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Author has written 14 stories for Happy Tree Friends, Cartoon X-overs, Team Fortress 2, and Pokémon.


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Hey you!

Yeah you! On the other side of the computer screen!

Name's Phoenix Reece! But you can just call me Reece, or Phoenix, or Webster (But the last one probably doesn't make sense to most of you, long story). I'ma here to write, read and socialize, much like you good folks out there are. I guess you'd like some Info on me. Well, here we go!

Everything you gotta know about :


1. I'm male, 'bout 5'3", and am as old as time itself. (wanna know my real age? Just follow the clues)

2. My b-day is July 24 (I can't believe you didn't send me a card)

3. I actively practice martial arts. I gotta a Black Belt license and everythin'

4. I'm a trained lawyer (OBJECTION!), doctor, general, and elite beat agent. (well, kinda. It still counts if the one who trained you was your DS right?)

5. My favorite cartoons are Ed Edd n Eddy, Samurai Jack, Happy Tree Friends, Total Drama Island/Action, and pretty much anything that's clever or bizarre enough to hold my interest.

6. I like to think I'm pretty well mannered. Just the way I was raised.

7. Some of my favorite anime/manga are One Piece, Reborn, Tuxedo Gin, and Bo-Bobo.

8. I sleep with a metal baseball bat (C'mon robbers, bring it ON! BONK!)

9. Thirteen is my lucky number. Don't believe me? On my thirteenth birthday I received a 50 gift card that, after it's first purchase, totaled 13.13. Also that year, I starred in a school performance of "Pirates of Penzance". I played the Major General, who had thirteen daugthers. In the movie "Talladega Knights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" Ricky's father Reece Bobby's car had a number 13 painted on the hood. My house number is 49. 4+9=13.

10. I'm a waiter! No really, it's a sweet job. Good money plus tips. And hey, any career that surrounds me with food is a good one in my book.

My golden rule:

I don't care who you are, or what your social or monetary status is, you're a living being and are a friend of mine. Except the undead. Sorry Vampires, just a rule of mine.

Weeeeellll, that about raps it up for my profile, feel free to browse my stories.

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