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Author has written 19 stories for Teen Titans, Avatar: Last Airbender, Inuyasha, Soul Eater, and Inception.


FAVORITE QUOTES (Additions are welcome):

"When life gives you lemons, make grapefruit. Then, sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it." a good friend of mine :)

"When push comes to shove, shove 'em off a cliff!" random bumper-sticker

"Never take life too one gets out of it alive anyways." iPod backgrounds

Guy at Club: Hey, hot alien girl. You diggin' the scene?
Starfire: Oh, I did not know we were supposed to bring shovels... Teen Titans

Cyborg: We're in Raven's room! We should not be in Raven's room! Teen Titans (I just love the way Cyborg says this line. It's funny to think that he's twice as large as Raven and yet he's afraid of her!)

Dr. Light: No one defeats Dr. Light! No one!
Raven: (appears menacingly behind Dr. Light) Remember me?
Dr. Light: (paling significantly) I'd like to go to jail now, please. Teen Titans

Kagome: Sit, boy! Inuyasha (repeated line)

Inuyasha: (after Kagome almost kills herself by jumping in the way of Miroku's wind tunnel) Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed!
Kagome: I wouldn't have done it if I had any doubts. With a hand that powerful, he could've killed us a long time ago if he'd wanted to. Let's at least give him a chance. Maybe he can lend us a hand!
(Miroku slowly awakens, and in the process, his hand brushes Kagome's bottom)
Kagome: (screams and runs into Inuyasha's arms) I was wrong! Kill him! Inuyasha (I looooove Miroku! Perverted monks are the best oxymoron ever!!)

Miroku: Dear Kagome, are you troubled by this wretched fate of mine?
Kagome: Sort of...
Miroku: Then do me this good turn, will you? I wish for you to bear me a son.
Kagome: (looking slightly uncomfortable) And why would I do that?
Miroku: If for some unforeseeable reason I should fail to destroy Naraku, I should like my son to carry on the family's mission. (pulls Kagome close to him)
Inuyasha: (separating the two of them and standing in front of Kagome) Hands off, priest. You're only family mission is lechery!
Miroku: I'm a monk, not a priest.
Inuyasha: Don't ever consider laying a hand on Kagome again.
Kagome: Inuyasha...
Miroku: (to Inuyasha still) Oh, I beg your pardon. I thought you were no more than a companion, but apparently you are in love with Kagome.(Inuyasha is taken aback by this) My, this is awkward.
Inuyasha: Y-you've got it all wrong! Sh-she's just a...jewel detector!
Kagome: (angrily) Is that all I am to you?! Oh, how could I forget? You've got a thing for dead girls! Who should I help out? Miroku's a lot nicer than Inuyasha...
Inuyasha: You wouldn't dare betray me!
Miroku: You can't really blame could treat her more kindly...
Inuyasha: Oh, what do you know?!
Kagome: He knows how to be a gentleman, Inuyasha! You could learn a thing or two from him!
Miroku: being more gentle.
Kagome: Yes! Exactly! Being more gentle!
Miroku: Like this... (touches Kagome inappropriately)
Kagome: Ah! Get your hands off me!
Inuyasha: I told you not to touch her! Inuyasha

"The road to success is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards." Unknown

"Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win AND never quit are morons." ME!

"If I'm sane enough to realize that I'm not, does that mean I'm okay?" The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews

Jakotsu: (to Inuyasha) Are you the one I'm searching for? Are you Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: I've never met you before! How do you know my name?
Jakotsu: You're adorable!
Inuyasha: What?!
Jakotsu: I especially love those fuzzy ears of yours. I want them. (licks lips)
Inuyasha: (in his mind) Who is he? What does he want? (out loud) Just who are you and what are you after? You don't smell like a living person. You reek of corpses and graveyard soil.
Miroku: Inuyasha, could he be...?
Inuyasha: Yeah...(to Jakotsu) Some villagers were talking. They said some disgusting specter rose up from the grave. That'd be you, I presume.
Miroku: They told us of a group of seven mercenaries who loved to kill...who were so evil they were later hunted down and beheaded. Are you one of the Band of Seven? (Jakotsu says nothing) Answer me!
Jakotsu: Inuyasha is handsome, but you're pretty sexy yourself, monk.
(Miroku looks irritated while the others look extremely uncomfortable)
Miroku: (begins to take prayer beads off of Wind Tunnel) Nobody minds if I suck him up, do they?
Inuyasha: No. Inuyasha (Okay, this scene was both disturbing and funny as hell! I just had to add it!)

