there’s a lot of time where we cannot work. So I will be completing as many of these stories as I can whenever I’m not working on the novel.

Not much of an Update, but I've decided to relent slightly. I will update existing stories to their completion, but may or may not post new stories. If I do they will have been completed prior to posting. Also expect the existing stories to be rather rushed as I'll be trying to complete them as quickly and cleanly as possible. Also note that when a publishing date is set for the aforementioned novel all stories will be removed from this account without any forewarning. Updates will be sporadic at best.

Story Statuses:

Harry Potter

Marauder's Sons (Possibly in Process)


Paths of Peace (In Process)

Inuyasha Stories

Rewrite the Past (In Process)

Family of the Dog (Series)

Family of the Dog (Complete)

Family of the Dragon (Hiatus): Technically is can be considered completed, I may write a epilogue to tie it up.

Legacy of the Fang (Hiatus): 1 chapter remaining, but I just lost interest in it.

Naruto Stories

New Fate (Hiatus): I know where the story is going, just lost interest as it is a research heavy story.


Okay, after three years and a lot of procrastination I've begun serious work on a piece of fiction with plans to publish. I recently
contacted a college friend of mine and we've decided to work on this project as collaborators. Since it's no longer a solo venture I can't sit back and let the moss grow, I need to be an active partner.

In saying this, for the foreseeable future my fan fiction stories will be on indefinite hiatus, and may very well be taken down at some point in the very near future. I'm sorry to say none will be up for adoption. I may reconsider if someone shows a strong desire, and can prove they will actually continue by writing up a chapter continuing from where the story left off.

This is not to say I'm abandoning FanFiction completely, my collaborator and I have tentative plans for Fan Fiction writers in
connection with this project at a later date. Also, in line with my previous message, when this book is published I have no problem with Fan Fictions, as long as the sites remain active, but I will not approve of characters reading the books stories.

I will continue to check my messages and may post new messages on my profile, and I'll continue to read and review, but my time of writing stories has passed as I plan to move on to bigger things.



Recently I've noticed a couple battles between the administrators and the writers, and decided to voice my opinions.

The first and the one that effects the whole site is the whole rating issue. The site has been a K-M rating site for as long as I've been a member, and I've read some pretty heavy stuff, I was in college when I read those stories and couldn't believe they were so easy to find and nothing kept anyone from accessing them, even YouTube has age verification screens. Since then I've personally policed myself with my stories and have reiterated that there's nothing keeping minors from reading stories on this site.

The second, which is mostly from the books section is these characters reading the books stories, and seems to be riling a lot of feathes. I'd read a couple of those stories, but got tired of them quickly as you're mostly just reading what the books author wrote with some lines in between. It was a few weeks later I was re-posting a story I'd taken down for a heavy rewrite and I was reading through the guidelines (yes I do read those every time I post a new story) that I saw the one pertaining to those stories.

I've noticed people using the copyright laws and one authors support of fan fiction to justify those stories. The copyright laws don't cover fan fiction because one you're quoting not only small segments of the original work but the whole thing, besides that if you post the entirety of a book on this site someone else is able to then copy and print that book for free without paying, I doubt that author would be very supportive if it starts eating into her profits.

My suggestion to those writers who want to use the character reading the books as a jumping point for them changing their fates or what ever. Then set up them preparing to read, then jump to them finishing the books, maybe have breaks between books where they comment over the entire book as a whole, without the text from the book in your story. Then they can go about changing their fates, also I've noticed a lot of writers abandoned their stories after a couple chapters or books and never reach the end. I've seen a couple done where the story takes place after the reading and we get to read their responses to the entirety of the books.

Yes it may seem that I support the administrators, and in many ways I do. I don't support them deleting stories without prior notifications, but much of this site is automated and when they let a bot loose to hunt for something there isn't much they can do. Just look at the volume of stories on the site. People this site is a free site, we don't pay any sort of membership so you can't really complain and just be happy they let people get away with the rule breaking for as long as they have.


