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Yo! I'm madi, im aussie, :), i hate fish and i love books.
if i were to write a LonelyHearts ad it would go something like this...

Female...Australia...terrified (and i mean TERRIFIED) of jellyfish and fish...happy alot...bouncy...

gimme a call on 1800-SMLY-FCE

...would ya look at that?

I love Twilight, but, i think i love taking the piss out of it even more :P

For those delusional weirdos (no off.) who think Australia (mighty mighty Australia) is full of sunshine beaches and're right

but theres more to it then that

1. We don't walk around saying g'day matie in some weird, unknown accent

2. Everybody has terrible terrible road rage in my town-if you wanna cross the street peacefully... well theres not a chance

3. I think i've seen one person walk around with corks on the end of their hat...about 5 years ago

4. If we ever see a crocadile in the swamps- you run away screaming profanities and tripping over gum roots, you do not rugby tackle the creature and take it home for dinner.

5. We have alot of ethnics over here. I'm definately not racist but when you walk around the city you see bird shit, snobby business men and asians...oh and LOTS of emos too. And i love emos, i think theyre awesome. same for asians...where as the business men and bird shit...not so much...

6. We talk in slang just deal with it

7. In summer the beaches are IMPOSSIBLE. seriously- imagine walking through 40ºC heat (thats 104ºF) walking on burning sand, which is covered in 10 000 people and trying to get to the water while learning some little kid just vomited and/or peed where you're swimming. not nice.

8. We wear uniforms. Thats the unfortunate truth. Every day we pull out our tie/blazer/shirt/dress/shorts/stocking/ugly arse shoes and matching socks and pack it all in your already loaded bag. Then taking that bag with you everywhere.

9. Our Top40 hits station with 'Andrew G' is pretty boring after one week.

10. You cheer AFL or Rugby. If you like AFL (australian football league...go the eagles) you can not like rugby. vice versa. Liking AFL, cricket and basketball is fine though. Or Rugby and cricket and basketball but...meh

11. We are human beings who call skanky girls sluts and jerk arsed boys dicks. Live with it.

If you have completed/lived with all 11 things you, are a true blue aussie.

In my opinion-twilight is one of the best if not then THE best book written. although i'm starting to enjoy all human twilight fanfics a tweensy bit more...don't hate me just feel happy you're so special.

I suffer from 'mild' temperamental craziness. And sufficient 2-second-memory loss. And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in terms of art. but more on that later

Jackson Rathbone=my dream man.

Robert Pattinson-i know some you luuuurrrveee R-Patz and so do i...but C'mon! he looks like a fckin pothead! Ever heard of a RAZOR bigboy? urgh

Taylor Lautner-Trust me, if he came to my hometown...let's just say you won't be seeing too much of him for a year...or 20.

Gaspard Ulliel- OMFTG!! HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?! he is H O T :)

Did you ever realize that JASPER WHITLOCK says only ONE WORD in the Twilight movie...ONE FREAKIN WORD!! and what is that word you ask?? HI. thats it. god...AND he hardly says like ANYTHING in New Moon!

hehe excuse my craziness.

any ways...yeh
Jackson Rathbone. All the way. Peace out.

Broken Moonlight

Bella Swan lost her best friend in a freak drunk driving accident and doesn't know the purpose of living anymore. Of course the school jerks and skanks dont help anything. But can she keep herself from falling for the murderer?
majority of the story (atleast 15-19 chapters) will be very, very dark and moody. lol :)
I'm having terrible writers block for this story at the moment. I know where i want there story to go, but i can't find the right directions. so its on Hiatus


Let's say its based on the movie Crush...obviously...that's all i'm saying.

The Story Of A Girl Who Falls In Love With A Dead Guy And Their Sparkly Adventures

You can read the title right?

Ok shoutout time :)

You guys should totally check out Presence by the awesome LydiaCullen
it is one hell of a story. serious to god :)

The Biggest Secrets by the incredible Linalollinarotic
You will not be disappointed

To Write Love On Her Arms by one of my favourite authors, Zombies Run This Town
All of her stories are amazing, but this is a truly inspiring and touching story. Not to mention amazing. Check it out. More folks need to be aware of the TWLOHA foundation.

All stories are great :)

Dark Whispers by a devoted Oriana de la Rose
!! but beware! This story has HIGH graphic explicitness. and incest. haha, it's great though :) !!

To all stories/authhors on my favourite list-i love your stories but these 4 and author are truly amazing!


Love, Madikateco



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Summary inside!
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Broken Moonlight reviews
Bella Swan lost her best friend in a freak drunk driving accident and doesn't know the purpose of living anymore. Of course the school jerks and skanks dont help anything. But can she keep herself from falling for the murderer? A/H OC OOC Cannon pairings
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Crushed reviews
When Edward is employed to house sit the Swans extravagant house, a certain mysterious woman intrigues him. As he falls more more for her, can he stop the deadly consequences that arise? Can he realize Bella is not so great before its too late? AU AH
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