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Author has written 2 stories for Wrestling, and Pokémon.

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, I'm mounting a comeback, and its time to MAKE FF.Net GREAT AGAIN

Want to submit an OC to my fic? Use this form:

New and improved OC form; ( e.g. your OC application MUST resemble this format)

Name: Christopher 'David' Moore (simple enough put your OC's name here)

Nickname: 'Chris' (again what your character likes to be called)

Age: 17 (pretty simple here, place a number here between the ages of 8-100 )

Hometown- Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland but moved to Sinnoh a few months later due to his father’s career. ( real-world locations exist and will be featured in the fic. Your OC can come from a real world location)

Height- 6 foot 6

Weight- 230 pounds. He is relatively stocky but muscular at the same time

Physical appearance- (must be in detail) Thick, messy dirty blond hair, a rather large shapeless face, stubble is present on his face and it is slowly starting to grow out in a beard. He is fairly unremarkable in the facial appearance department; he looks younger than he actually is. He has very large, broad shoulders which are also complimented with a large chest width, giving him a rather imposing appearance. His legs are very long and well toned. He wears size 14 shoes.

Physical Quirks: Deep scar that runs across the top of his right eyebrow. He is kind of self-conscious about the incident, as he fell and bashed his head off a blunt rock.

Clothing- (again the description must be in detail)

Casual- A black t-shirt with an Evangelical message on it (God is my hero, and my rock, a spoof on Guitar Hero ) or a Navy coloured New England Patriots with number 87- Rob Gronkowski . And on certain occasions wears a simple black cotton t-shirt with "I'm Awesome" printed in white lettering in the front with "I'm the Best in the World" printed on the back. Sometimes during battles he wears a long, black leather jacket.

Formal: Pretty simple, a black blazer with a black tie, a white shirt with black trousers with black suit shoes.

Family: Father (a senior Police officer in the Sinnoh region), Mother (works with the Poketch Corporation), Brother (Joshua)

History: Grew up in a rich, upper middle class background, he tutored himself while travelling and thus is smarter than most people. His best friend is his brother Josh. His life seems pretty unremarkable. He has had several run ins with evil organisations such as Team Rocket, but these incidents have been very minor but yet he loathes these groups with a passion and when given the opportunity he will gladly exact revenge on these groups.


Kanto: Round 3- Drew with his friend and travelling buddy; Renn Silver. But due to the rules of the tournament they were both eliminated.

Johto- Round 5- beat by Seishirou Hiwatari

Hoenn- Quarter Finals- lost to Renn Silver

Sinnoh- Won the league by beating Renn, lost to Lucian of the Elite Four.

Sinnoh Battle Frontier- winner

(Visited these regions one year ahead of Ash so when Chris was travelling in Johto, Ash was just beginning his journey)

Personality (Again must be in detail): Often defined as a 'cocky jackass', Chris isn't afraid to voice his opinion and makes sure his opinion is heard. Over confident in his battling skills and simply thinks that he is awesome and can't be persuaded otherwise. Very capable in finding faults in others but is blinded to his own faults, he can also be relatively judgemental. He has a fierce temper and has some anger management problems. He is very proud of his Christian faith and has often made enemies by fiercely defending his beliefs, his morals and values are very conservative in nature. He is also fiercely Straight Edge, meaning that he is opposed the consumption of drugs, tobacco and alcohol; he tries to force this belief on others and finds people who engage in the consumption of alcohol and other drugs absolutely disgusting. However he is rather comically addicted to Diet Coke, and often suffers from "withdrawal symptoms" if he doesn't receive what he deems a necessary amount of his beloved Diet Coke. Known to be sarcastic but only when appropriate, his jokes are usually very witty and usually concentrate on the sheer irony of a situation. Despite his faults he is kind and caring to those he believes who deserve it, while considered a 'loner' he holds his close friends very closely and ensures that they are all cared for. Not really interested in romance but still gets very nervous around females, but he has admitted to finding several girls "cute" but claims to be waiting "for the right one". He has a high IQ and sometimes likes to quote various several prominent figures throughout history.

Battle Cry: (Pokémon)! Standby for battle!

Battle Style: Quick and utterly fierce, relies on speed and sheer power rather than defence. He only uses elaborate tactics and strategies when backed into a corner on the battlefield

Pokemon (this MUST be in detail or your OC will not be accepted):

Pyro- Charizard- Chris' signature Pokemon, received as an egg as a birthday present when Chris turned 6, Pyro is a brother of Josh's Charizard; Volcanus. Literrally grew up with Chris and thus is tremendously close and loyal to him. Team Captain of the Pokemon team, kept in a gold plated Pokeball. Also capable of Mega Evolution into the Mega Charizard X forme.

Moves: Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Steel Wing, Flare Blitz, Overheat

Ability: Blaze

Gender: Male

Jet- Buizel- Chris caught Buizel while travelling to Canalave City to get on a boat to travel to Kanto. A very fun loving Pokémon, very friendly but a fierce and adept battler.

Moves: Aqua Jet, Sonicboom, Water Pulse, Pursuit, Ice Punch, Waterfall, Headbutt, Scald.

Ability: Swift Swim

Gender: Male

Caedus- Zorua- The newest addition to Chris' team. Very young and timid and hasn't received much battling experience. Recieved as an egg as a reward for completing the Sinnoh Battle Frontier.

