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Hey everyone!! Welcome to Mikki and Kaori's joint fanficiton account... channypop854!! (We know those are dorky names- they're not our real ones!! =P) Mikki's account is cherrypop54 (she hasn't written any stories yet... hurry up Mikki!!) and Kaori's account (mine!! :D) is channylover808. (I've written a story- yay me! :)


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Mikki's spot:

hi. (Kaori- Really Mikki, really? Write something!!)

hello. again. (kaori- do I even HAVE to comment again?? COME ON!!)

-rolls eyes- Yes. Finneee. okieee-dokiee, let's seee... (kaori- fine! I'll go first!)

FINE! (Kaori- good!)

GOOD! (Kaori- great... now we're doing it too... )

Kaori's spot:

Well... IIII don't have to put anything because I already have a profile!! Mikki doesn't have anything on hers! It's BLAANK!! So- Mwa-ha-ha!! Fine, I'll put something... just to show Mikki up. XD

So... I must mention that i am NOOOOT asian as my fake name suggests (Mikki is... and I'm always bothering her about it- trust me...) Just thought I'd clear that up!!

Mikki- GAHHHHH. Wait wait wait wait. You know what? After we get the general info about us done why don't we just say the things we like as one thing? Since we basically like the sameee thingggsss!!

FINE!! (and no, you are NOT allowed to say "fine" back- MWA!!) Well... then I guess we should just move on to favorites...

OUR FAVORITES SPOT: (Mikki=BOLD, Kaori=Italicize)

Favorite TV show: Wait. Do we really have to answer that? Isn't it kinda obvious? For you dummies who don't know... SONNY WITH A CHANCE!! what else is there, after all? (UPDATE12/7/2009: And Teen Titans, too! LOVE IT!! ROBIN IS GORGEOUS!!)

Favorite TV couple: Wow. Why are all of these questions so obvious!! GAHHH. okay. well... it's Chad/Sonny(Channy, hence the username ;P)Well, since SOMEBODY ALREADY ANSWERED THE QUESTION... Yep, it's channy!! (UPDATE: 12/7/2009: Also Robin and Starfire!! :D)

Favorite Celebrities: I'm gonna go first now, so SOMEBODY doesn't answer it before m- STTTERRLINGG KNIGGHHTTT!!Really Mikki, really?? GAAAAAHHH!! yes, it's Sterling Knight... as Mikki so "kindly" "pointed out" -cough- INTERRUPTED!! -cough- Well, i just felt like upshowing you. HA! :) just kiddin'

Hobbies: Gaming!! The Xbox rocks!! -sigh- You're such a nerd Kaori. You're one to talk!! =P I also like... insulting Mikki...reading...writing... ooh! Going on Fanfiction!! and... other random stuff you couldn't care less about. Ehh-hemmm. Alrighty, well, You could say i'm a LITTLE bit obsessed with the computer Yah... a "little"... -cough- no comment...Well, anyway, other than that, i kinda hate writing but love reading (but you know, i will write occasionally if i have a brain spark). Hmm... what else, I have a brain the size of a pea and the attention span of a squirrel. Actually... you've got no attention span and the brain of an... Asian gasp! sorry, no racism intended to you folks out there... =P Huh? What? Sorry. I wasn't listening or reading. There was this really shiny piece of foil that was wwayyy more entertaining than you. xP Gee... thanks buddy... (sarcasm intended) Moving on...

Favorite Singers/Groups: ADAM LAMBERT :) TOTALLY!! EEEEEP! Sorry for going all fangirl... ahem... moving on...again... Paramore! yepppp! & My chemical romance!! Ehh... well, not really into it that much. but it's all gooood!! & Boys Like Girls Darn... never heard of em'... but I love the All-American Rejects!! yupp. i do too! I also love Death Cab for Cutie

Well... we should probably be done now... BYEEEEE!!

~Kaori & Mikki

Many hours later...

Tee-hee... Mikki isn't on here right now... so I can put anything I want!! -evil laugh- Like... um... crap... Ooh! I know! Story progress! I'll start! :D

Story Progress:

8/7/2009- We have a general idea for our story- it's going to focus on Chad and his childhood leading up to now. We still have to get a complete idea and write out the prewrite though... so it'll probably be awhile... but it shouldn't be that long! I think it's going to be called "Shadows of the Past"... maybe...

8/21/2009- We just posted up the trailer for "Shadows of the Past" last night! It's gonna be awesome! Put it on story alert and review!! :D

9/28/2009- We just put up Chapter 2 yesterday! Yay us!! :) Sorry bout' the long wait, but we'll try to crank 'em out sooner this time!

12/7/2009- Holy crap... It's been THAT long since we updated?? Sorry!! Wells, we just posted chapter three! Well... technically it's four... but technically it's three... nevermind!

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