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Hi everybody! I am completely new to the whole fanfiction thing but I am really enjoying it! I know I should be focusing on my more serious works, but this is fun! Smiles

9/17/09 Hey, guys! I just wanted to say how grateful I am to everyone who reviews. You guys are so nice! Thanks for helping the story along! :)

10/4/09 Hey, all! Sorry there hasn't been an update for so long, I've been super busy. I'll try super hard to get something up though! Thanks for staying with me guys, I really appreciate it.

Ha ha, I'm back! :) After quite a while, I think I've finally decided on what my characters look like, so... Here they are!

I hope the links work. This first one is what I'd imagine my main character, Andi, to look like. Maybe less pale though.

And this is what I'd picture Andi looking like when she was little.

This is Andi's mother. She'd probably have an eye color closer to Andi's though.

This is what I'd imagine Andi's father looking like, holding a younger Jimmy.

This is how I picture Todd looking.

And lastly, here is Jimmy.

And that's the family! It was really hard trying to pick out people who look or remind me of my characters. Originally I was looking for just ordinary people, but that was so difficult! So I had to settle for a bunch of movie people. I did succeed in finding Andi's father, though, which I was very happy about! :) Anyway, I hope the links come through and that nobody is super displeased by the fact that they're all very pretty people. I tried to find normal people, honest!

Ha ha ha. Enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: None of the pictures above belong to me, in any way, shape or form.


Hi everybody! I know it's been forever since I updated, and I feel really bad about that. I'm just so busy, it's crazy! D: I actually felt inspired to write a bit about a month ago, but I discovered that the file is not opening! UGH. So I have to do this whole tricky thing with uploading a new program that works and getting the thing to open and all that jazz. Anyway, I just wanted to say though that I am not giving up on this story, so while it may take a while, I will eventually finish this project! Thanks to those of you who are hanging around, and I am super sorry that this is taking so long. We will prevail!!


Hey guys! Great news!!! I finally was able to open my files, which means I'm going to start working on this story as soon as possible. The new chapter will be up as soon as I can possibly manage! Thanks for hanging on everybody and I do apologize again for the super long wait. Okay, here I come, Andi! :)


Okay, okay, okay - I need some advice from the readers. So I've been debating since the stories start whether or not there should be some mean, super girly girl who is like Andi's opposite. And obviously, they hate each other. Well, not hate, hate is a strong word, but you guys get the picture. Now the reason this is a debate is because on one hand, I feel like this character might be somewhat of a cliche and stereotype and I'm really not trying for that. However on the other hand, it would add some interesting scenes. So I've put this problem off for a long time and now I'm to the part in the story where I either add her or I drop her. I think her part would be fairly small, I don't want to make her a huge deal because then I'd have to resolve her and I already do that with Phillips. Basically her purpose would be to add interest and to make Andi feel insecure about her lack of femininity. So anyway, as you all can tell, I still have no idea if I want her in the story or not. That's why I'm requesting opinions! So, is this something that would interest you guys? Or do you think it'd just be stupid and that the story doesn't need her? Shoot me a message with your response, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :)

OH! IDEA! Maybe I could save this girl for later. Like, if I ever am crazy enough to do a story of the gang going through high school together. I dunno. xD The wheels are spinning in my head!

OH! ANOTHER POINT! There is already a girl coming along who is very feminine and isn't outwardly vile, but she's like... Subtly mean. So having this other girl who is super stereotype would almost be overkill. Hm. :/ Well, I'd still like to know if anyone has an opinion. At this point it is looking like I won't add her, but if there is a strong liking to the idea, I will! Thanks again guys!


HEY ALL!! Believe it or not, I am still alive and I have been working on Andi's story. :) It is still slow going - mainly because I started up another year of college and for those of you in college, you know how much of a female dog it can be. I'm also an art major, which means I'm working on creative stuff all-the-time and it does wear my brain out. Not to mention the fact that I'm now trying to put together an artistic gift for my boyfriend of 2 years. UGH, IT NEVER ENDS!! D: xD The story is being worked on though and I'm hoping the next chapter will be up in a month or so. I skip around a lot, which is probably why it takes me so long to write a chapter. I come up with ideas for future chapters and I'm like, "Oh! I should write that now!" :D And so I skip to that, and sometimes that leads me elsewhere and then that leads me somewhere else and finally I end up back where I was. I know, it's a vicious cycle! Not to mention, there's editing and formatting and all that stuff! I certainly won't take a year long break like I did last time though! But yes, just wanted to update people on what is going on with that!

I also wanted to take a moment to mention a couple of other small fanfics I will write after this massive thing is done. The first one is going to be a small drabble on Phillips and an OC that has already actually been introduced in the current fanfic... I'm very excited to write it! I don't like flat characters, so it'll be fun to give the "bully" another side!

I also want to explore a few simple scenes with Andi and Benny, most likely when they're older. Maybe high school, but I'm thinking more like... Married older! xD Just them doing stuff together, remembering, all that happy crap! Small stuff though, none-the-less!

I thought it might be fun to pick a few of the boys and write small pieces on them... For example, Smalls family dynamic. I always wondered how he felt about losing his father, especially now that I'm exploring this a bit with Andi and the loss of her mother. :/ His relationship with Bill would be interesting to write about as well! Squints and Wendy - what's going on there? Yeah-Yeah - where'd the habit come from? Bertram - why was he the one to lose touch with the rest of the boys? I won't promise that I'll write one for all of them, but I do want to try a few. :)

I did mention a while back being crazy enough to write about the gang going through highschool together. THIS IS DOUBTFUL THOUGH!!!! As fun as the idea seems, it would be another massive story like the one I'm working on now except with a LOT less to go on. "With Starshine in her Eyes" is basically practice for me. I have an audience and a story to tell them, but I have the basic storyline already written out for me. I would not have this with the next story and so it would be a lot harder to write. I'm not even sure if I could finish it and I don't ever want to disappoint my readers by giving up halfway through. ): So, I may write some short pieces on this, but probably not a full on story.

Alright, those are all the future projects. :) One last update: I recieved very mixed opinions on whether or not to put Andi's opposite into the next chapter and both sides made good points. I finally decided to give her a VERY brief role. Cereals, she appears for probably 5 seconds. She is there long enough though to show that Andi is a little insecure about her boyishness. So, it all works out. She's so minor, I don't have to worry about giving her much depth or giving Andi another issue to resolve, but she's there long enough that she helps us learn a little more about Andi. I dunno, maybe Andi will run into her again in high school. xD

OKAY! That's it for now folks! Thanks for reading my long rant, reading my fanfic and as always, being awesome people!! Lots'oLove!!!! :D


I've been working on the story, and it is going much faster now that I'm jumping around. With summer here, I am hoping to get a few chapters up with in the next couple of months! I feel terrible for disappearing again, but I will try to make it up to y'all by having a few steady posts on the fanfic this summer. Anyway, my REAL reason for appearing outta no where was to post a link. I was working on a scene for a later chapter last night and trying to describe a dress, but the best way for me to really get the reader to see what I'm seeing is to draw it. And then post a link for it. I'm in no way a fashion designer, but I am an art major! :D Anyway, without further ado: Andi's Fair Dress!

When the chapter comes up, I will repost the link so those of you who forget about this can be refreshed! I'm just posting it now so I don't forget. Haha. Okay, that's all for now! Hopefully I'll be back in a couple of months with a few chapters!

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