Moves: Night Daze, Bite, Punishment, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball

Ability: Illusion

Gender: Male

Gyru-Nidoking. Caught while on a rampage in the Safari Zone in Kanto. Much like its trainer it has a fierce temper and has some anger management problems but is loyal to Chris to the end of the world. The power-house of Chris' team

Moves: Poison Sting, Earth Power, Megahorn, Thrash, Toxic, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Rock Slide.

Gender: Male

Ru- Kangaskhan- A long term veteran of Chris’ team but still relatively young in its life, Chris encountered Ru as an abandoned baby inside the Kanto Safari Zone, due to him saving her life, Ru is immensely loyal to Chris. She acts as a mother-figure to the other-wise male dominated group of Pokémon. She has yet to breed and therefore has no baby in her pouch

Moves: Dizzy Punch, Mega Punch, Outrage, Hammer Arm, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Shadow Ball, Return, Return.

Ability: Scrappy

Gender: Female.

Apache- Staraptor. Caught in Sinnoh before Chris embarked on his journey. Very loyal but shy.

Moves: Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Double Team, Facade, Hyper Beam

Ability: Reckless

Gender: Male

Gender: Male


Vader: Sceptile

(Was a main stay of Chris’ team until Chris received Caedus, he is still a main battler and is routinely called upon to battle)

Moves: Iron Tail, Energy Ball, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Agility, X-Scissor, Dragon Claw, Synthesis

Ability: Overgrowth

Kamirai (Japanese for lightning)- (Raichu.)

Moves: Volt Tackle, Agility, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thunderpunch, Reversal, Dig, Thunder, Hyper Beam

Ability: Static

Gender: Male

Ortiz- (Machamp)

Moves: Cross Chop, Close Combat, Submission, Dynamic Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch and Ice Punch

Ability: No Guard

Fenir- (Arcanine)

Moves: Flare Blitz, Fire Fang, Extremespeed, Take Down, Hyper Beam, Flamethrower

Ability: Flash Fire

Panzer- (Tyranitar)

Moves: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Dark Pulse, Torment, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance.

Ability: Sand Stream

Gender: Male

Orton- (Seviper)

Moves: Poison Tail, Toxic, Gunk Shot, Gastric Acid , Fire/ Ice and Thunder Fang, Glare, Mud Bomb, Sludge Bomb

Ability: Shed Skin

Gender: Male

Lesnar- (Ursaring)

Moves: Hammer Arm, Thrash, Rest, Snore, Slash, Hyper Beam, Focus Blast, Belly Drum, Seismic Toss

Ability: Guts

Gender: Male

Lorna- (Haunter)

Moves; Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Curse, Mean Look, Shadow Punch, Dark Pulse, Nightmare, Perish Song

Ability: Levitate

Gender: Female

Shellshocker: (Wartortle)

Moves: Iron Defence, Withdraw, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Protect, Ice Beam, Aqua Jet,

Ability: Torrent

Josh's OC Profile:

Name: Joshua Moore

Age: 12

Height: Around 5 foot 7

Weight- Well built

Hometown: Sandgem Town, Sinnoh

Hair colour: Dirty blond much like his older brother

Appearance: Looks almost identical to Chris, deep blue eyes, sharp facial features, thick and slightly long hair ,well built. He wears a New England Patriots jersey much like his older brother; he also wears a pair of black tracksuit bottoms and white sneakers.

Personality: Similar to Chris, he is extremely sarcastic, and quite cold to strangers but can be incredibly funny and is close to his friends. Much like his brother he is a loner by nature.

Accomplishments: Semi-Finalist in the Hoenn League

Battle Style: Brute power combined with brutal tactics, favours attack and speed.

Battle Cry: (Pokemon) Standby for battle! Or Battle Stance!

Love Interest: Quite interested in Dawn but otherwise not the romantic type.


Charizard (Volcanus)- Male- Starter Pokémon: The leader of the group of Pokémon, Pyro's younger brother. Moves; Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Seismic Toss

Luxio (Shadowbolt) – Male- Josh's first capture, a playful Pokémon but can be ruthless in battle. Moves:Thunder, Thunderbolt, Crunch and Wild Charge

Feraligatr (Poseidon)- Male- A ruthless Pokemon, unfriendly but a formidable battler Moves: Hydro Pump, Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Mud Sport, Dragon Claw

Gallade (Stalker) – Male- Very loyal to Josh, speaks telepathically very noble and kind Moves- Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Protect, Light Screen, Barrier, Psychic,

Swellow (Mihirut, Hebrew for speed)- Male- A very fast Pokemon, a go to battler against Grass and Flying types Moves: Brave Bird, Aerial Ace, Double Team and Facade

Dusclops (Cyclops)-Female- A very good battler, loves to play jokes Moves: Mean Look, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-o-wisp, Thunderbolt

(in progress)

Below is an 'update log' for minor changes made to some of the earlier chapters of my PWL fic - if you haven't read the author's note at the end of chapter 16, I recommend you do so before reading on.

Chapter 1: i) Added opening author’s note. ii) Brushed up some of Chris’ dialogue.

Chapter 2: i) Minor formatting errors fixed. ii) Slightly altered Chris’ dialogue when talking about Adrian De La Vere.

Chapter 3: i) Altered the ending dialogue at the end of the chapter to better reflect the beginning of the Grand Order arc.

Chapter 4: i) Fixed minor mistakes.

Chapter 5: i) Fixed minor grammatical and continuity errors.

Chapter 9: i) Altered tone of the chapter, read the attached author's note.

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