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Hey, The Thad Man here! (I used to be Link-kun, but now things have changed)

Bio: Well, that's a fun story! My name's The Thad Man now. But "for short", Thad. For those who ask, I'm chinese, whoopty doo. Anyways, I'm quite older now. That means my grammar has gotten a lot better. Plus, I'm colabing with a bunch of people. Say 'hi' DreamerGrey! (She says hi) Anyways, the stories on hiatus shall be deleted (SORRY). I'm not satisfied with them, neither am I proud of them. M'kay? But seriously, sorry.

Manga, Anime, & Games I can write about: Hetalia Axis Powers, Harvest Moon, Pokemon (Special, Anime, & Games), Gurren Lagann, Legend of Zelda, Lux Pain, Lunar, Assassin's creed, Bleach, Naruto, Highschool of the dead, My Bride is a mermaid, Ys series, and Ranma 1/2. You can also suggest series for me to read/play/watch. I'm open for suggestions!

My writing style Compared to my twelve year old self, I have gotten way better with my English grammar. I still don't enjoy yaoi, but Dreamer (angry face) has gotten me tolerant with a heavy mainstream injection of Hetalia doujinshi. Curse her. Oh well. Just as I have said, I can do yaoi requests, sigh... I also will gladly do yuri and hetero, so...

Anything else?: Support me!

Upcoming stories:


The darkest side of him (requested by DreamerGrey via email)

Status- Under construction. Ch 1 1/4 finished

Pairing & Genre- USUK, Romance & Humor

Summary- America was the typical teen. He lacked common sense and had his vices. You, on the other hand, are a gentleman and most importantly, English; American girls go head over heels with your swanky good looks and an accent to kill for. But when your young and reckless teenaged boyfriend begins to mature, how would you like that? Would you simply take it all in or rebel and fight like the punk you were. 2nd POV!

Comments- Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "OMG Thad likes yaoi squee-" No, I don't. My best friend just wanted me to do this. PS, my account was shared with my multiple friends. Now that I changed my privacy settings, this account belongs to me and me only. Yes, some of my friends favorited yaoi stories. That wasn't me, ok?

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