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I’m a mother of four young children who became hooked on Twilight in April of '09. One night I was flipping through movies and after seeing the Twilight trailer I quickly clicked ‘Buy’. I’m a sucker for a handsome hero saving a damsel in distress.

The series reminded me of the rush of first love, the way your heart flutters from a simple touch of the hand and how it can feel impossible to be the same room without touching each other. How the best part of your day was when you saw a smile on his face and how no matter what you were doing together, regardless of how silly, or romantic, or every day it was, it still seemed to be one of the best moments of your life.

After years of marriage, my memories had become a little dusty and clouded. These books brought me back to a walk in the rain around campus, and him picking flowers for me on walks from his apartment to mine. I remember him telling me he was almost afraid to kiss me the first time and how he had to do it twice, just to make sure it was right. Through these books a few of those feelings sparked again but more importantly, some of the best memories of my life were rekindled. I hope that you’ll be favored with a book or picture or movie that not only reminds you of your own memories but encourages you to relive a few of them too.

All the best, FirstBlush

my blog: Here you'll find pictures and postings for The Last Breath and The Long Way Home. twitter: firstblushmom

The Last Breath: Now Complete! The Last Breath is my first fan fic. I’ve done a ton of research for this story since it is set thirty years before I was born. I post the web links to my research at the end of each chapter. If one of the links goes down, please send me a note and I’ll try to replace it with a working one. The story banner is posted here (thank you Mrs. V) Chapter banners can be found at:

Full story description: It’s 1944 and a young American, Edward, awakes in a field hospital outside of London. He was injured two months earlier during an operation near Marigny, France. Upon regaining consciousness, he asks for his wife, Bella, who was working in London. His physician tells him that his wife was injured in an air raid and did not survive. Our young hero vows to find his wife refusing to believe she’s dead. This sets Edward on a journey over two continents, through the dangers of war and espionage to find the love of his life, forgiveness for his past, and a joy he never even knew existed.

TLB Story Reviews: Ginginlee's amazing review on Twi-Fic promotions and her PWN spot on the Fictionators thejmeyer's kind words on The Little Known Ficster Adt216's recommendation on Twilight Enablers KatHat's promo on Cafemom the Undiscovered Gem review on So you think you can write Lizzylillyrose's review on Twi muses and finally U2Shay's nod for an Under the Radar post on The Twilight Awards Thank you for the kind reviews and well wishes for this story

Nominations: TLB was nominated for a Walk of Fame Award in the Cosplay Queen Award for Best Period Piece and a a Hidden Star Award. Thank you so much Just4ALE and anyone else who nominate and support this story!

THE LONG WAY HOME: Now Complete! This is my second story. It parallels TLB. The banner is posted here: The Long Way Home Banner Thank you Enchantedmind, you are amazing.

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Nominations: The Long Way Home was nominated for three Hopeless Romantic Awards.

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