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Hello all.

In case you're reading this and half of what you see is out of date by a few months, that would be because I have only ever updated this profile thing two or three times since I started it.

My name’s... ACHOO... but you can call me I Am The Night (what a corny and horrible pen name, yes I know). It’s a quote from one of my own stories, the one that won’t give you diarrhea if you read it. I must be completely shameless.

Most of my stories were made either to test the waters or as a spur of the moment thing when I was bored. Half of them I wish I could remove but for reasons I can’t quite explain to either you or myself I can’t bring myself to do so, some artistic integrity thing I guess.

I write fanfiction as an outlet for my emotions, mostly rage, but there are others. So many people, thankfully only a minority, care only about themselves. We have the mental capacity to do and create so much, and yet we are so inclined towards thinking within such small horizons, ourselves, our families, our social group, and people who bear a resemblance to us, notably race, religion, gender and other trivial things. People who think along such lines are inclined towards not caring about other people, and thinking that people who aren’t like them are abnormal or wrong. It’s just so arrogant and selfish, and the worst part is that they’re almost always beyond being able to be reasoned with. They will make up evidence to prove their clames, and ignore the fact that they made it up themselves! Why do we have to deal with this crap! But it’s not just about venting my hatred at all the a$$holes of the world, it’s as much an expression of love, affection, justice, sorrow, humour and all that.

Here are some things that influence me.

Things I Like:

Dad, mum, sister, stepmum, grandparents and my limited circle of friends

My country Australia

My Hyosung GV650, pretty cool for a learner approved Korean immitation bike


Sports cars

Fords, though I can also respect Holdens

Radio control planes, cars, boats

Guns, missiles, tanks, jets, warships and other weapons of war and destruction

Politics and ideologies


Other things of no importance

Things I Hate:





People who judge

Climate change fear mongers… There’s valid scientific theories on both sides but the threat of doomsday is a very powerful tool for controlling people who don’t know or think too much about their leaders. In fact I hate the people who deny climate change and the adverse health effects of tobacco smoke just as much.

Demagogues and the people who vote for them

People who think they’re more important

People who don’t even try to pull their weight

Fake apologies

People who make fake apologies and then blame the victim when they don't do anything to back up said apology and get found out.

Favourite Characters:

T1000 from Terminator 2… He’s the ultimate cold blooded spectre of darkness. Remorseless, stoic, unceasing, his ice cold death stare makes your spine tingle and your blood freeze.

Itachi Uchiha from Naruto… Same as T1000.

Chloe from Noir… Same as Itachi Uchiha.

Mandy from GaoBaM… A tough, strong, take charge girl, she’s a role model for strength of will and how to not take sh!t from anybody.

Joker from Dark Knight…The maaaadneeesssss! THE MAAAAADNEEESSSSS!

Tak from Invader Zim… MAAAAAAAADNEEEEESSSSSSSS! And ultra cool too.

Hans Gruber from Die Hard… He’s cool, calm, collected and oh so sophisticated. Almost makes up for the fact he’s a ruthless killer.

Max Zorin from A View to a Kill… A superhuman psychopath. The product of Nazi eugenics, he laughed light heartedly while mowing down his own men like it was just a bit of harmless fun.

Patrick Bateman... Because as his buddy Max knows, it's hip to be square!

Alucard from Hellsing… Need I say anything? Hail the No Life King!

Johnny C. Nny... He's like a younger, crazier version of Alucard, and I like the idea of him being a burnt out future version of Dib.

This all shows up in my serious work and it’s pretty obvious when I use them for reference. At the heart of it I guess I'm just a glorified hack. Oh well, I am what I am.

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