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I've been doing a Let's Play of X-Com: Enemy Within, Long War for the Folk ARPS gaming community. Having failed to record one mission that turned out pretty spectacularly, I decided to write it up instead, and it turned good enough that I wanted to share it here. Enjoy!


A new chapter of "Civility." Yes, you read that right. I'm still alive.


After yet another lengthy hiatus, I'm back with another chapter of "Civility" for you, my wonderful reader. Horizon is coming along slowly but surely, so stay tuned, and keep it sexy.


Say hello to Prazza. Oh, and Tali's shown up, and if you read the latest chapters of both "Horizon" and "Snapshots" very closely, you'll see just how much influence Shepard has on the poor out-of-her-depth quarian.


And there's a new story. When it rains, it pours, eh? Nice little bit that doesn't get explored enough, in my opinion. I'll try to balance updates between "Civility" and "Snapshots" in roughly chronological order, but obviously "Horizon" chapters will be a bit longer in coming. I won't update either past "Horizon" though, unless I hit a particularly bad stretch of writer's block.


So it only took me five months to finally sort things out enough that I could finish up Chapter Three. Here it is. Thanks be to my roommate for proofreading it and ironing out some small details. I'm not even gonna guess at a due-date for the next chapter.


So that hiatus took a while longer than expected due to issues in my personal life. Chapter Three is slowly being written, with no particular ETA. As an aside, I have several short little vignettes that I may or may not post as a separate series of shorts. The two of posting quality are both brief scenes of combat, one focused on Wrex before the games, the other focused on the meeting of Miranda in ME2.


And here it is, Chapter Two! Spent most of today proofreading and putting the finishing touches onto it, and now I'm probably going to slow down even more. Like i said in my author notes, I've got schoolwork to do and some of my friends have been working on an RPG that I've been amiss for not writing more for. I may have some little bonus material to expand into a one-shot later, but that'll come if I've got free time, something I'm anticipating a distinct lack of in the next month or so. Enjoy!


Chapter Two is taking a while, owing to a combination of school, a re-addiction to TF2, school, work, and more school. I'm actually quite lucky in that not many folks are paying much attention to my stuff, so there's no pressure to update OR ELSE! Anyways. Next update will have a new chapter for whoever's interested. Promise.


And here it is, ten days later, at almost eight-thousand words. Some of the fastest and better quality writing I've done in ages. Honestly, this came together a lot faster than I thought it would, and I'm very happy for it. Tomorrow when I look at it again, I'll be a bit less happy with it, I'm sure, but this little darling has made it through two close inspections more or less intact, so enjoy!


So. There's the first little prologue blurb. So there. Not much to say.

About the Stories

I may have three separate stories in the Mass Effect Universe, but you the reader can consider them all part of the same continuity, just separated in order to better organize them by theme. All three will be self-contained as well as interwoven, though obviously "Horizon" covers a significantly tighter span of time than the other two.

Shepard, of my continuity, is a Colonist / War Hero Paragon with half the Renegade meter by the end of each game. She is an Infiltrator with Assault Rifle bonus-weapon and Geth Shield bonus-talent. Prior to the events of the games, she and Captain Anderson were assigned to the SSV Ebro, leading a bloody three-year campaign against Cerberus operations. During ME1, she spared Wrex, went to the bomb on Virmire (thus saving Kaidan), persuaded Garrus to (reluctantly) rejoin C-Sec, and saved the Council with Anderson taking the position of counselor (of course). Fist died to Wrex's contract, most of Feros's colonists were saved with considerable effort, and the rachni queen was spared, much to Wrex's displeasure. Oh yeah, and there was Shenko ;;;

About the Author

Just an average college graduate with a full-time job who appreciates good writing, and would one day like to be considered one of the casual wannabes whose work is decent enough to merit reading. I'm a video-game nerd with a special appreciation for good stories (with two major aversions: L4D2 and TF2). As such, Valve and Bioware are my smack and crack respectively. I like FPSs, RPGs, FPSRPGs, movies, mystery books, thriller books, suspense books, military fiction, and a whole host of other things.

Anyways, enough of my ego trip. Please leave any constructive criticism you can. Barring constructive criticism, I also accept happy thoughts and fluffy things.


P.S. A big shout-out to all my fellow Tropers out there. You know who you are, and you're special.

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