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I have just started writing Naruto fanfiction, mainly to practice and hone my own writing skills. I've been reading fanfiction on FanFiction.net for a while now and I really feel that I have some good ideas for Naruto's character. I absolutely despise (in the kindest way possible) any form of of Sakura/Sasuke/Kakashi bashing. The things I've seen people have Sakura do to Naruto are so OOC it's creepy. But I digress. Like I said, I really want to hone my writing skills so that I can one day turn it into something more than a hobby. From what I've seen of the stories, a lot of them are written in Internet speak, but there are a few really well-written stories. I found several communites designed specifically for readers looking for tolerable writing. Ah, I sound like such a pompous ass...but it's how I feel. Hopefully you'll enjoy my stories and help me make my writing half-way enjoyable.

Oramo (8/09/2009)

It's been nearly four months since I started writing on Fanfiction and my one story is still going. I've got many other ideas for more stories, but I have learned from my readers what is most important to making a story: staying true to the story, not the fiction that it is based off of. My fanfic is an Akatsuki Naruto story that I have made believable. The problem with my story, however, is that I have made every attempt to adhere to the Canon Naruto's storyline when that clearly isn't possible. I've also been trying to keep my Naruto as similar to the Canon Naruto, but that is also unrealistic. Therefore, I'm going to write my Naruto as he should be; meaning, a person separate from the Canon Naruto. Of course, I have to take into account the fact that he is still Naruto. The point that my story is currently at (Chuunin Exams) allows me to make up for my previous chapters (which I felt made Naruto's development, and the development of other characters, very vague) and give an accurate representation of Naruto's development and how he differs from the Canon Naruto. It is my sincerest hope that this makes my writing enjoyable to read and think about.

Oramo (12/02/2009)

Possible Ideas for New Stories:

Naruto as Sasuke's brother - A very overused and unoriginal plot, I know, but I think I have a way to make it unique. I don't want to reveal too much, but I would basically have Naruto be kind of shy and timid. Being Sasuke's younger fraternal twin brother, Naruto would be the baby of the family and would be quite affected by the deaths of his loving mother and father. He would also be scorned by most of the Uchiha due to having the Kyuubi within him and would hide behind Sasuke whenever faced with such hatred. I could also have Naruto be Sasuke's older half-brother, with the Fourth Hokage being with Makoto before he died and then Makoto marrying Fugaku later on from whom she have Sasuke. I'm really leaning towards the first option because of the interesting character development Naruto would undergo. I'm also curious as to what Naruto would do if and when Sasuke defected. Super-Sharingan Naruto stories are anathema to me, so I'm not going to have Naruto's Sharingan be any more powerful than other Sharingan. It might have a use in "taming" the Kyuubi, leading to a Killer Bee/Hachibi relationship between Naruto and the Kyuubi. Please PM me and let me know what you think. I constantly check my profile, so chances are I'll be able to respond quickly.

Naruto going Four-Tails during Wave Arc: The effect the Kyuubi's chakra has on Naruto intrigues me and it's made me wonder if the regeneration/destruction of Naruto's body during the Four-Tails state would alter his growth. While how it happens is still a little sketchy, this story would basically revolve around the idea of Naruto's body aging (15/16 year-old state maybe?) rapidly during his fight with Haku. While stories similar to this have been done before, those stories always have Naruto's growth occur naturally. The reactions of the Rookie Eight to Naruto's sudden growth would be very interesting. Again, PM me if this story looks good.

Sound-nin Naruto: This was originally going to be my first story, but Naze? eventually became my chief concern and it got pushed to the back of my mind. I want to make this story original and different from other Oto-nin Naruto stories, but I do want to have a Tayuya/Naruto relationship. Whether it will romantic or not is up for debate. Like all my stories, it would extend into Shippuden time. How Sasuke and Naruto would interact while serving under Orochimaru semes pretty cool to me. Naruto would be very reserved and slightly cynical. Let me know what you think about it.

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