Miroku: (to the village girls) If for some reason you ever feel lonely, please don't hesitate to call on me. I'll come to your aid anytime! Day or night...especially night...ow!
Sango: (grabbing Miroku by the ear) That's enough out of you, Miroku.
Miroku: Ow! That's attached, you know! Inuyasha (I love the SangoXMiroku pairing, so I just HAD to include this!)

"Rome wasn't built in a day, but it can be destroyed in less than a minute..." My old History teacher

Haruhi: I decided to cut it all off. I didn't care if I looked like a dude.
Tamaki: (crying over-dramatically) A GIRL SHOULD NEVER REFER TO HERSELF AS A DUDE! MAMAAAA! Haruhi's using those dirty boy words again!
Kaoru: I'm sorry, but who is 'mama'?
Kyoya: Based on club position, I assume it's me. Ouran High School Host Club (OMG! I LOOOOOOVE KYOYA!)

Tamaki: (gloomy and depressed, crouched by a secluded tree) Say, mommy dear?
Kyoya: What is is now...daddy? Ouran High School Host Club (Okay, so, this isn't very funny, but I just love how Tamaki refers to himself as 'daddy' and Kyoya refers to himself as 'mommy'! Our world works in mysterious ways, but Kyoya under no circumstances is or ever was a woman! Just making that clear for y'all!)

Honey: He must be having a great daydream...
Hikaru: He's kind of creeping me out...
Tamaki: Envious, Hikaru? This is all part of my strategy! While you've wasted time blinded by your jealousy, I foresee the outcome of this charade. This anime is obviously a romantic high school comedy! Haruhi and I are the main characters, so that means we are love interests!
Both Twins: Yeah, then what are we?
Tamaki: You boys (points) are the homosexual supporting cast! (draws a line between him and them) So please make sure that you don't step across this line.
Both Twins: You've gotta be kidding. Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki: Oh, that's right! You didn't get the chance to eat any (Fancy Tuna) during the last episode's party, did you?
Kaoru: Did you hear that? She's never eaten fancy tuna before! Isn't that awful?
Hikaru: Wow, talk about a difficult childhood!
Honey: If only Haru-chan could stay in the host club! She'd have the chance to eat all kinds of yummy things whenever she wants!
Haruhi: What are you talking about? Don't be silly! Just cuz I'm poor and I've never had it, doesn't mean that I'm so much of a gluten I'd go on fooling everyone about my gender just to try some fancy tuna. (laughs awkwardly while they all stare at her) Heh heh...(dejectedly) am I really gonna get to try it?
(Everyone but Kyoya and Takashi look pleased) Ouran High School Host Club (FANCY TUNA!! XD )

Hikaru: (after Tamaki makes a fool out of himself by posing as Haruhi) I can't believe he actually did it! (laughing hard)
Kaoru: (doubled over in hysterics) They recognize him! I told you they'd see through it!
Tamaki: (rips off wig) You jerks! You said there was no way the girls would be able to tell it was me!
Hikaru: It's payback for calling us the homosexual supporting cast! Ouran High School Host Club

Kyoya: Haruhi, ready? I went ahead and set up a separate room for you, a special boy's clinic. And I have a doctor standing by sworn to secrecy.
Kaoru: It turns out the doctors here today are all on staff at one of Kyoya-senpai's family's hospitals.
Hikaru: Would've been nice if he had said something to us earlier.
Kyoya: I had to get my revenge, too. I'm sorry, I just don't think I'm supporting cast, homosexual or otherwise. Ouran High School Host Club (this whole bit with the homosexual supporting cast cracked me up!)

Haruhi: ...I just have to finish my physical exam, as a male student, of course. (everyone looks relieved, except Tamaki for some strange reason) But let me explain; I'm not doing this cuz you're bribing me with food. I'm doing it to pay back my debt!
Tamaki: (glomps Haruhi) You're so cute, Haruhi! I can see right through you! I know you're just after that fancy tuna! But it's so cute!
Haruhi: Cut it out, Senpai! AH! Hey, don't touch me there!
Both Twins: Red card!
Hikaru: Looks like Tamaki-senpai...
Kaoru: the real pervert!
Haruhi: Who cares! Would you guys just get out of here! Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki: What do you mean I'm phony!
Renge: (pointing) Just what I said! You're phony! I find it hard to believe that someone like you is the prince character of this host club! You shouldn't go spreading your love around so easily like that, you stupid! You must be a dim-witted narcissus! You're incompetent! You're a commoner! You're disgusting!
(Tamaki slowly falls to the ground from her insults)
Kaoru: He's created a new technique!
Hikaru: One-man slow motion...
Kyoya: (talking to Renge) I don't suppose you are...
Renge: It's you! Kyoya! (jumps off of Tamaki and onto Kyoya) Oh, how I've longed to meet you! My one and only Prince Charming! Ouran High School Host Club (I just liked this scene cuz Kyoya is nowhere near Prince Charming!)

