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Just A Little About Me...

Well my name is Sinead (some of my mates call me Nayde lol). I'm completely Irish :D; I live in a small rown called Drogheda in County Louth. I ALWAYS love it when you say to people that don't live in Ireland that you live there and then you tell them where you live and the first thing they always ask is 'how far is it from Dublin?' LOVE IT! lol but just for the record its about a half hour from Dublin. I'm seventeen; my birthday is the 26th December. I have been coming here a few months; I just kind of stumbled on it. Before I came on here I had kind of given up on writing a little bit but I am back on track now :). Obviously goes without saying that I Love The Twilight Saga; they are by far the best books that I have ever read! I'm going into my last year in secondary school and will have my Leaving Cert next year.

About My Stories...

My stories are written in Ireland; basically because that's what I know best. If you do have any questions about anything in any of my stories feel free to PM me :). I only started writing them a month ago and I have two done already. However from September onwards when I put up a new story the updates will be kind of slow because I will be back at school and be studying in my spare time; but I promise I won't forget about them :D.

Just Some Quotes That I LOVE...

Our life's a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, or bear its troubles patiently - Palladas

After the game, the King and the Pawn go into the same box - Italian Proverb

Life is a tradegy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think - La Bruyere

It is easier to be wise for others than ourselves - Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Years teach us more than books - Berthold Auerbach

Our greates glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall - Confucius

Everything has beauty, just not everyone sees it - Confucius

There is only one success - to be able to live your life in your own way - Christopher Morley

I cannot give you the formula to success, but I can give you the formula to failure - which is: Try to please everybody - Herbet Bayard Swope

What you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself - Thomas Sprat

The ability to see beauty is the beginning of our moral sensibility. What we believe is beautiful we will not want to destroy - Reverend Sean Parker Dennison

The bond that links you true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life - Richard Bach

No fate is worse than a life witout love - Mexican Proverb

It is never too late to be what we might have been - George Eliot

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Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 23 - Words: 21,670 - Reviews: 123 - Favs: 110 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 11/3/2009 - Published: 7/30/2009 - Edward, Bella - Complete
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Jacob is the school jock. Edward is quiet, and every girl drools over him. Bella has an 'admirer of beauty' who leaves her flowers. Will she discover who he is or be clueless forever? & Will she learn to love a person for who they really are?Please R&R AH
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 16 - Words: 23,834 - Reviews: 208 - Favs: 138 - Follows: 68 - Updated: 9/20/2009 - Published: 5/4/2009 - Bella, Edward - Complete
Pathetically in Love With You by ilovefood13 reviews
Bella Swan is in love with her best friend's brother, but he doesn't even know she exists... or so she thinks. However, things start to change one night after they share a steamy kiss. Will Bella get her happily ever after? BxE
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I am Edward Cullen’s Fiancée by Selene11 reviews
“What exactly do you want me to do?" "You would be working as my fiancée." “Fiancée? Is this some sort of a joke? Am I on TV? Who would hire someone to act as his fiancée?” “Me.”
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Normality Into Fame Doesn't Go reviews
Bella is a Irish girl from a small town in Ireland. When she meets Edward Cullen, the most sought after actor in Hollywood at the moment, her life will never be the same again.
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Bella and Edward have a one night stand before he leaves for America to become an actor. Once he's gone she finds out she's pregnant...what happens when Bella's brother makes it big in the movie industry?
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