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I wish I could start this out by saying something eye-catching, but unfortunately I'm not a very interesting person.

I'm Annika. I'm not a straight A student, nor am I the captain of the girls volleyball team. I'm just Annika. Nothing special. It's annoying, really.

As you can tell, I'm a writer. I've been a writer since the time I could read words and put a full sentence on a paper. Obviously my skills have evolved from 'Once Upon a Time...' to better things, I hope. I'm an avid reader. Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, John Green, Stephen Chbosky, and Suzanne Collins are among my favorite writers. My favorite types of books are those that would make your brain feel like mush after reading it. It's how I felt after I finished Looking for Alaska by John Green. Just sharing.

I'm a fair baker too. My chewy chocolate chip cookies are the bomb. You could often catch me watching the Food Network late at night when I'm supposed to be sleeping.

When I have a sore throat and my voice gets all hoarse, I go by the name Fred. He enjoys using pick up lines on girls and calling everyone he knows 'baby'. He also has a homosexual sister named Frieda. Together, they are part of a gang called Fred's Crew. They give really sick raps.

This is the part when I'd say my favorite kinds of music. But I can't fit all of my favorite bands in this description. But my song on replay at the moment is Pour Some Sugar on Me by The Maine. I love Def Leppard's version and the Maine did an awesome job at their own cover.

I swear too much too, by the way. Just a head's up.

I'm a geek too. I like Photoshopping, video-making, HTML-ing, and playing video games.

I'm a demigod-wizard too. I spend my summers at Camp Half-Blood, then when September 1st comes along, I go on over to Hogwarts. I'm currently in my fifth year.

Wanna talk? Send me an owl, iris message me, or private message me. Whatever works.