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Hey! My name's Sydney and I'm 15 years old. I absolutely love to sing, play tenor saxophone, write stories, draw, and cook. In my free

time, I love reading great books and writing novels (as you can probably imagine!) and of course doing anything with music. Although I love writing

fanfiction for different stories, I am also writing on my own unique novel totally based on my imagination. I hope to get it published one day! If

you've read some of my stories, please review for them! I love reviews,good or bad, but I sadly only have four reviews. And two are from the same

person. Well, anywho, enjoy my fanfictional stories!

Random lines of my favorite songs:

"'Cause I've seen love die way too many times when it deserved to be alive"- Paramore, Emergency

"We're all a part of the world, and if you know it then sing it out!"- The Starting Line, The World

"When you're in black slacks with assentuating off-white pinstripes, whoa"- Panic! At the Disco (tear tear they split up!), There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Number, Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet

"You want apologizes, girl you might hold your breath, until your breathing stops forever, forever"- Fall Out Boy, Chicago is So Two Years Ago

"Run to you, I will run, I will run, I will move right on through all these things that I have done, and you'll take me back."- The Rocket Summer, Run to You (possibly my fav song of all time. I love the lyrics and Bryce Avery!)

"If you wanna believe in me, don't tell me you're leaving, please don't be leaving me, cause where you are going is not where you need to be right now."- The Scene Aesthetic, Grace Looks Back

"Now take my hand and we will run away, down to this place that I know, and how did my lie become the enemy? It's over, it's over, it's over"- The Cab, Take My Hand

"Tell me how does that feel with the Grand Canyon between me and you, and how does that feel to see me waving goodbye?"- Hey Monday, Arizona

"And when you tell all your friends, you've got your gun to my head, this all was only wishful thinking"- Taking Back Sunday, Cute Without the E (Cut from the team)

"It's all about the song in my head-the one where the audience is all dead"- Boys Night Out, Composing

"Breathe for love tomorrow, 'cause there's no hope for today."- Paramore, Breathe (i absolutely love this song. it makes me cry. dedicated to Captain Kyle Van De Giesan, Rest in peace.)

"There's only us, there's only this. Forget, regret, Or life is yours to miss."- RENT, Another Day

"Life is like a beat that you can't follow."- Hairspray, Without Love

"You can't stop the river as it rushes to the sea."-Hairspray, You Can't Stop the Beat

"And I can't make it on my own because my heart is in Ohio...I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever."-Hawthorne Heights, Ohio is For Lovers

"You can't be too careful when all that is waiting for you won't come any closer, you've got to reach a little more."- Paramore, Careful

"I promised I'd never sing of love if it does not exist, but darlin', you are the only exception."- Paramore, The Only Exception

"And you never meant to save someone, somebody just like me."-Paramore, Just Like Me

"I am everything you're not and it's exactly what you wanted."-Ivoryline, We Both Know

"How long, how long must we sing this song?"-Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2

"Tell me that you love me, and it'll be alright. I think you love me, just come to me tonight. I know I need you just like you need me, CAN'T stop WON'T stop, I must be dreaming."-I Must Be Dreaming, The Maine

"Your voice is that soundtrack of my summer. Do you know you're unlike any other? You'll always be my thunder."-Thunder, Boys Like Girls

"My life has become a boring pop song and everyone's singing along."-I'm Ready, Jack's Mannequin

"You've got to swim, swim for your life. Swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll survive."-Swim, Jack's Mannequin

"And you want him, and you need him, but you act like he's not there. And you know that you're hollow, and something's missing here. So you push and you pull the hole in your soul, you can't make the hunger disappear."-The Hunger, Fireflight

"Stand up if you're broken, stand up if you feel ashamed. You are not alone when you hurt this way. Stand up if you need love. This is not Judgement Day. You don't have to hide, there's no need to run. Everything will be okay."-Stand Up, Fireflight

"Why don't you break the cycle, let love win."-The Hunger, Fireflight

Things I bet you didn't know about me, but then again, you're all strangers to me so that would be weird, but I'm gonna tell you anyways...

