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Update 11/14/13:

It has been some time. I thank my readers for their continued support, and it is nice to see some good reviews still popping up every now and then. It has been ages since I've logged on, and I greatly resent the fact that my stories are in their current state and have been for so long. I've made plenty of excuses for the lack of updates, and they were genuine. Things got hectic, and still are. I feel like I've used that excuse a bit too much though, unfortunately. I'm actually only back online right now because I got a hint of nostalgia and felt like rereading my stories, and I felt that I should leave something to indicate my renewed presence, as well as actually write something on my profile for once.

Anyways, back to my trip down memory road. Needless to say, my stories need some work. These were my first pieces of actual writing. When I started, I did so stupidly and without a long-term plan or outline in place. I quickly realized my mistake and started to work on outlines, and I have the ideas for where I wanted to take these stories written down. I read through them again tonight, and noticed that there are words missing, some bad grammar, a little over-the-top cheese in scenes, and then some out of character moments that could require fixing, among other things. Although I haven't been writing much in the time since my last update, I like to think my ability to notice mistakes has improved. And these stories are definitely something I want to improve upon, and ultimately finish.

The problem, as usual, is time. I have precious little of it, being a full time college student and searching for a job. Thankfully, I think things will be looking up for my fa nfiction writing career soon. I should start having more free time after the next couple of months, enough that I may even come back to my stories. My writer's urge has resurfaced, and I do sincerely hope to finish at least one of these stories at some point.

This doesn't mean to be you should be expecting chapters of great quality coming out at a fast pace once I hit that point of free time. I've done little creative writing in my hiatus, and some of my DBZ knowledge has sadly left me while new things occupy that part of my brain. There's also other things that will be going on in my life. Regardless, I've decided that I truly want to come back to these stories when I get the chance, revise them, and write the new chapters so that they can be finished and you all can be entertained. It breaks my heart when I find an email in my inbox saying that a new review has popped saying, "Please update soon!" I have wanted to, trust me. I will too, soon enough.

I like what I've tried to do with these stories, in terms of my writing ability and concept. I tried tackling fight scenes, recaps/overviews, even small romance scenes. I thought I'd be terrible at them all initially. The entire thing was going out of my comfort zone. Although I can't say anything about the fan fiction that has popped up within the last year or two, I think I brought in ideas that are rarely used in the DBZ fanficitions I read, particularly in regard to the Gohan/Videl stories. To name a few: multiform, Korin's Tower, and the Pendulum room. Not to mention a nice few hints to the original Dragonball series that tied in nicely with my story. I think I can keep that up as I go.

I appreciate your constant support. Hell, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of daily views for my story upon logging and enjoy reading the few reviews I get every now and then. And so, I hope that you can hold out just a bit longer. I want to keep these stories going until they are done. I want to get all my ideas out there. I have had tremendous support from my fan base over my time on here, and it has truly helped me. I willget something out come Spring, and hopefully I can continue to do so. I know it hasn't been my strong point to have consistent releases, but I hope that those who have yet to abandon ship on me will remain to read my writing once it comes. Albeit not fully back at the moment, I will be shortly, and I will be back writing again. I have missed these side projects of mine terribly.

It has been a while, but it is damn good to back.


My Stories


My first fanfiction. It's a new take on a Capsule Corporation field trip. Little is still known about Gohan or Saiyaman, but after doing some actual digging, Videl starts finding hints of his past. I like to think some nice, not commonly used ideas are brought into this; not your average humor-filled field trip story. Only a little Saiyaman, no Buu. A work in progress!

A New Gohan:

A side project a started part way through "Secrets". Gohan starts school, but as a Super Saiyan 2 as part of his new training regiment. He has trained consistently throughout the past seven years and is close to reaching level 3. Gohan has taken on a Vegeta-esque attitude due to spending so much time training with him. No Saiyaman in here, no Buu. I've got my alternatives set up for it. A work in progress!

To Newcomers:

If you like Gohan/Videl stories, and you weren't a big fan of how Gohan was portrayed in anime, I suggest reading either of my stories. They offer two contrasting views on a non-anime Gohan story. A New Gohan tends to be a bit more comical and doesn't take itself as seriously, whereas Secrets, while still having its fair share of humor at the moment, is a more serious story that will grow darker once I get around to writing the new chapters.

I think I've done a good job of breaking the typical Capsule Corporation trip mold in Secrets and taking things to a different level, at least according to the standards of when I was writing and to several of my reviewers.

Regardless, I encourage you to read what I have written if you are a DBZ fan, and I ask for you to offer your comments, views, and criticisms. I am only human, and I did not have a beta reader for a decent chunk of my writing. On top of that, these are my first pieces of actual creative writing. There will be some mistakes in regards to the canon that I mistyped or was unaware of. Let me know. I may have missed a word by accident in a sentence. Tell me. Accidentally, I may have gone out of character, or the scene seems too far-fetched or out of place. Mention it in a review or send me a message. I welcome your feedback, as it helps me as a writer and helps you as a reader to notice these mistakes. I only ask that you give thoughtful criticism if you do. Telling me "this chapter sucks" or something along the line does little to help me improve. On the other hand, saying that I was over-descriptive and had continuity errors at certain points helps me out immensely and will enable me to deliver a better experience to readers.


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