On original charters...

I've notice I've gotten a few reviews stating the same things, they the review doesn't normally read stories with OCs. I'll admit that OCs in stories can really make the story bad if done improperly. The number 1 mistake I've seen, and I'll admit I've done it as well, is people making the OCs overly powerful or they prevent every bad thing in a story from happening such as character deaths or whatever creates the conflict in the original work.

The first thing to adding a OC into a story is making them a believable, or at least plausible back story. This back story can't adversely effect the main point of conflict in the story. A final note in the back story, your OC shouldn't replace an established main character in a pivotal role. Harry Potter's the Boy Who Lived, Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One, Naruto is the Kyubi Jinchuriki, etc. The only time that last part is acceptable is when gender swapping that character, because technically that would be an OC as your changing the gender thus the character itself.

Next is how the OC changes the story. The very presence of an OC implies AU, but how far do you want to go from cannon. For example I'll use some of my own stories.

Family of the Dog - This story based in the Inuyasha fandom is very AU. Save for the character names, species, and a few events the entirety of the story is AU. This story has the largest number of OCs I've used in a story that doesn't take place post series. It was my take on the Inu Taisho surviving, but I added a number of characters that are related to Inu Taisho.

Harry Potter and the Marauder's Son - This HP AU fic follows the OC character of Orion Black II, the son of Sirius Black and another OC who dies early in the story. A second OC in this story is Harry's younger half-sister who's father is Snape, the events leading to her existence are explained early in the first chapter. This story sticks closely to cannon but strays into AU with the inclusion of the OC characters and how they effect events.

Since I've started reading FanFiction I find that a lot of people like to add themselves into the narrative of the stories, and they use themselves as the basis for their OC. I'm not going to comment on that, but it does lead to my next point. You should never pair your OC with the main character in any story that has a solidified pairing unless you completely remove displaced character.

On parings...

Alright, I know everyone on this site is a fan of something or other, and they have their favorite pairings of characters. That's fine and everyone is free to have their own opinion. I might have stated this a few times in author notes or private messages, but I stick to cannon pairings where they apply.

:Spoiler Warning - Below may be some minor spoilers to certain facts about the ending of some series:

Avatar: The Last Airbender - I know this is a kids show, and a bad American attempt at Anime, but really there should have been no relationships on this show, but since there were I'll point a few things out. Aang the Avatar is 12, most 12 year old boys think girls are icky, and if the monks have ingrained it into him so deeply about not killing then wouldn't they also ingrained their other beliefs. The Air Nomads men didn't even see the women accept for once a year. Next up, Katara of the south pole is 15. Taking into account the type of culture these people live in she's actually at the age of marriage and the daughter of a tribal chief, next take into account the sudden end to a 100 year war, not saying Zuko and Katara would be joining in happy matrimony, but realistically they'd be the obvious choice. This series though was targeting at kids, plus it was heavily influenced by American ideas of the hero always get's the girl.

Harry Potter - Got to go with cannon pairings. J.K. telegraphed the Harry X Ginny pairing from the second book onward, that left Ron and Hermione. Everyone else is authors choice I say.

Inuyasha - Once more I've got to say cannon pairings, except for the whole Sesshomaru and Rin thing. If your doing a post series story and do it right I'm fine with it, but personally I doubt Sesshomaru would sleep with a human after hating his brother since his birth. I find it believable in stories that depict a repentant Sesshomaru, but even in cannon it shows Sesshomaru and Inuyasha as only tolerating of each other.


I've been reading fan fiction for awhile now, just decided to see how my writing does in a public arena.
I am a college student, and plan into going into professional writing. I was once considered the best fiction writer by most my english teachers up till college when fiction writing was replaced with essays.
I post as I write, I don't see the point of starting something and not finishing it, so even if I get zero review most of my stories will continue.
I like the ideas of review, I also like collaboration, so if you like one of my stories and would like help, contact me and we can figure something out.

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