1. I can hula hoop for over 15 minutes.

2. I absolutely suck at sports. (no hand-eye coordination. everyone in gym laughs when i can't catch the ball in pickleball).

3. I used to like pickleball until I learned the official rules.

4. I'm laughing because I realized you probably don't know what the heck pickleball is.

5. Pickleball is a sport related to tennis and badmitton, but is played with a ping-pong paddle and whiffle ball.

6. My favorite subject in school is math.

7. I hate Christmas carols that start playing before Halloween. (like this year.)

8. I'm really quiet except when I'm around friends or just want to be loud.

9. I'm probably the only person in music who or isn't in theater. Yet.

10. Being size 1 is not all it's cracked up to be. Stop anarexia! I don't get why people would ever do that to themselves. It's sad, really.

11. I listen to death metal. The look on people's faces when I tell them that is priceless. They don't expect me, such a dainty and shy girl to listen to death metal.

12. My friend gave me shimmer lotion from Bath and Body Works in my favorite scent today. She said it would "bring out the vampire in me."

13. My favorite scents are Japanese Cherry Blossom and White Cherry Blossom.

14. My favorite series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I'm definitely going to see the movie on February 12th.

15. I have braces but don't look as dorky as you're picturing me.

16. I have a sixth sense. I randomly know what's going to happen. My friend jokes I'm a secret vampire and I'm Alice or something.

17. Don't play me against Scene It, because you will LOSE. jk. :)

18. I've actually gone to a therapist before in 5th grade because I got anxious all the time.

19. Every time I look back to the past and realize the dumb things like that and how I acted, I feel so embarrassed.

20. I have absolutely no common sense. I'm book smart, not street smart. :)

21. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Either voice teacher, baker, or writer. :/

22. I sing at practically all the coffeehouses my school holds.

23. Every time I have some important event I have to sing for, I lose my voice. Always.

24. I procrastinate. A lot.

25. Right now I'm procrastinating from doing 2 projects.

26. I just love hint sarcasm how teachers are still teaching us crap that we'll forget over vacation. They let us have no fun. :(

27. Spanish is so easy to me. I have a 98 average in that class. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

28. I don't have any pets.

29. I haven't checked my Facebook since June.

30. I don't have a phone.

31. I hate when people are over-dramatic all the time.

32. I'm currently writing a novel that I hope will be successful one day.

33. I hate people who think they're better than everyone else, 'cause really, they're not.

34. I also hate it when people put themselves down because they're fishing for compliments.

35. Curiosity killed the cat. Nosiness killed the Sydney.

36. This year sucks for me for some reason. I feel like I don't belong here.

37. I have too many inside jokes with people. :)

38. Books are amazing. I don't think I could live without them.

39. My to-read list is overflowing.

40. Two English projects over vacation is over-rated.

41. We should be allowed to pick from a list of books to read over the year. All these English books have no real point to them. The one we're reading right now is about talking animals that go to war against the humans. DUMB. And this is an honors class!

42. The Twilight obsession is annoying. There better not be a craze over The Host or I am out.

43. My favorite book is The Host.

44. I realized that all music teachers are crazy.

45. I've also realized all bio teachers are insane beyond insanity.

46. My history teacher doesn't teach at all. She sits in the back of the room and puts on either a) a boring-as-hell movie on God knows what or b) notes on her Powerpoint or c) worksheets.