(Tamaki is sulking in the corner, and everyone is watching him)
Hikaru: Why is he sulking?
Kaoru: Because mommy was keeping a secret from daddy.
Kyoya: Whatever...why does everyone insist on referring to us like we're husband and wife? Ouran High School Host Club

Kyoya: Sleep first and then dream! Ouran High School Host Club

Kyoya: I see...I understand your concern, but do you think maybe we could finish this later?
Bennio: Are you saying that you're not going to face us?
Kyoya: Not at's just that our president is still bedridden from the initial culture shock.
(Tamaki is seen lying in bed and mumbling about the Lobelians being scary)
Honey: You see, Tama-chan is having his nappy time right now. Ouran High School Host Club (alright, so I have to say that I'm not very fond of the Lobelians...or 'Lesbelians' as one of my friends calls them, but I absolutely love how Honey said this line! He's so adorable!)

Dad: ...and Blockbuster got it here faster than Netflix.
Keith: I like Blockbuster better than Netflix.
Me: You're a Blockbuster!
Dad and Keith simultaneously: You're a Block-head... Dinner conversation (kay, so, my Daddy was going on about how Blockbuster delivered something faster than Netflix, and my brother was just kind of stating that he liked Blockbuster better. I, trying to be a nuisance (as always), attempted to tick Keith off by doing one of those "Oh yeah, well, you're a --INSERT WORD THEY JUST SAID HERE--", but, as you can see, it backfired...damn...)

Kyoya: That's a very intriguing notion in its own way... Ouran High School Host Club (repeated line)

Miroku: Inuyasha! Try to scatter the mist with your Wind Scar!
Inuyasha: I'm--a--lit--tle--bu--sy--right--now! (He simultaneously shouts this while Kagome continues to shout 'SIT' over and over again, driving Inuyasha into the dirt) Inuyasha (OH EM GEE! THEY WERE ALL--minus Inuyasha and Miroku--DRUNK!)

Sokka: Boomerang! You do always come back! Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka: Oh no! I knew it was only a matter of time! Appa ate Momo! (opens Appa's mouth and starts searching around inside) Momo! I'm coming for you, buddy!
Katara: Sokka, Appa didn't eat Momo. He's probably with Aang.
Sokka: That's just what Appa wants you to think!
Zuko: Get out of the bison's mouth, Sokka. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara: (to Zuko) You might have everyone else here buying your 'transformation', but you and I both know you've struggled with doing the right thing in the past. So let me tell you something right now: you make one step backward, one slip up, give me one reason to think you might hurt Aang, and you won't have to worry about your destiny anymore, because I'll make sure your destiny ends...right then and there...permanently. Avatar: The Last Airbender (Ooooo! Scary Katara!)

Long Feng: (to Azula) You've beaten me at my own game.
Azula: Don't flatter yourself; you were never even a player. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Yuki: ...So you see, the cat has been shunned by society for thousands of years, but as the story is told, it still yearns to be accepted. Like I say, it is a truly foolish animal.
Tohru: Sounds like you really don't like cats. Fruits Basket

(Kyo crashes through the ceiling)
Kyo: Yo...time to pay the piper, rat-boy. I'm here to collect.
Yuki: Funny, I would have thought he'd send somebody bigger.
Kyo: That's right, you'd better get your tough talk out of the way while you can, cause I'm about to wipe that stupid little smirk right off your face! (charges at Yuki)
Tohru: Oh wait! Stop! Don't fight! Oh! (trips on a block of wood and falls on top of Kyo, turning him into a cat)
Shigure: (peeks around the corner) (sing-songy voice) Yuki...what were all those crashing sounds I just heard? Kyo's not here, is he? Fruits Basket

(Tohru just turned Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure into animals, and now they're arguing)
Kyo: Dammit! How am I supposed to come up with an excuse if both of you transformed, too?!
Yuki: Don't you dare try to blame this on us, you stupid cat!
Kyo: Go ahead, say that again!
Yuki: (slowly) Fruits Basket

Katara: (to Zuko) Why did they throw you in here? (Zuko remains silent) Oh wait, lemme guess! It's a trap. So that when Aang shows up to help me you can finally have him in your little Fire Nation clutches. (Again, Zuko says nothing) You're a terrible person, you know that? Always following us, hunting the Avatar, trying to capture the world's last hope for peace! But what do you care? You're the Fire Lord's son. Spreading war and violence and hatred is in your blood.
Zuko: You don't know what you're talking about.
Katara: Oh, I don't?! How dare you?! You have no idea what this war has put me through! Me personally! (crouches down and starts crying) The Fire Nation took my mother away from me...(touches necklace)
Zuko: I'm sorry...that's something we have in common... Avatar: The Last Airbender (DUM DUM DUM!!!!!)

