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Author has written 7 stories for Thunderbirds, Rescue: Special Ops, H2O: Just Add Water, Pony Club Secrets, and Sea Patrol.

starting afresh after a long haitus as I lost acsess to my account when I moved house hehe so will try and find my documents again at some point sorry if you've been waiting

Other authors I like are

Stacy Gregg (pony club secrets/rivals)

Stephanie Meyer( twilight saga)

Erin Hunter again (warrior cats/ seeker)

Four movies I cherish are


Firehousedog which is kind of corny but well cool

The incredible journey (with shadow as a Labrador)

The incredible journey 2 : lost in San Francisco(with shadow as a Labrador)

My favourite TV shows are

The bill (which sadly finished in 2010, but is on replay on watch)

The saddle club (I love all the series so far but I wish they had kept series one and two actresses even though Jessica Jacobs passed away)

Heartland (confusing as they don’t play them in order which is a bit awkward when watching)

other tv shows include


rescue speical ops

In February 2011 I met Rachel Riley a former student of southend high school for girls at an awards evening some of you might know her off of countdown the award I received was for my commitment into my local community helping with local brownie and guide groups.

I have also met Roberta Taylor at a book signing I went to in 2009 I actually had my picture taken with her but I don’t know where it has disappeared too but I love the fact I have seen an old cast member off the bill.

You never know I might see another quite soon when I go to west ham with my dad for the bill fans you will know who supports this because he has a mug in some of the shots while the filming of the bill was taking place.

Yours Belladonna Tracy

This is me signing out.

my youtube account for fanfiction- ALL VIDEOS WILL BE REDONE IF THEY HAVE TO DO WITH A SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was my old penname but the videos will still be on here :)

1st august 2010

as this profile stands i am currently helping my friend set up her own account but it difficult as her laptop keep breaking so until it is up and running we are actually sharing a laptop so im on it most of the time but im actually trying to do her chapters as well as mine so all mine are officially on hold as i cant concentrate otherwise

16th august 2010

hope to be back soon writing my own fanfiction thanks for reviewing i will update as soon as possible but they are still on hold

22nd august 2010

new uploads up today but im not completing moon-blaze and the dark rider yet as i still need to write chapters .

still helping my friend but am uploading again so bare with me .

3rd september 2010

work commitment first stories later so will be uploading when ready and not before as i go into the sixth form at school

2nd october

my laptop is broken so i will not be uploading unitl i can get a new one this will severly delay my stories please bare with me

i cant use the computer much as it belongs to my brother unfortuanalty !!!!!!!

22nd november

my laptop has been repaired so here are new chapters for some of my stories

30th - 2nd december

this week has been a blast as college has been shut since tuesday 30th november due to heavy snow fall so hopefully tommorow as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20th august 2011

i have removed some of my stories so i can improve them and then repost but im going back to college soon so you will have to wait.

21 may 2012

im making progress but it is a slow process so there should be some new stuff up before the 1st of june :)

27th june 2013

gradually making my way through my backlog of stories and chapters as I have now finished college for good :)


i have taken down my two main stories as i am going to write it all and then post it otherwise i get asked for more and cant actually produce it fast enough i hope everyone understands.

the sadness and the truth is that i have watched my nan and uncle become very ill very quickly over the period of a week and sadly both passed away i was only ten but i know how people feel .

i know what this feel like and i admired lissysue85 stories and its tragic her life was taken away from her .

sadly my writing mojo is gone since my nan and granddad passed away last july and October 10 weeks apart I miss them so much rest in peace you two.

COMPLETE/IN PROGRESS/writing in progress

thunderbirds and pony club secrets crossovers

1. Mystic and the Midnight Ride – writing in progress not on fanfiction

Halloween glory- Complete

Thunderbirds/Flicka crossover

thunder and lightning IN PROGRESS

thunderbirds/h2o just add water crossovers

Catherine Tracy series

1. becoming a mermaid - complete

2. alter ego -complete

Thunderbirds and girl missing crossover

Girl missing –in progress

thunderbirds x sea patrol

Welcome aboard – Complete

thunderbirdsxponyclubrivals (located under thunderbirdsxponyclubsecrets)

1. The auditions – writing in progress not on fanfiction

Future Stories

thunderbirds and pony club secrets crossovers

2. moon-blaze and the dark rider - being written not currently on the site

3. Destiny and The wild horses - being written not currently on the site

4. stardust and The daredevil ponies- being written not currently on the site

5. Comet and the champion’s cup - being written not currently on the site

6. storm and The silver bridle - being written not currently on the site

7.Victory and the all-star academy- being written not currently on the site

another special - Bella and the superstar colt.

8.angel the flying stallion- being written not currently on the site

9. liberty and the dream ride -being written not currently on the site

10.nightstorm and the grand slam- being written not currently on the site

Christmas special : bella and the christmas pony

Amanda Jones series

1. learning the levade

2. on holiday

3. trip and fall

4. double take

5. the call

6.mother and daughter - set 3 years after the call

7. school holidays - set four years after mother and daughter

8. accidents happen but are terrible

spin off series -annie lucie brown tracy

1 annie brown tracy- 2 months later

2 annie brown tracy - 2 years on from the accident

3. annie brown tracy- time for camp

4. annie brown tracy- chance for stardom

This whole series is being rewritten

thunderbirds and girl missing crossover

sister missing

Missing me

thunderbirds x sea patrol

Welcome aboard Complete

What lies beneath

Ghost of things past


Under the radar

Precious cargo

Rescue me

Through the storm

Under the hammer

Damage control

Chinese whispers

Deep water

Cometh the hour

season 2

season 3

season 4

season 5

thunderbirdsxponyclubrivals (located under thunderbirdsxponyclubsecrets)


3.polo girls

4.the prize

rescue special op x 1-800-where are u

1.When lightning strikes

2. code name Cassandra

3. safe house

4. sanctuary

5.missing me

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