47. I can play The Pink Panther on my sax.

48. I make fun of everyone's accents, even my own. My friend says "stairs" like "steers" and it's hilarious.

49. I use sarcasm. A lot.

50. I have no life, and you don't either if you just read everything I just wrote.

51. I hate sterotypes.

52. I'm a Gemini.

53. We did the can-can today in math class and my teacher invited other classes. My two friends and I opened our "show" with singing "Let it Snow" and then 12 people (including me) did "The 12 Days of Christmas," and then we did the can-can to "We Wish You a Merry Chrismas." And my other friend got it all on camera. :)

54. I say, "ya done" and "donneven" way too much.

55. I steal my friends' quotes such as "bye" after everything and "i win."

56. The Maine, Paramore, and the Rocket Summer are my favorite bands.

57. I keep a diary.

58. The world is conspiring against me, I swear.

59. There is no such thing as a bad chocolate chip cookie. :)

60. I'm very unlucky in the sense that something really good happens, but then something terrible or disappointing tonight for instance, but I won't go into too much detail on that. I'll let your minds wander.

61. Life is a rollercoaster, so you just gotta hang on and enjoy the ride.

62. "When life gives you lemons, say fu the lemons, and bail." -Paul Rudd in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

63. My sole purpose on this world is to point out when 11:11 is.

64. I loved Toy Story 3.

65. I'm seeing Eclipse in Imax...pretty awesome, huh?

66. I say "way to be" wayyyyyyy too much for my own good.

67. My friends love to slap me upside the head whenever I do, in fact, say "way to be"

68. I use Mr. Gray-isms even though I didn't have him as a teacher. (He's an absolute loon who practically made up his own way to speak. Face of you lip. Wayouuuu. Doling out slaps. *slaps palm* Needs a slap. yeah, stuff like that.)

69. I am addicted to quizilla.

70. I make the worst jokes ever. For instance, I was in the bowling alley for my birthday, and my score was 69, so I turned to my friend and was said, "wow guys. My mind's in the..." *pause* "gutter! haha. wow. bad joke, sorry guys."

Favorite Movies: Aladdin, Pride and Prejudice, and The Butterfly Effect

Favorite Book: The Host

Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Favorite Passtime: Singing and Reading

Favorite Holiday: New Year's Eve (my friends and I get hyped up on Monsters and chocolate and watch movies all night. It's great.)

Favorite Band: Paramore and The Maine

Favorite Song: Emergency by: Paramore

Favorite Play: RENT

Favorite T.V. Show- The O.C. and One Tree Hill

Favorite Type of Music: Alternative

Favorite Quote: "We all walk around as if we're half-asleep." -Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

Favorite Line From a Movie: "I just LOVE Tiffany's." -Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), Breakfast at Tiffany's

Favorite Animal: Turtle

Favorite Comedian: Dane Cook

Favorite Country: Australia (despite the fact that everyone has AIDS, apparently. According to my health teacher, anyways.)

Favorite Candy: Twix

Favorite Place to Hang Out: Band room at middle school and high school

Favorite City: Boston

Favorite Flower: Cala Lily

Favorite Vacation Place: Cape Cod, MA and Ocala, Florida/Orlando, FL

Favorite Bird: Scarlet Macaw

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Time of Day: Night (specifically late at night)

Favorite Number: 9

Favorite Time: 11:11

Favorite Tradition: drinking Monsters and watching the ball drop with friends on New Year's Eve

Favorite Car: Kia Forte (just because it has the word forte-aka music related- hahaha. jk.)

Favorite Food: Manicotti

Favorite Word: Disperse

Favorite Phrase: What is THIS?? Ya done. Donneven.

Favorite Way to Escape Reality: Writing and Dreaming

Favorite Day: Saturday

Day I Look Forward To: When my sister moves out and I get my own room

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Forgotten reviews
This is a story in Alice's point of view. In Twilight, James has a tape that tells her where she came from. Stephenie Meyer didn't really describe the video, so I made a story about Alice and her adventure to find out how she really became a vampire.
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,162 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 3/19/2010 - Published: 8/27/2009 - Alice
Since You've Been Gone reviews
Spoiler Alert: Don't read unless you've read Killer. This is what I think will happen in next book in the series. It's about Ali and what really happened to her.
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