Katara: (to Zuko) I'm sorry I yelled at you before...
Zuko: It doesn't matter.
Katara: It's just that...for so long, now, whenever I would imagine the face of the was your face.
Zuko: My face...(touches scar)...I see...
Katara: No! No, that's...that's not what I meant...
Zuko: It's okay. I used to think this scar marked me: 'The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever'. But lately, I've realized I'm free to determine my own destiny...even if I'll never be free of my mark.
Katara: Maybe you could be free of it.
Zuko: What?
Katara: I have healing abilities...
Zuko: It's a scar; it can't be healed.
Katara: (pulls out vile of water from within robes) This is water from the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole. It has special properties, so I've been saving it for something important. I don't know if it would work, but... (stands in front of Zuko and touches his scar) Avatar: The Last Airbender (this was a big pivotal moment for Zutara shippers EVERYWHERE! Fun Fact: Katara is the only person Zuko lets touch his scar. Then, of course, Aang and Iroh bust in and Aang's all like 'what are you doing touching my woman?!')

Shigure: I'm home! Yuki! Tohru! Are you here? And Kyo, I hope you're not doing something stupid and tearing up my house again! Fruits Basket

Inuyasha: (to Naraku) Get your filthy body off of me! Inuyasha

Kagome: (in thought) I want you to be happy...I want you to laugh a lot...I don't know what exactly I'll be able to do for you, but I'll always be by your side. Inuyasha

InuYasha: Kagome, you're not weak. I know you can get through this! Say it! I dare ya to say it! I DARE YA TO TELL ME TO SIT! InuYasha

Soul: Black's over between us.
Black Star: What exactly are you saying, Soul?
Soul: If we try to stay together like this, I'll only end up hating you! It's for the best.
(Everyone looks both shocked and uncomfortable)
Kid: (to Liz) Hey...can I shoot them, now? Soul Eater

Soul: (to Black Star) You idiot! Of course we're still going to be friends! Forever!
Black Star: Oh, Soul! (Runs for Soul)
Soul: (Runs for Black Star) Black Star!
Black Star: Oh, Soul!
Soul: Black Star!
Black Star: Oh, Soul!
Maka: They need professional help...
(Kid shoots Soul and Black Star as they are hugging)
Kid: fingers slipped... Soul Eater

Tulio: (while rubbing dice for good luck) Come on, baby...(through gritted teeth) Papa needs that crappy map... The Road to El Dorado

Tulio: (as the barrels that he and Miguel are hiding in are being lifted onto a ship) What's happening here?
Miguel: We're both in barrels. That's the extent of my knowledge. The Road to El Dorado

Tulio: Holy...SHIP! (as a gigantic ship passes by them) The Road to El Dorado

Tulio: Apparently, El Dorado is native for great, big, ROCK! The Road to El Dorado

Miguel: Well, what if Cortez got here before us and--
Tulio: And what? Took all the REALLY big rocks? The scoundrel! The Road to El Dorado

Tulio: Miguel and Tulio!
Miguel: Tulio and Miguel! Mighty and powerful
Both: GODS!
Chel: (Interrupting) Hello...
Both: (scream like girls) The Road to El Dorado

Chel: Then I suppose you'll be wanting these back (holds out the loaded dice that were hidden in Tulio's pocket)
Tulio: (Baffled) How did you get those?!
Miguel: Where was she keeping them? The Road to El Dorado

Miguel: Maybe they should call this place CHEL Dorado... The Road to El Dorado

Tulio: Miguel, you know that little voice that people have in their heads that tell them when they've gone too far? Yeah, you don't have one! The Road to El Dorado

Tulio: Okay, sweetheart, we are in the middle of a con here! Riding a razor's edge...on the one hand, gold! On the other hand, painful, agonizing failure! The Road to El Dorado

Miguel: Well don't blame me!
Tulio: I blame you! The Road to El Dorado


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