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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and X-overs.

Hey! Ok so I am a huge Harry Potter fan. most of my fanfics will be either Harry Potter or for one of my favorite bands. I will do a few fanfictions for animes too, but not very many. my favorite is Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji~ LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I think I may do a fanfiction for that one...

I LOVE DRACO MALFOY!! There will be some gay/bi pairings in my stories, so if you don't like that , don't read the ones that warn you. (I will write WARNING: Gay/bisexual pairings). Mostly my genres will be angst or romance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ANGST AND DEATH.

I will have many slashes. Most of my stories will be rated T or M (teen or mature). I will not be, uh, writing porn, however, so, um, yeah. I would feel so awkward writing that. I just do kissing and stuff. haha. Although, I WILL do sexual implications/references (is implication a word?!). So, like, it'll be implied, but not descriptive.

IF YOU READ MY FANFICTION, REVIEW IT!!!!!!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU HATED IT, I WANT TO KNOW YOUR OPINION! [but don't be super-mean about it, of course~ just say what you thought]


1. Slut Draco and Emotional Draco. Or a combination of the two, which is my favorite.

2. Slashes. I love and write many.

3. REVIEWS!! Please Please PLEASE review my stories!! I need to know what you guys think!

4. Angst/Death stories. I'm a happy, silly, perky, morbid little kiddo.

5. guy x guy/girl x girl blushes


1. Male pregnancy. No. Just no.

2. Father/son incest. Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew. (no offense to you fans of that).

3. Adding in new characters into original stories. I know, I know, I'm a hypocrite, I did it too (Roselyn M. from "The Hogwarts Girls"), but except for Draco Malfoy, Slytherin just doesn't get any credit, I need someone in there that wasn't completely hateable. I know she's a bitch, but at least she's not a Mary Sue (I hate those.)

4. When it says characters died that don't actually die. Ex: Hermione dies in 3rd year. Nah, she didn't. I mean, I love death, but then it has to be a main character of your fic, not someone who died randomly. And killing Harry is just wrong. (once again, no offense. these are just my opinions)

If you guys don't like gay/bi pairings, don't read it please. I don't need "ew that's disgusting" or "you're sick!" on my review page. Go waste someone else's time.

gender: Girl

age: 17

Ok well IDK what else to say, so... bye! Read/Review my fanfics, please!

don't write anything creepy to me and don't talk to me if you are some creepy pervert. I will block you. don't bother.

Oh yeah, and I am currently working on:
1. Draco x Harry fanfic "Behind Blue Eyes" Angst/Romance (yeah yeah I know neither of them have blue eyes, use your imagination people!!)
2. Creed and Train fanfic. Yeah, they're meant to be.
3. Part II of "What Happened in Budokan"-- This time from Kai, Ruki, and Reita's POV
4. Part II of "Hold Me in the Dark" -- This time from Reita's POV

:I know I've been taking FOREVER in writing these, but I've been really busy *cough*lazy*cough:

Also, I AM DELETING THE STORY "THE HOGWARTS GIRLS!!" It just wasn't getting anywhere, I haven't even looked at it for like a year, and I probably will never look at it again, so it's a goner. However I still have it saved on my computer, so if you want it send me a message on here and I can re-upload it [I won't take e-mails because I don't want to give mine out... sorry] although I doubt anyone would want it since I hated it and it sucked lol but hey, maybe you did like it for some reason, and you're welcome to get it back! :)



JUST KIDDING ONE MORE THING: for the stories i have written that say "Japanloverxoxo" at the bottom of them, please ignore this signature~ i was going through a phase >_> Although I do like Japanese stuff lol

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