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I would like to say that I understand if you didn't like the way I ended my story (Why can't...?) so I would just like to say that I'm very sorry and that my other stories will be better.

I have a few stories in the pipeline and some may be uploaded at the begining of next month but I can't make any promises.

Futurama Stories

Anthology of Interest 6 (reason being there are 5 AOI stories on here)
It will be the whole crew, not just the usual three.

Betrayal (working title)
Beela (Bender X Leela) fic. Fry finds out about these two about feels betrayed because they didn't tell him. Neither did anyone else...

The Tipping Point
Fender (Bender X Fry) fic. Set after TBWABB. Bender reveals that he is an experimental robot with built-in feelings. For many years he has been able to keep his feelings in control but now he can't seem to control them... (you will understand it more when you read it, trust me)

My Secret Obsession
One off Fender (Bender X Fry) fic. Fry has always had an unhealthy obsession with a certain robot. An obsession he has been able to keep a secret for many years... And he plans on keeping it a secret.

The Sting-What Really Happened
We all know what happened to Leela when she was in the coma, but happened in the real world around her? This is my interpretation of what happened.

Out of Jealousy
Somebody from the Planet Express Crew was murdered and there are a lot of suspects... (sucky summary I know but the story is musch better, trust me!)

My College Boyfriend
The back story of Leela and Sean.

Blame It On Zoidberg
No plot yet, I just wanted to write a story where Zoidberg is the main character.

Jealousy Is A Terrible Thing
Freela (Fry X Leela) fic. After having enough of Leela's rejections, Fry starts dating someone else, leaving Leela in a jealous fury.

The Dreams
Beela (Bender X Leela) fic. Leela mets a mysterious stranger who always saves her from dangerous situations and takes her on many adventures... Then she wakes up.

The Simpsons Stories

Treehouse of horror 17 (reason being there are 16 other THOH stories on here)
There will be three stories:
1) Lisa Boley (based on the story of Angel Boley)
2) Marge Ellis (based on the life of Ruth Ellis)
3) Heart's Desire (a story that I made up)

Desperately Seeking Lisa
After a terrible day of being bullied and ignored, Lisa runs away from home.

Out Of Love
Someone very close to the Simpson family has been murdered, and there are quite a number of suspects... (I know, the summary is basically the same for Out Of Jealously, that's because the stories are similar but with different characters, suspects and murderers)

Be Careful What You Wish For
After a depressing birthday, Lisa wishes for a better life, but she soon comes to regretting her wish. Based on the film Coraline but with a few twists.

The Sarah-Jane Adventures Stories

The Girl In The Mirror
A mirror that Sarah-Jane is gifted, brings with it a girl trapped within it that only Clyde can see. But is she all that she seems? (This will be in episode format so there should be a Pt 1 and Pt 2 of this story)

Strange things have been happening in the small town of Ealing. Could it have something to do with the new neighbour that moved in next door?

A girl in school has suddenly become the most popular girl in school. Trouble is, no one had ever heard of her yesterday...

Never Existed
It was just a normal day for Sarah-Jane Smith, until the next day when her son, Luke Smith, vanishes into thin air, like he never existed...

The Secret Show Stories

The Greatest Crime In History
Something terrible has happened. Only the greatest crime in history. Changed Daily's mantle piece has been stolen!

My Secret Love
One off Victor X Anita fic. He doesn't know about my love for him, and he shall never know...

Digging Up Old Secrets
There are somethings that are better left unsaid. That's what Professor Professor thinks when Doctor Doctor threatens to reveal their secret. But unfortunately for him, he needs to come face to face with it as it will help Victor and Anita in their latest mission.

Left Me For Dead
Victor feels guilty about what happened to Anita and vows to set things right.

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do, writing all these stories, so I hope that you will like them when I upload them (which will hopefully be soon!) If I come up with anymore stories, then they will be put here.

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Episode 1: When The Doctor Met Sally
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