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Yes, I changed my pen name.

Lets see, I'm fifteen and a girl. I have no idea what else I should talk about here, so I'll ramble on about myself. I'm new to the site and have joined just a few days ago. I love the Teen Titans obviously, I mean, who doesn't?


Exactly. I started watching the show when I was nine with two of my friends who also shared the same favorite character as me. One of my friends actually dressed-up as Beastboy for Halloween. Then we separated a year after and never saw each other again. So, I guess Teen Titan's also a memory of my old friends for me. The laughs, Titan computer games we played, arguements about who can imitate a certain character the best. I don't have many friends anymore. Why? Because I'm shy. Everyone else in my school, and by everyone I really mean everyone, are extroverted people. They're loud, energetic, and basically the oposite of me. They have cliques and it's hard making friends with them. Not only that, but I don't particularly want to. They're extremely childish and not people I'll like as friends. It's been three friendless years. Therefore, the memories of Titans are even more special. I did other stuff with my friends, though, don't worry. Oh, and one other thing: if you're friendless like me, don't worry. You're a fantastic being, others just can't see that. Someday, you'll meet someone who can. I'm moving and therefore changing schools to one with more people, so I'll probably make a friend there. The one I'm in has fifty people in the entire place. Enough said.

I also love Avatar: The Last Airbender.

-Pokes avatar (get it?)-

Toph and Zuko are my favorite characters. I love how the characters are complicated like actual people. They're not something cliche like in most cartoons. They all also have intriguing histories and personalities. I love how the bending movements are based on the Chinese martial arts. No other cartoon's like that as far as I know. The whole 'monk' thing they have going on is phenomenal. All in all, it's a show everyone should love.

Another thing I like?

Harry Potter.

A whole different world. Awesome characters. Very well writen. Unpredictable. Enough said. My favorite characters would be Fred and George Weasley.

There are other things I like, no duh, but these will be what most of my fanfictions will be centered around.

Favorite Couples

Raven/Beast Boy

I agree, the fanfictions are mostly out of character, focusing on physical attraction. But, the couple itself makes sense.

I agree, characters that are total opposites usually don't attract, but...

Raven and Beast Boy are NOT total opposites. BB's not some jokester and Raven's not some Goth. Yes, that's what they appear to be on their outershell, but they're not only that. They're the two most misunderstood Titans with the worst histories. Raven chooses to bottle-up her emotions while BB stifles his pain and sorrow, masking it with lame jokes and a goofy smile. Deep down, they're the same insecure, troubled, misunderstood human being. Whenever they both showed their true self to others, they had the unfortunate case of getting hurt. Not to mention how they both get out-of-control when they're angry. They've got a lot to bound over. Yes, the way they choose to bottle their true self is completely different, but that's what makes the couple even more awesome.

They each give each other what the other lacks. Raven's BB's little "wise voice". Whenever he does something stupid or immature, Raven's the one who sets him right. In return, BB is Raven's "fun". Yes, she pretends she dislikes his jokes. But she had confessed in some episodes that it's just pretend. Plus, even if she does hate them, BB still gives her teasing opportunities. It's plainly obvious how much fun Raven has teasing him with her sarcastic remarks. It might very well be her way of having fun.


Let me tell you, usually, when a couple becomes canon, they become less liked. Why? Beacuase the only thing happening between them would be blushing, hand holding, kissing and stuff like that. While that's cute, I like some non-physical attraction as well. I like to see their chemistry, them bounding. The reason people started liking this couple. What happened to Robin explaining Earth to Starfire? What happened to him making sure she belonged on the strange planet? Basically being the only one who tolerates her odd questions? What happened to Starfire sending a smile on Robin's face? Or her reminding him there's more to life than saving the world. Yes, everyone wants to see them kissing or holding hands. But it would be cool to also add some more depth to their relationship. I do like this couple, Robin's the only one I can actually imagine with Starfire, but I'm not going to say they're my favorite.

~I'll be adding more later~

-Examples include Zutara, Cyborg/Bee, KF/Jinx, Hermione/Ron...


"You sure he has a brain in there?"-Raven

Aang: Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in 100 years... Not looking forward to that...

Sokka: Who lit Toph on fire?

Brother Blood: Another spy! Tell me, was anyone at my school actually there to LEARN?

Beast Boy: Ooh, squiggly lines. Way informative.

Montague's just been found in a toilet, Sir-Draco

Just because it's taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn't mean no one else has spotted I'm a girl!-Hermione

Accio Brain!-Ron

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