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Beware. I am a flamer. A terrible flamer.

Example: This story is great. Yup. It's absolutely great to start a perfect day, starting with a cup of coffee and I starting up my computer. Then, that's when I saw this greatly revolting story. I had to restrain myself from spitting coffee all over my computer after reading it. The absolutely horrible grammar, the empty plot, and the illegible spelling mix up to form a chorus of terror and chaos to the mind. Please, I beg you, to delete this story, and spare the readers in Fanfictionnet from your terrible writing. Please, just delete every thought of typing in computer, purge youself of these thoughts and strap yourself to the chair.

However, I shall put in praise at the end of the flame. But then again, the only chances of you reading it is only one out of a hundred, granted that you are curious or patient.

I am a member of the Melliniumorder. Beware. I warned you.